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Hello everyone, Draxonos135 here. I mostly focus on Equestria Girls fanfics, and the one thing I like to do most is bring some kind of positive emotion to my readers.



Vignette Valencia was in a slump. She went mad with magical power, and as a result, she lost her job at Equestrialand.

However, while on the lookout for a new job, she gains something unexpected, from the person she thought would want nothing to do with her after everything was done.

Her name was Appletini, right?

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Not a bad start, and it's definitely an interesting premise. I will say that one thing which jarred with my sense of immersion though was the mention of bits in the EG world. That just didn't feel quite right with me for some reason, and I had to do a bit of a mental double-check and remind myself that this was *human* Applejack and not the pony one we were dealing with here.

Also, while I think you do a pretty decent job with AJ's accent (which can be very tricky to get right) I think you laid it on a bit thick with Apple Bloom in the one bit with her. AB *has* an accent but it's different from her big sister's, and also too very much so from her big brother's. XD

But I think that this idea has definite promise! Tentatively tracking for now, to see how it ends up :pinkiesmile:

I don't remember it ever being established that the human world has a different currency, so I just went with bits. Sorry.

Noted, I'll try to make AB's accent less thick in future chapters.

What about Granny Smith, though? How was her accent? XD

It's alright. Just something to consider down the road. These *are* different worlds after all, even if they both have Applejacks and Twilight Sparkles and so on. XD

Sure. And Granny's voice was fine, no worries. ^_^

Hmm, a very nice start so far. You nailed any personality the special tried showing us of Vignette and made it into something even more, like her conflict with her family. I personally think you should lay off Applejack's and her family's accent quite a bit since it takes more of an effort to read and understand what they're saying. I'm quite interested to see what this will become, so I'll be tracking it.

Trust me, I'll try my hardest to make the accent not be a detriment to the story.

I hope you enjoy it!

Interesting... I didn't expect that opening nor the implications it carries with it about Vignette's childhood. Surprising, maybe in some ways a little to be expected, but still, not bad all the same.

Nice job with AJ in this chapter. She and the Apple family feel appropriately giving and familial in their dealing with Vignette and I like that. In particular I like the interaction between Applejack and Vignette after the day at the stall. Nicely done.

I most certainly did not anticipate that last line of the chapter either. XD

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter, and it's okay, I didn't expect to write the last line either XD

Only real critic is that the landlord is in violation of Vignette's tenet rights by holding on to her property... and not giving her time to find a new place before enforcing the eviction... heck he didn't even issue an eviction notice...
Yes I lost the forest among the tree, but this is like seeing a birch tree among pines, it stands out...

Sombra? :pinkiegasp: Damn. I did not expect that at all. (Also, Svengallop being Vignette's former landlord makes SOOOO much sense. XD)

This was enjoyable. I did like the use of Sweetie Belle in this chapter, that made enough sense to me. Good to see Vignette interact with the CMCs, she's starting to learn a little bit more. (I found the joke about using an acronym funny, by the way!)

My plot twists are divine! XD

Little by little, she'll learn.

How many chapters long will this story be?

I'm thinking either 10 or more than 10 chapters.

"I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case," Rarity sighed. "Vignette lied as natutally as she breathed, so It's very likely that she just said that to get some sympathy points."

*lies* as *naturally* as she *breathes*.

That typo aside (and one extra space between paragraphs near the end) this was nicely done. I really like the way you used Big Mac in this chapter, I thought he came across pretty in-character. :pinkiesmile:

Interesting... I'm a wee bit dubious about Rarity's antagonism towards Vignette in some regards, but on the other hand you didn't go overboard at all with it so I have no strenuous objection to it, nor to Applejack setting her straight either.

I dodged a massive bullet there, then. XD

Hehe. It was fun to imagine Vignette in the outfit that Applejack provided her. It was also nice to see her and Rarity manage to actually start moving on past the debacle from Rollercoaster of Friendship. Though that last exchange is gonna provide further trouble for Vignette real soon, I imagine.

(This does make me wonder though, exactly *what* Vignette thought the whole "teleporting phone" thing and all was, if not magic. XD)

After the incident, it's not unreasonable to expect fear of magic, or at least great distrust towards it.

No, it's not that bit. It was more to do with the hints in earlier chapters that Vignette's family were fixated on proving the existence of magic, that's all. XD

Oh right, that bit. I should get back to it soon.

Huh. This chapter had a number of surprises in it. Pleasant ones, admittedly, I didn't expect them to go to Sunset but hey, not complaining about that for sure!

I am quite surprised by Sunset having, or having been given, a personal portal to Equestria... convenient, very convenient, but at the same time I can't really fault it too much either.

"She's my daughter. And I've come to take her stuff and return them to her."

I think your "them" should be "it" here. Regardless, congrats for a good chapter. Loved Sweetie Belle's nervousness and not understanding how Rarity could still want to keep in contact with Vignette. I think you covered her character really well here.

Yeah, I meant that. I hate it when stuff like that escapes.

Thanks, I'm glad you think so. Characterization isn't usually my strong suit.

Damn. Vignette's going on a legit adventure here! XD

Interesting stuff so far. Though I must admit I feel like I missed something with the last chapter. Starlight's been to the human world before, back in "Mirror Magic". Her freakout about going through the mirror and finding herself a human didn't feel right to me, unless we're just pretending all that didn't happen. And didn't we already see the Pony of Shadows defeated? Unless that shadow force has snatched up someone else now...

The events of "Magical Movie Night" didn't happen in this story, I'm sure I brought that up on the author's notes.

As for the latter, that'll be explained later.

Huh. Vignette handled that really well, I must say.

This was a nice conclusion. I particularly liked your handling of the conclusion with regard to Vignette and her family. Sometimes, the best you can hope for is just a start. Not a big show of reconciliation, but at least a start.

As a whole, I found this a pretty nice read. Vignette Valencia isn't a character I regularly think much about or found that engaging in general beforehand, but you provided some thoughtful new material with her and her development going throughout these chapters that made the read worth it in my opinion. :twilightsmile:

Admittedly, I'm still a little bit flummoxed by the whole plot development with the Pony of Shadows and Starlight's venture into the human world, I do think that could have been set up or foreshadowed to the audience more beforehand, but as a whole, I like how this story concluded. :pinkiesmile: Wish you the best for future endeavors, particularly if you ever try to expand or follow up on this!

I certainly want to try follow up on this story. I did just say in the author's note I wanted to create a Vignetteverse, after all XD

But for now, I'll keep it simple. I do have an idea for a later story, but that'll be for later.

I trust you'll be around if I ever expand upon this?

Hehe. :raritywink:

Keeping it simple is always a good idea. Best not to bog yourself down.

And like I said, sure, I wouldn't mind checking out if you did a follow-up. ^_^

Alrighty then, I'll see you soon then.

"We're sorry about that too," the voice hastily added. "But you know, if you're always in need of a job-"

"I'm not joining the family business, okay? I.D.W.T.: I'm Done With That."

Family business?

"Ah saw mahself in ya," Applejack stated. "Not in ta sense dat ah'm focused on social media, but on ta sense dat, just like me, ya made a mistake, paid ta price, and all ya wanna do now is atone fer it and move on."

What mistake?

"Ya feel like after everythin' dat happened, ya've hit rock bottom and there's no way up. One of my friends found herself in ta same situation, and ah didn't do much t' help her then. Ah'm not planning t' make ta same mistake again."

Who is she talking about?

The procedure was over before Vignette or Applejack knew it, and once the purchase was made, Micro Chips left the market, waving goodbye with a nervous expression.

I guess not everyone is as forgiving as they thought.

"Don't get me wrong, that's a pretty scary glare ya got there, but yeah, it wasn't as bad as ah thought," Applejack put her arms behind her head. "And how do ya feel, Vignette? How did yer first job feel?"


"I'm sorry, Vignette, I didn't mean to upset you."

Vignette flinched and turned back to the country girl. "You dropped the accent?! I didn't know you could do that!"

I wonder what that sounds like?

Honestly, I wouldn’t care if sweetie belle forgave me or not.

Oh god. What is rarity gonna do?

I would have whooped applejack’s a**. I don’t even let my own siblings put their hands own me without a few injuries. Also, here’s a tip rarity, if your gonna stalk someone do it from a distance.

Im surprised rarity agreed to this.

"I thank you for your assistance, Svengallop. I assure you we part on good terms."

Those were the words Sombra chose to use as he walked away from the apartment, right after taking all the furniture that belonged to Vignette, Svengallop sitting on a corner in a fetal position.

What the heck did he do to him?

The dragon patted Vignette's shoulder. "You'll never know if you never try. Besides, would you rather risk facing who you once were for a chance at overcoming your fears, or would you rather never try that?"

Honestly, I would choose the second option.

"Starlight's one of the strongest Ponies I've ever met that are still living on this world; she can handle herself just fine," Twilight replied before spreading her wings. "Now, let's not waste any more time and head in."

But, that’s with her magic.

"How about we look for a seal or something?" Vignette blurted, reaching the trio. "If we can't find a magical artifact that can help us fight the problem, an artifact that can help us seal it would be the next best thing, right?"

Is there a difference?

"She's got a point there, Twilight, especially considering Magic's really hard to destroy."

It is?

"It's impossible to destroy, Spike: it's practically like energy, in that it can be moved or transferred, but not created or destroyed."

"But if it can't be created, then where did it come fro-"

Will that be revealed?

"That is one of many issues that come with the position. But don't fret, Princess, you made the right decision."

Wasn’t much of a decision.

I was honestly expecting a bigger and longer fight.

"And I'm Pinkie Pie!" a pink girl chirped, getting all up in Vignette's face. "Applejack told me you've been living with her for a while and that you're friends now!"

Are you sure they’re not girlfriends?

Visiting hours ended soon after, so Applejack had to leave, but Vignette didn't mind. Once she felt better, she'd go back to the Apple Family Barn, to spend however long a time she had remaining with them, either before she found a new home or...

Actually, let's not even mention the alternative. Just until she found a new home. XD


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