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This chapter of my life has ended. It was wonderful and I grew so much from it. If you enjoy my stories, that makes me happy. They will be here for as long as this site is still up. Good Bye :D



Applejack had a crazy dream. Something happened in it that she's sure she would never do, but how should she deal with a dream where she's intimate with one of her best friends?

This story is based off of the EG Holiday comic from 2014. Go read it if you haven't yet. It's really good.

Sex tag for PG-13 cuddles ;D
Awesomely appropriate art by PonyEcho
Used with permission.

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Interesting story. Not enough Sunset/Applejack type stories.

I felt the same way the whole time I was writing this :D

How do I read the comic, exactly?

the EG holiday comic is not good at all its just mean spirited and wrote the rainbooms massively out of character

Well, the comic is from 2014.
I ran across it last year online somewhere.
Just look up Equestria Girls Holiday comic special and I'm sure you'll find something. :D

Yes. The Rainbooms were written completely out of character. They all jumped to conclusions way faster than they ever actually would.
BUT, I think the way Sunset was written in that comic was spot on. Yes the situation is one that would probably never happen, but her reaction to it was AMAZING. It was exactly the reaction I would imagine for Sunset between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games.

I read the comic. It sounded like a friendship report

It does a bit. that's true :D

fair but if you have to write characters out of character to get that then your doing it wrong

you could still get plenty of drama with every one but the rainbooms turning on her

It could have still been plenty dramatic with the girls staying on Sunset's side, sure. But that wouldn't have completely isolated Sunset. The isolation was needed, I think.

But after reading it again, the pacing was really way too fast for any real drama to actually develop, anyway.

why was the isolation needed why torture a character like that why put sunset so far into a state of depression

all it is is cruel

Well, the isolation tests Sunset. How much has she really changed? Will she revert back to her old ways?
How will she react to her friendship being taken away, now that she's had a taste of it?

It may be a little bit cruel, but that's the amazing thing about stories. We can explore the human character within this realm without actually hurting anyone. A little bit of pain for a fictional character allows us to see into ourselves just a little bit and, hopefully, become better people.


speaking as a person who was bullied and does suffer depression

no just no

Awesomely appropriate art

But, Applejack isn't a human in it!

That's okay. It still works. :ajsmug:

No, I know. But when I saw this one....the MOOD of it was so perfect, I had to use it.

Good story. Never really seen SunJack in this site. A word of advice though, change the image to an EG one. A lot of people don't bother reading the tags and decide to read a story based on the image.

Applejack sighed as she walked out to the field where Rainbow Dash was practicing. At least her friends were doing good in class. Sure, Rainbow Dash got that D on her science test, but she was so good at all the sports, she didn't even care. Rainbow was always able to keep her grades up high enough to stay on all the sports teams.

A D in science would have gotten even the best player in my old high school benched until it became a C or better. :facehoof:

Mine too.
Good thing it was only a D on her test and not the class ;)

This was a bit... messy. It suffered a lot from being a bunch of talking heads, and some of the conversations felt lackluster. Especially Sunset's response to Applejack's dream at the end. Just... weird.

“Uh. Don't you guys usually practice without the coach anyway?”

I'm tilted.

Yeah...I've been becoming more aware of issues in this story over time.

Would you care to expand on why exactly you're tilted?

Like I said in my author's notes, I'm always looking to improve.

I'm a coach. Practicing without the coach is both a disaster waiting to happen and the sign of a pretty terrible coach.

You know, I read that and I feel a little bit like an idiot. Of course practicing without a coach is a bad idea.

I dunno. I based the idea on what I saw in the first EG movie. Dash was out in the field practicing alone. I've never seen any hint of a coach in that scene. Though, thinking about it now, her being completely alone perhaps means that there was no practice being held and she was just out there for fun.

It's alright. It happens to the best of us. Don't feel too much like an idiot.

and she was just out there for fun.


sweet. Applejack likes Sunset?

After a few minutes of their souls becoming one, Sunset leaned back. Her eyes were beautiful. Her smile was amazing. She came forward and gave Applejack's nose a little lick. Applejack giggled at the cuteness. Sunset then licked Applejack's cheek. And then again. And then kept licking her face all over. It was getting pretty annoying now. Especially because her tongue was so rough, and all the saliva was making her face really cold.

And that's when Applejack woke up and realized it wasn't Sunset licking her face. It was Wynona. Applejack pushed her off and sat up in bed. “And you're the reason I don't need an alarm clock, Wynona. You always seem to get me up right when I need to be got up.”

Hahaha. You took this from that Stanley Ipkiss and Milo scene, right?
Welp, funny The Mask reference. :rainbowlaugh:

great work on story

You know, I probably did it subconsciously. Lord knows I've watch that movie a million times. And I still laugh:pinkiehappy:

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