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Sure, Rarity could go to the boutique for her shift, but Adagio has other ideas.

A short, fluffy Christmas oneshot for Naiad.

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“Baby,” she said, voice a low whimper. Rarity turned to her, and she fixed her expression with her best Sonata-meets-Sweetie-Bell brand Puppy-Dog eyes. “It’s cold outside…”




Add in some scented candles, hot coco, and the soft, environmental piano music drifting from the speakers and it was almost perfect.

Adagio has, like, the best taste here :pinkiehappy:

(I say that because of her lounging setup, but Rarity doesn't hurt either)

This was cute :twilightsmile:

-slow impressed clap-
More of this. Adagio and Rarity are fucking adorable!

I do admit Marshmallow has her charms. This was super cute <3

Ah. Oh well.

Scented candles are the bomb! So is cuddling with Rarity.

Thank you! (There is a bit more of this ship in Neighbors, though I hesitate to recommend it while it's still on hiatus)

Thanks :twilightsmile:

I shall keep this in mind ^_^ Honestly I feel Rarity and Adagio would be really great together and I can't fathom why this ship is so uncommon! Like it seems like an easy slam dunk like your name was fucking Micheal Jordan to ship them together you know what I mean?

She's the only one of the Human 7 who's hair is fabulous enough to make her a siren.

That, and she and Adagio are both ladies of refinement and taste.

This guy understands! I much like little ms.marshmallow am a lady of class!...I just happen to lend myself more to using seduction to get what I want

And dammit are you good at it!

This song has evidently garnered controversy in recent months. Enjoyable read.

Thank you!

I half suspect that might be where the downvotes came from on this one haha.

Some RariDagio that’s as cute as a mini-marshmallow and as fluffy as Adagio’s hair. Yis. :twilightsmile:

This was cuuuuute and adorable!!! I need to find more of this adorable pairing

Ha! Thanks! I hope you do! I do know of one other but it's more of a tragedy.

Dagi seems like she would seduce someone to stay.

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