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Demon Shimmer and Nightmare Moon find each other inside the Element of Magic.

A story for ManlyMan.

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This needs a sequel

Huh. Demonset x Nightmare Moon? That's a new one on me, but here it really works. I'd be okay with a sequel.

It's only 60% of my story content.

I don't have plans for one, but it's possible.


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Haha, well, there's two more :twilightblush: I really didn't write it with a sequel in mind but I won't say it'll never happen.

Very touching story. I would love there to be a sequel as long as the elements of harmony don't go too easy on them. I'd love to see them earn their freedom somehow.

Reading this, I'm reminded of what happened in the season 9 premiere. And with that knowledge, I feel like there's possible stories to tell there.

I actually have seen very little of S9, but I wouldn't mind touching on thos idea again in the future. I don't have any cutlrrent plans though.

I think the relevant information that I was referring to is at the end of S9E1. It puts a new perspective on this whole fic.

And, like lots of your other stuff, I would most assuredly like to see a return to this idea in the future! It's very interesting!

Awwwwww. I know I definitely ship demon with moony

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