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Spoilers for Season 9's "The Beginning of the End".
Though if you're seeing this you're already past the spoilers, so why am I even making this?

Grogar and the other members of his league of evil are searching for more villains to join the ranks of their organization. Of course they're doing this in the evillest way known to ponykind: a casting show.
Let's see what types of creatures will try to win a spot among Grogar's ranks!

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Good riddance to Bad Apple. Even I don't have anything nice to say about that arc.

In any case, most amusing little story. Thank you for it.

There should be a sitcom for these villains!
Great work!

I actually hope more villains will be in the league during the season.

What about Venom's pony copy. Pony of Shadows?

Well, Stygian was reformed and the symbiote sent into the void. Not sure if he even can come back. For this story I just chose the ones I could make the best jokes about.

A few minor errors with punctuation and sentence flow, but it read like an episode of <Nation>'s Got Talent, which is pretty entertaining. I would have liked to see more build-up and characterization of the judges, especially Cozy. But for being less than 3K words, this story accomplished what it set out to do. Thumb up from me.

Useless without a host, never managed any great feats of villainy before getting sealed in Limbo - twice? Hard pass.

The Flimflams, on the other hand. . .

So, the disembodied host was Discord all along. I figured it was that or another draconequus, especially after I put the name through Google Translate.

Looks lovely me they're out of options... the Pony of Shadows is still sealed in limbo... and we don't have that many canon villains to call upon in this world... Looks like it's time for outsourcing!

I recommend going to Daybreaker from IDW, she happens to run a casino with a lot of candidates:

Cozy is the Paula Abdul of the Evil League of Evil.

I would have loved seeing Discord himself "try out" at the end, only to laugh at them and turn them all into flowerpots or something.

Nice work, very funny.

Interesting end.

With all due respect to all the respective villains who auditioned here.
All of you were weak, pathetic and easily beatable.

Lightning Dust your not even evil.... your just petty.
You had the possibility to be a member of the Wonder-bolts if you weren't so reckless. And even when you had your own version you again got blasted off like the C grade tea rocket crew because a rope wrapped around your leg.... It's a no.

Trixie... your performing magic acts.... in a world where people use magic to pass milk over the table to make their breakfast.
Your not intimidating, Your not threatening, and even when you were wearing the Alicorn amulet you stopped at conquering a simple small villa.
No... just no.

And you girls.... i thought your singing was honestly one of the worst experiences of my life.
I need a team of hard hitting truly villainous baddies and you three are so small that you couldn't even conquer a high school let alone an empire.
So again it's a no.

Wow.... just wow. No wonder Equestria is so bright and chipper.
There are no real villains anymore just people with petty grudges and naive powerful dummies.

Could use a little polishing but it was funny and I liked it.

Then we have the one, the only, the big red magic-eating centaur, Tirek. A legend even among the worst baddies. Twice did he already try to absorb all the magic in Equestria and twice did he lose to the ponies at the very last second. Despite that he’s one of the few that can say of themselves that they managed to outwit the lord of chaos himself, even though Disord the Great is probably the strongest, wisest, prettiest specimen to float over this earth. But I’m losing track…

Given that your name is a German Translation of Discord, I suspect you are Discord

We don’t have much information about them, only their name, Bad Apple. Sounds mysterious. Let’s find out who or what they are and how they plan to impress the judges!

is that Bad Apple from Veggietales?

I already explained in the AN, but Bad Apple is an actual character from the MLP comics.

Sorry I posted that review before reading the A/N, of course, I can Still Pretend it was The Bad apple from Veggietales...

Ok, that was pretty funny. It really was. :rainbowlaugh:

That second page took me off guard so much! What even is going on there?? I haven’t read those comics but what is everyone doing there? I’m crying, I was not expecting to see that there. All the freaking villains there 😂

Long story short, in the comic this is the casino located within the boundaries of the Multiverse, hence why there are multiple versions of alternate character showing up

Ok, you win everything just for the "Bad Apple" part. Rest is very good too.

Who was the villain that said they would accept pie as payment?

It took me a minute, but I think it was Grubber from the MLP movie.

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