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This story is a sequel to Five Bolts, One Sunset

Now that Sunset Shimmer has made her relationship with Lemon Zest official, everything should be fine. But during a weekend road trip to Manehattan the Rainbooms see the perfect opportunity to test Lemon Zest and find out if she really is the right girlfriend for their best friend.

My entry for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys.
Yes, I know last year I said I probably wouldn't write a sequel. Things change.

Big thanks to Striving for Harmony for pre-reading.

Edit: 23/8/18 Feature Box, Score!

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Well, I'm just gonna guess, that, it was sugarcoat that was disheveled when they left the hotel room the next day, or, Twilight just didn't sleep well cause of not being able to brush her teeth, and that the one Twilight is talking about meeting, is Vapor Tail. The mention of them talking anime together, was enough to get me shipping them. :P

I... think the author like Blazblue...

9126760 It is an awesome series.

Loved this story!

Very nice. Also Sunny Flare is going to annoyed her attempt at Twilight didn’t even include face time. Also I will be hoping for another story in continuity to find out if Zap won or if she and Sugarcoat have gone with a polyamourous approach.

Wow. She must have been hit really hard for Blazblue to even approach sense. Seriously I love those games but the writing is complicated enough that I think someone is trying to send a coded message or something.

To be honest I only got recently into the series with Cross Tag Battle. Since then I started playing Chronophantasm Extend and I'm currently trying to understand the plot, but I really enjoy it. I just tend to make more references to series I'm currently watching/playing.

Makes sense. A good primer for Ragna exists in the death battle video between him and Sol Badguy.

9127577 Personally, I main Taokaka.
9127580 There's also Taokaka vs Felicia.

9127643 I almost forgot but DBX Noel vs Aigis. Ironically enough Screwattack predicted Cross Tag Battle.

:rainbowlaugh: Delightful stuff from start to finish... though I do have to wonder how a human fast food chain got the name "Hayburger." In any case, thank you for it. Best of luck in the contest.


...Quibble Pants in a dress?!

I had to decide between that and Zephyr getting Double Falcon Punch'd in the dick. It was a surprisingly hard decision.


Yeah, I could see that...but I think you made the right choice in the end.

loved this and i would so read a fanfic where sunset was all the stuff lemon listed off

Great to see a sequel, I loved the previous story and this one didn't let me down either :pinkiehappy: ...wait, there's a bonus chapter?

“Dangit, Sunny, why are you so good with Yang and Yukiko?”
“Dunno, I just kinda feel a connection to them.”

You and I both, Sunny. No, seriously, they're my mains (exchangable with Vatista).

So, do we have to wait for another contest to know who won the Sparkle? My vote goes to threesome.

I was actually referencing the fact that all three share the same japanese VA. I imagine Sunset is also playing with jap voices.
And regarding Twilight, just wait and see... because I'm not even sure what I want to do.

“The Blazblue plot finally makes sense…”

Can someone please take her to a hospital already? She's going crazy!

A guy named Hay decided to make a burger place. I know it's not the most interesting answer.

Fun story, loved it as much as the prequel.

Hope to see it placed, for what is worth ;)

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