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Just here mainly to comment on and like other peoples stories. Might right a few myself because I love the show and want to give back but I am also lazy so we'll see what happens


After learning that the Mane 6 and Luna are away on a friendship mission, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow want to attack Canterlot while only Celestia remains. Grogar however is adamant against it so they do the only thing they know how to... disobey his orders and attack anyway. Upon doing so though, they learn exactly why he said no and wish they had listened.

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I'll let Vegeta speak for me about this one.

instead of these ding a lings.

On the one hand this phrase feels a little incongruous from Grogar given what we’ve seen of his character; on the other I imagine he has his Bewitching Bell on the mind so there’s something oddly delightful about him saying it.

Don’t mess with he Sun, kids.

Thank you for getting that pun (to be honest I wasn't sure if anyone would notice :twilightsheepish:)

Couldn't you have at least given them a fighting chance..... out of sports-pony-ship?
Great.... now i need to fine MORE villains......
Hmmmm i wonder if Dizzy will be willing to join with me again.

Weird. This is the kind of silly that usually goes to the Box.

Aaanyways. Proofreaf your text, learn the difference between your and you're and while you're at it, their, they're and there. The usual stuff. 8/10 would laugh again. Was a 7 but the ending with Cozy was witty. :twilightsmile:

There's always villains from other world's...like DC.

I wouldn't recommend the Joker because of his unpredictability. Then again, saying that he doesn't take not being invited to the party very well is kind of an understatement.

Thank you for pointing that out (those are issues I've been tracking to work at for awhile but am still struggling with :twilightblush:)

Just did another editing pass and I think I got them all, but feel free to tell me anything I missed :scootangel:

This is so weird and random that I love it.

Also, the TFS references are 10/10

Cozy looked at her with wide eyes saying, "Well I still get to manipulate every pony around me into doing my bidding while looking sweet and innocent?"

It's what Sunset Shimmer did.


Her big Sister

That could be a good fic, as they see how together they can rule and ally (before she reformed)...

"What did she expect me to do just be like 'alright then' and walk away?" said Tirek.


Celestia sat the filly down as she smiled saying, "Kid what do you think I do all day?" before her new daughter gave her a hug back.

dies laughing

Great, now I'm just hearing Celestia voiced by either Vegeta or Piccolo.

"Right, I'm sure your mental faculties are at a great detriment," said Celestia sarcastically.


Certainly hilarious
Wished we see Luna getting to show off her prowess too like Celestia did.

About the whole "it was a test" thing her crappy plan of dumping their magic on Twilight in Twilight's Kingdom, I guess that's the only "logical" reasoning she had on why she came up with such a flawed plan. Though sadly these "tests" she came up with like the Crystal Empire and the Tirek mess is practically at the expense of Luna there with her being sidelined or get humiliated.

Celestia sat the filly down as she smiled saying, "Kid what do you think I do all day?" before her new daughter gave her a hug back.

:trollestia: strikes again

Oh gawd that ending! :rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

Ok but the fact that Tartarus has meatloaf on Thursdays XD

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