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Sunset has been keeping a huge secret from her friends. Some time ago she got her magic powers back and since then used it to fight evil under the guise of a magical girl. Now she has finally decided to reveal this secret to her friends, though their reaction is not what she expected. As it turns out she's not the only magical girl.

Sailor Moon is not part of this crossover. Ironic, I know. But I just had to use this coverart, when I found it.

My entry for the [ポニー]: Anime Crossovers Contest (if this madness even gets accepted)

Edit: 30/9/17 Popular stories. YAY!

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*Tries to hold serious face*....

*Fails miserably*


Oh, this is hilarious! This is awesome!

This is amazing. It needs expansion

Do you think you'll win?

Much yes. I suppose Starlight Glimmer will show up with Raging Heart around her neck next. That or a Soul Gem. :pinkiesick:
P.S. Shi-ning Star kotae wa itsumo...

so uh who is cure black in this universe

starlight has to have raising heart cus starlight breaker

I'm just trying to figure out the best way you could combine all of their enemie's powers into one ridiculous super curse and how Derpy would inevitably get her hands on it.

I'm trying to figure out the anime references.

Enlighten me on them O ye author!

Also this was good.

I don't want to get my hopes too high. On the other hand the deadline is in one week and there's only one other story soo far:derpyderp1:

Sadly I don't know her secret identity. Still trying to figure out that secret.

Here a list of all the (intentional) references, the main ones:
Pretty Cure, Card Captor Sakura, Kill La Kill, Miraculous Ladybug, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, The Reflection;
as well as small ones to the fanfic Magical Girl Sunny, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Interviews with Monster Girls, Phineas and Ferb

For someone who finds the whole "Magical Girl" secret identity thing ridiculous, this is both hilarious and cathartic.

Secret identities aren't really ridiculous if you think about it. Most superheroes, whether they are anime or American cartoons, have secret identities in order to protect their friends and families. If their identities were ever exposed, the villains would take advantage of them and either capture or kill their friends and family.

Look at the The Killing Joke as an example. Joker found out Batgirl's secret identity and went to her apartment and shot her. There's some debate that he might have raped her as well, while she was bleeding out on the floor, but there has never been a positive answer given on this. Anyway, the end sum was she was sot, her father was kidnapped and tortured (almost driving him insane), and she was left paralyzed from the waist down. It's only in the new 52 that she has regained the ability to walk again and taken up her crime fighting career again.

So, having a secret identity is sorta a must for most superheroes. For me, I've honestly never understood the comics or shows where they don't have one. That's just asking for trouble.

I understand the need for secret identities. What I find funny in this story is that none of the EQ Girls could figure out that each other was a superhero.

It is not the concept of secret identities, just the thought of missing something that is right under your nose.

Well, and I'm basing this on anime here, this might be the case of the typical anime magical field. What I mean by that is, the magic of their transformations (if they even have one) might alter their appearances enough to make them unrecognizable. It's only when they transform in front of each other, that they realize the truth.

Take Sailor Moon for example, specifically the main character Usagi Tsukino. Nobody put it together that this teenage, blonde haired schoolgirl-who wears her hair in a specific style-might be the superheroine Sailor Moon, who wears her hair in the exact same style. It's only when she transformed in front of a couple of people that they actually realized that the two of them were one in the same. It's only in the live action version of this anime that they addressed this by having her regular form have black hair, while she only had blonde hair when she transformed.

The whole thing is honestly a complicated mess and I could spend days talking about every cartoon, comic book, manga, and anime and the whole mess around why friends, family, and enemies don't recognize who the person really is. But, I'm going to leave it here.

This was a hilarious read. Shame we didn't get to see what happened with Spike after he left in the hover car

Let's not forget comics as well, Superman and Wonderwoman literally had no disguise but a hairstyle and glasses, yet nobody even thinks that they look alike.

Loved the sheer combinations!

“Oh, you can see it? Cool, saves me some explaining. So yeah, that’s my stand 「City Escape」

I see what you did there, Rainbow Dash. Does it make you roll around at the speed of sound when you have places to go?

Also, an obligatory...

"Yeah, cause I gotta follow my rainbow, but I can't stick around and have to keep moving on. Guess what lies ahead, only one way to find out."

Originally I planned to call it 「Knight of the Wind」

Okay, since you must keep on movin' ahead and have no time for guessin', I'l let you follow your own plan instead.

This fits too well. Now it makes me wonder what Stand names the other Rainbooms would have. Or Shadowbolts... aaaaand there goes my sleep tonight.


man. i really wish you'd have gone with nanoha for twilight. shes got the power for it.

this was some feel good weebness.

“So… That was everyone?” Rarity asked.

“As long as it doesn’t turn out Spike is a secret agent or something, I think so,” Pinkie joked.

Twilight laughed. “Come on, that would be ridiculous. But… hey, where’s Spike?”


I just wish I'd found this earlier. Glorious madness all around. I can only imagine Derpy's after-action report to her superiors in the Time-Space Adminsitration Bureau. :raritywink:

Hilarious. But I'd say it'd be even funnier if one of them was a super villain. Rainbow most likely, because Sunset/Twilight or Fluttershy would be too cliche. But a completely unrelated super villain, not a foil for I've if the girls.

Hmm there's an idea, actually. Gotta put it into the "if I ever write fanfiction" folder.

What is the name of the show that Sci-twi is hinting at because I have never heard of anything like that.

It's a video game series called Hyperdimension Neptunia, though there is also an anime. It's essentially what happens if you take the term "console wars" literally, but replace the consoles with magical girls. Yes, it's weird.

Hahahahaha! The picture though!!!

“This is Tikki,” Applejack started. “She’s tha Kwami of my Miraculous, the Ladybug earrings. They turn me into Ladybug to fight bad guys, like Hawk Moth, who turns normal people into super villains with his akumas. Oh, and there’s also that Cat Noir guy that helps me.”

I didn't know the other ones but....


“If there’s one thing you should learn about stands, Twi, accept that it just works. Otherwise you might end up worse than Sunset when she tried to figure out this world’s magic." “I’m still occasionally coughing rainbows,” Sunset admitted.

She sighed. “Let’s just skip *rainbow-cough* right to the battle. So… Any suggestions what to do?”

So what should we call it? Rainbow asthma?

The main reason for that is because these two share the same voice actress in german. Also in the german dub, Pinkie is Tikki and Scootaloo is Alix.

oh wow, I can actually see Scootaloo as Alix. That's cool.

Fluttershy is an cute animal sidekick type of magical girl, might be extremely dangerous if you think about it. Twilight is a huge nerd. Rarity and Rainbow aren't really magical.

“Why not fire all of our attacks at once?” Pinkie supplied.

Sunset Shimmer: "Couldn't hurt, us."

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