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My username? A dedication to my youngest sister who, through indirect ways, finally made a MLP fan out of me. I truly regret never giving the series a chance before, so I'm aiming to set things right.



This story is a sequel to Into the Sunset

(An entry into allykitty's contest). Time and again, the human Twilight Sparkle has expressed the desire for her and her wife Sunset Shimmer to have children, but Sunset has constantly voiced unease with the idea. When Twilight finally learns why, she takes matters into her own hands and volunteers herself and Sunset to babysit their niece Flurry Heart for one evening. However, a complication arises.

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Very nice! I like this story, and it fits nicely into the characterizations of my stories. Have a like, an upvote, and a saved to the guest writer shelf! :twilightsmile:

This is fantastic I love seeing sunset in a motherly/ parental situation

As Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie often tell me, nothing's more suitable to be watched by children than an animated Disney classic.

Well said! What do Rarity and Rainbow say?

I think I can explain what happened to Flurry, Sunset and Flurry connected in a very particular way a connection most of us spend our whole lives looking for, Sunset realized she loves Flurry and wants to protect her no matter what and this caused a bit of magic to sprout out of Sunset and into Flurry. In other words, though she may not know it, Sunset shared her magic with Flurry to keep her safe, this magic, however, doesn't come from any horn or magic charm, no this magic comes from deep within.

Nice and comfy story. Thanks for creating and sharing.

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