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Have you ever heard about the theory about how subatomic particles can pop into existence at random? Well, replace subatomic particles with updates and you have my writing style in a nutshell.


In the days leading up to the Cell Games, Cell faces off against his latest challenger(s). DBZA-verse.

The following is a non-profit fan-based parody.

Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super are all owned by Funimation, Toei Animation, Shueisha, and Akira Toriyama.

My Little Pony, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are owned by Hasbro, Studio B, Bonnie Zachary, and developed for television by Lauren Faust.

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Featured on 08/05/2017

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Ah, the Cell Games... presented by Hetap. Such a fun time for the whole world. Nice to have fan works to tide us over for the next episode.

Pinkie! Don't piss off Vegeta....that's Tien's job!

Okay I love this. Please do a sequel, maybe have the sirens try and talk him into joining them.

But please consider having Sunset and Goku met and talk about reforming evil people.

"Maybe I should start keeping a list of how many times I’ve heard certain lines. I don’t know, just feels natural"

At times like this Cell really hates having Frieza´s cells in him.

Personally I think Cell would've stood there, been hit by the blast and reacted with: "Please, Krillin's Kienzan was stronger than that. If you are going to fight me, at least make it interesting."

Funny thing is the Rainboom magic beam might be slow but it's actually powerful enough to one shot pretty much everybody in the Cell Saga and even some of the weaker characters from the Buu Saga

8146760 I dunno about that, in dragonball we are well past planet destroying attacks in the cell games and the elements or rainboom magic or whatever only seems to either reform people or take away their magic, and Cell doesn't use magic.
Not saying they wouldn't work, their powers are vague enough that they might, I just think its optimistic to think they'd work flawlessly on Cell even if they hit him.

Congrats on the feature!

... presented by Hetap

“You really shouldn’t have done that.”

“Oh, and why not?” Cell asked, turning his head towards her.

Suddenly, the ground beneath them started shaking, which actually seemed to catch Cell off guard.

I thought Discord was going to show up and kick Cell's ass for a second there:fluttershysad:

Kinda expected flutterhulk or pinkie to go berserk, but this made sense too. Nice job keeping it with the same style as the TFS guys too.

Me: And you base that on...?

Seriously though, people tend to forget that headcanons aren't exactly accurate.

Read it in their voices the whole time. So good :rainbowlaugh:

Can't help but feel like the last line is a slight reference to abridged Alucard...

“Sure thing, Pride Parade. But seeing as how this is a tournament, it’s only right that I make this fair. So, since I’m allowed to dodge your attacks, you’re allowed to dodge my attacks, okay?”

“Well, okay, I guess,” Rainbow started, scratching at the back of her head awkwardly. “But I…” However she was cut off as Cell suddenly appeared in front of her in the blink of an eye and sent her flying with a single punch.

:duck: Rainbow, why didn't you :flutterrage: DOOOOODGE?!!!

8147058 From what we've seen the elements strip away things that don't belong to the target. The Nightmare from Luna, the Crown's magic from Sunset, All of The Magic (TM) from Tirek. The only exception has been Discord, who was turned to stone.

So...if the Rainbow DID hit...would it strip Cell of all his power (as he's made up of stuff from a bunch of others, so technically it can be counted as either his or not his), revert him to Imperfect (Power from 17 & 18), or outright obliterate him?

8148196 Fair point. But I still think their might be complications because Cell isn't using magic. And of course as the fic pointed out it also relies on him standing still (Which I admit is something cannon Cell is arrogant enough to do).
Either way, great fic. captured the tone of tfs really well

Nice little story. Though I feel if it was the Rainbooms and Sci Twi, post EQG: Legends of Everfree, they might have lasted a bit longer. Especially since they actually develop much better offensive and defensive abilities since gaining the Geode Amulets.

Seriously Applejack gets super strength, Rarity gets maleable barrier shields that could also double as projectiles, Rainbow Dash is Super Speed, Pinkie gets to make ANYTHING sugar related into an explosive by tossing it, Sci TwI seems to be magical telekinesis, and Sunset can read minds and see into memories.

Fluttershy seems to be just enhanced affinity with animals, so not very helpful combat much. Not to mention their respective "Super forms" with both Sunset and Sci Twilight being especially noteworthy given Friendship Games are VERY overpowered.

Though it is unknown how magic would affect Cell anyway. Despite the fact magic actually does exist in the Dragon Ball world, it was never used in such a fashion against him.

EDIT: Also magic and Ki energy are NOT the same thing.

You can't dodge the Friendship beam.

I'm going to miss Cell when he dies.

8148967 But he's in everyone! He'll never leave us!

Okay, that got weird.


To be fair, there is no basis or information that could help form a basis. You can't apply 'feats' here because everything is too varied and we lack information to understand the means behind actions. So all there IS is headcanon.

That said he presented in a fairly dullard manner.

Based on this
If you didn't already know Discord can use reality warping on entire solar systems casually. And this Rainbow Power thing literally nullifies reality warping powers and than instantly kos a solar system lvl draconequus.
Seriously next time do your research before saying anything.
Cell's best feat was destroying a Solar System at full power after blowing himself up. While Discord can casually use reality warping on the solar system. So tell me if a attack one shots a casual solar system lvl reality warper what would happen if they use it on a weaker Solar System destroyer? The answer is instant KO.

8149285 But those weren't the girls fighting Cell. Isn't it a different power that the EQgirls use?
In any case I had no idea that wiki existed, thanks for sharing it :pinkiehappy:


Nice article. Still headcanon.

Yeah I actually agree with that. Discord has shown the ability to move many stars at the same time which should qualify as a Solar System lvl feat. And he was defeated by the Elements of Harmony which were weaker than the Rainbow Power used to defeat Full Power Tirek. And the one used in Rainbow Rocks to defeat the Sirens was an upgraded version of the Rainbow Power that defeated Full Power Tirek by adding Sunset Shimmer.

The picture only shows the pony version but the one in Equestria Girls is the same one but even stronger than the one that defeated Tirek because they even added Sunset's power on top of that.
Here is the human version. You can see they look the same except they are humans instead of ponies.

8149352 cool, you know your stuff

Yeah kinda forgot to give the source before stating it.
Source 1 http://vsbattles.wikia.com/wiki/Cell
Source 2 http://vsbattles.wikia.com/wiki/Discord
Source 3 http://vsbattles.wikia.com/wiki/Rainbow_Power
Although I have already stated the 3rd source to a few others already.

Comment posted by JediAlexColbent deleted May 8th, 2017

“Ah, right on schedule,” Cell said, turning his head around to see who it was. Behind him, standing at the edge of the arena were six teenage girls, all of them with different colour skin tones, ranging from yellow to pink.

With that, the seven girls present each pulled out there musical instruments and started playing.

Six or seven? Which is it?

Also, this was kind of sub standard. Like your usual TFS video, but without any of the witty and clever dialogue.

8146282 Too bad they're not good fanworks.

Again, headcanon based off of how the sun and moon cycles work in Equestria and how much energy it would take to actually move them in this situation. Some people try to use science and calculate the actual amount of power it would take to move a star, then assume Celestia has the godly power, while others use common sense and figure there's other factors at work with the magic since, you know, the princesses never display a whole lot of that supposed power any other time. I'm not going to go into too much detail about how the big hitters of Equestria probably aren't as powerful as DBZ's later villains since it's technically a headcanon as well, but suffice to say, I think it's safe to assume Disocrd's power is of a different scale and function as Cell's.

Is he strong? Yes. His power allows for a lot of creativity and versatility and he could probably do a lot in a fight if he weren't such an idiot. Does he have more raw power than Cell? Hard to say, but probably no since, when Tirek had the power, he was using it like a cudgel not unlike how Z-fighters do and he still didn't seem as strong as a high-level DBZ character.

I'd have kinda liked for the Rainbooms to defeat Cell. I know how powerful he is, but still

This is a website that people calculate with science for every single fictional series out there. Also the Sun and Moon have been confirmed to be the same as our planet. Also I'm not talking about moving the Sun and Moon I'm talking about the comics when Discord moved multiple stars.
This is an example of one of the MLP calcs they made.

The best headcanon I've seen to explain the descrepency between the feat of moving stars and yet appearing so weak in other regards is that Equestria's entire sky, stars, and moon, are actually a giant, magical planetarium like the room from Avatar.
Or like this room from ff7.
It makes a lot more sense to me than to assume these characters are mega-gods capable of wiping all life from existence with just a flick of the wrist.

Where has it been confirmed that their sun and moon is like ours? Also, Luna moves all the stars in the sky every night too, so is that a massive display of power, as well.

Hrah! A cute little tale indeed! Well told.

Guys, guys, guys! I think if you all calm down and take a breather for a moment, you realize one important detail you've all overlooked in this:

Wait why am I included? I only said one comment about agreeing with something and nothing more?

8149772 Eh, I was going by their chain AND amount of dislikes that the comments got. Nothing personal.

Too be honest I right after reading your comment I went to check my like/dislike ratio and oh boy. I just said I agreed to something and than suddenly all that dislike without me noticing. It's either somebody who hates that nohate guy so much that they dislike even a random supporter or just a DBZ fan that won't accept that some MLP characters are stronger. It also seems like Nohate is getting dislikes for just giving sources and proof.

8149802 To be honest, I'm just letting them all know that they really shouldn't be taking this so seriously. In my opinion, this doesn't even measure up to the ACTUAL TFS, so who cares?

Well their last comment was over an hour ago so I think after Nohate proved that the Sun and Moon are the same as our planet they stopped. Although his whole debate was kinda cool. I got many information on MLP that I didn't even know existed. Especially the thing about the Sun and Moon.

Fine, one last bit, so if the moon and sun are actually being moved around the planet, then please Nohate, explain how tides work in Equestria. I'm not sure if you realize this, but the tides are determined by the movement of the moon, so if the moon is being whipped around the planet, then why isn't everyone being killed by tsunamis? Hmm? Go ahead, I'll wait for you to try and apply more hard science and physics to a magical kid's show that the creator's can barely keep the story elements of straight. Seriously, there are so many different writers coming on and off of the team that probably a bunch of them have their own headcanons that they don't even realize clash. For God's sake, Lauren Faust, the original creator isn't even working on the show anymore and she had a bunch of thoughts that are now obsolete.
What people like you don't seem to comprehend is that the creators are not thinking of the scientific implications of the the things they are putting into the show because there goal is to tell a story for children. They aren't crunching the numbers or are worried about the logistics, they are simply asking, "What would kids like?" And throwing it in.
This isn't hard sci-fi, it's the opposite in fact, so It's not supposed to be scientifically accurate or based in facts. It's suppose to be funny and teach kids moral lessons. You think it makes you an intellectual to think this way, but all you do is make yourself look the fool.


Luna doesn't move all the stars in the sky every night. In fact, we've never actually seen her move the stars in the entire series, even when we see her raising and lowering the moon. The closest we've gotten to seeing her actually move the stars is in the Journal of the Two Sisters (when Star Swirl was trying to teach her to do so and she had difficulty performing it, ultimately deciding that she would try again someday), and an MLP game stating in her biography that she can move them.

And it's not even certain where those stand in terms of canon - I'm not nearly familiar enough with the game to comment, but certain elements of the Journal (particularly relating to their vague comments about natural-born alicorns in the S6 premiere) have caused people to question if it's really considered canon anymore. Personally, I tend to view things like the games, comics, novels, and so on as second-tier canon. That is to say, things we can reasonably assume are canon except for parts that directly conflict with the series or parts that explicitly rely on those conflicting elements.

For an example of what I'm talking about (just in case you aren't familiar with it), I'll look to the Devil May Cry novels. The first novel was written after the first game, but (IIRC) before the second, and focused on Dante's life before DMC1. However, DMC3 (which was a prequel) and its tie-in manga rendered the entire first novel non-canon. The second novel, which takes place after DMC2, doesn't really conflict with anything in the games...except for one or two things that refer to the events of the first novel. So looking at it as second-tier canon, the first novel would be non-canon (as the majority of it directly conflicts with the primary source material), but the second novel can reasonably be considered canon with the exception of the specific references to the first novel's events.

Personal views aside, though, it's certainly up for debate. Still, the fact that we've specifically seen her raise and lower the moon while leaving the stars completely stationary indicates that moving them isn't something she does on a daily basis. Or, at the very least, that she takes breaks from doing it.


And it's still a website with calculations done by fans, who are far from perfect and occasionally tend to make questionable assumptions in the bases for their calculations. For instance, their calculations (in relation to their status as solar system+ level) require that we explicitly ignore the possibility that Discord's reality-warping abilities aren't due to raw power, but due to the unusual nature of his magic. They tend to treat his powers as a demonstration of raw power, despite the fact that the series itself seems to suggest that while he easily outclasses the princesses due to his bizarre skill set, he actually has less raw magical power.

In addition to consistently outmatching them without the Elements of Harmony, the Princesses specifically note that they cannot defeat Tirek with Discord by his side, suggesting that it's Discord's presence - rather than Tirek's abilities - that make resistance a bad idea. The obvious implication here is that Celestia, Luna, and Cadance believe that even together they wouldn't have the strength to stand against him. Yet Tirek's magical growth suggests that Discord is actually weaker in terms of pure power. We consistently see that the more magic he absorbs, the more he grows. When he absorbs the magic from all four princesses (who, again, did not believe they could stand against him if he had Discord at his side), his growth vastly outstrips anything that he displayed before, even when absorbing Discord's power. It doesn't help that when Twilight and Tirek are both at their most powerful and actually throwing raw magic around - as opposed to using the magic for specific purposes such as moving the sun/moon or creating chaos - they're far, far less powerful than those feats would suggest they should be.

Calculations are only as good as the information that they're based on, and MLP's tendency towards inconsistency means that it's hard to find a solid basis for calculations of where characters stand in terms of raw power. Discord, fittingly, is probably the one who tends to throw the biggest wrench into things. The odd disparity between his reality-warping skills and his raw magical power provides a precedent for feats being tied to unique forms of magic or individual skills, as opposed to being dependent on power.

This, in turn, makes it difficult to calculate things such as the power output required to perform certain feats. It's been thrown even more out of whack by Starlight's recent admission that her own magic - which allowed her to hold her own against Twilight for a brief period - varies depending on her emotional state. While she does say that this is how she's always found her magic works (suggesting it might not be universal), it still opens up these kind of calculations to the problems that come with powers that are inconsistent by nature. Meaning that even if we calculate minimum and maximum potential, we have to take into account the different circumstances that contribute to those minimum and maximum thresholds.

Not that DBZ has been much better about their consistency or about explaining inconsistencies. Especially with GT and Super, though even the original series has plenty of its moments.

:rainbowlaugh: I love the Abridge series, and I found this story fun! Thanks for writing it!:rainbowkiss:

Yeah, that's all kind of my point. You probably missed my last comment 8149957 since you were typing while I posted it, but basically, I'm trying to say that the writer's aren't concerned about the consistency of the feats so much as they are the consistency of the characters.
It's like Nohate and his ilk think the writers sit down with a pen and paper and calculate out every little detail or research the science behind every thing they show. It's like they think the writers create D&D-style character sheets for the whole cast so they can keep close track of everyone's ability and limitations. And it's just plain ridiculous.
Applying science to the supernatural aspects of a show is frankly asinine when taken seriously. Yes, it can be fun and humorous, but it should hardly ever be taken as canon.

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