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It's all in fate.


This story is a sequel to A Test For Cozy

After the young six learn that Cozy Glow has written to Tirek they put a stop to it and go to their professors about the issue. The professors now have to try to figure out a solution to their newfound problem.

How would that story go? Would Cozy truly change her ways or will she still try to gain power to be the most adored empress in all the land? Will the young six or the CMC be able to convince her that her skills lie elsewhere? Only time will tell.

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Oh Cozy that silly little filly. When will she learn? Curious to see how this will continue.

Yeah reformation is definitely not going to be easy! While in the last story she seemed to have a change of heart for a moment and even learned a lesson out of it she's still a bit... manipulative and power hungry for the time being I'm afraid. Glad you like it!

OOOooohh busted Cozy, no throwing Ocellus & Smolder into a magic sphere to keep them out of the way this time around! :twilightangry2:

Looking forward to see where it goes from here on out! :raritywink:

Yeah it was a good thing Twilight and the rest of the young six came when they did! I'm afraid Ocellus's and Smolder's roles would've ended a bit too soon had I let Cozy Glow win this time around. It's no fun being trapped for the entirety of the story :rainbowlaugh:

Hah! Hold on-
Time to send a filly to Tartarus

Yeah not looking for Cozy Glow one bit, and she pretty much threw away any chance of sympathy from a number of characters.

Hope Twilight gets to hear both sides, at least Smolder has Spike on her side since he got to know her well from what I saw in the episodes they were featured together.

Yeah, Spike knows Smolder wouldn't do something like that!

At this point I think the only reason Cozy isn't dropping herself out of the school is due to sheer curiosity.

Well actually there's a whole other reason why Cozy is trying to stay in the school~ That's for later though!

Ocellus can also back Smolder up.

Excellent chapter and things aren't looking good for Cozy. It's only a matter of time till every hears the truth, and considering Cozy's action I think they might lean more to believing the others over her.

Not gonna lie... I preferred the potential redemption arc of the other one.

Yeah I get it, I'm kinda having trouble writing the next part and I feel like I could've done these first chapters a bit better. I want to try to right the mistake I made in this second chapter. So in the next chapter that's what I'm trying to figure out right now.
I have the biggest writer's block when it comes to this sequel though.

What I meant was her actually trying to be good, rather than putting on an act.

Oh! Sorry about that, but don’t worry I’m definitely keeping that in mind too.

And she's finally caught. I wonder if sending letters to Tirek is legal. This is certainly a very interesting situation.

"No. I can't imagine that either... But there is the burnt books. It's not looking good for you so far," Spike mentioned, "I hope your friends can find those letters, if they are real." He gave a concerned glance before he turned and left for the school's clinic.

Quite hard to remain neutral for Spike here, especially concerning his *honorary big sister dragon* here, glad that both Gallus & Sandbar finally found the evidence they needed to nail Cozy. Can't wait to see how she intends to get out of this one! :raritywink:

Welp the jig is up Cozy I recommend flying as fast as you can and getting the heck out of there!

I would generally imagine so but someone decided to allow it >.>

Well with all the trouble she caused it's definitely not going to go well for her! And I don't think it's going to be that easy to get out of this one this time around. :ajsmug:

Heel-Face Turn is one of my favorite Tropes, so I agree with you there.

Hopefully, things get better for Cozy Glow. And you know what they say. "Sometimes, things have to get worse..."

How much longer is this going to be on hiatus?

This is such a good story, and I really do hope to see it continued in the future

I did kind of lose interest in this story but I might come back to it at a later date. I guess, in all honesty, I haven't continued this story because I haven't seen all of season 8.

Soooo, I'm not sure how to go about this. Maybe make my own season 8? Lol.

Still on hiatus for a bit, but I'll try to come back to it in the future

'Great Celestia this filly could hit!'
Oh Luna don't take that one out of context!

This story is shaping up to be quite fun!
Seeing Cozy start to grow guilty of her actions gradually is pretty heartwarming, and the sense of urgency in the story is remarkable!
I hope one day you decide to continue with it, but for now, it's definitely going in my tracking list :3

...naturally, it ends right at the good part.

Noooo dude whyyyyy :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Justice for Cozy!!! ⚖️

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