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This story is a sequel to A Test For Cozy

After the young six learn that Cozy Glow has written to Tirek they put a stop to it and go to their professors about the issue. The professors now have to try to figure out a solution to their newfound problem.

How would that story go? Would Cozy truly change her ways or will she still try to gain power to be the most adored empress in all the land? Will the young six or the CMC be able to convince her that her skills lie elsewhere? Only time will tell.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 12 )

Oh Cozy that silly little filly. When will she learn? Curious to see how this will continue.

Yeah reformation is definitely not going to be easy! While in the last story she seemed to have a change of heart for a moment and even learned a lesson out of it she's still a bit... manipulative and power hungry for the time being I'm afraid. Glad you like it!

OOOooohh busted Cozy, no throwing Ocellus & Smolder into a magic sphere to keep them out of the way this time around! :twilightangry2:

Looking forward to see where it goes from here on out! :raritywink:

Yeah it was a good thing Twilight and the rest of the young six came when they did! I'm afraid Ocellus's and Smolder's roles would've ended a bit too soon had I let Cozy Glow win this time around. It's no fun being trapped for the entirety of the story :rainbowlaugh:

Hah! Hold on-
Time to send a filly to Tartarus

Yeah not looking for Cozy Glow one bit, and she pretty much threw away any chance of sympathy from a number of characters.

Hope Twilight gets to hear both sides, at least Smolder has Spike on her side since he got to know her well from what I saw in the episodes they were featured together.

Yeah, Spike knows Smolder wouldn't do something like that!

At this point I think the only reason Cozy isn't dropping herself out of the school is due to sheer curiosity.

Well actually there's a whole other reason why Cozy is trying to stay in the school~ That's for later though!

Ocellus can also back Smolder up.

Excellent chapter and things aren't looking good for Cozy. It's only a matter of time till every hears the truth, and considering Cozy's action I think they might lean more to believing the others over her.

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