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In the moons of peace that have passed since Twilight Sparkle's ascension to the throne, no threat has ever been as great as the kind presented by the three greatest villains in Equestria's history. Little does the princess know that the past will be catching back up to her, and everyone else, very soon.

A unicorn named Toasty Blanket has come all the way to Equestria from another realm to find a child that she's been separated from for all these moons. Her travels have taken her to Ponyville, but in order to find what she seeks, she must talk to the princess in Canterlot. Having been stuck for so long in a place cut off from the natural world, she's going to learn the hard way what happened with her little one.

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Interesting idea for Cozy's mother.

I'd love to get a discription of a Cacosaurs.

Shouldn't this have an OC tag?

I get the feeling discord had a hand in cozy getting a link to a certain centaur for those messages and the happenstance resources and "good" luck for her to pull off her first stunt for her challenge to be overcome should not have happened in the first place I know her mother will not be happy about the bit of her child being put into Taurus alone with bad things in such a dark place then the kidnapping and set up of evildoer team discord gonna be slapped for his set up.

Are Tirek and Chrysalis going to play a role in this story too?

honestly, I doubt she had an easy time in Tartus wouldn't be surprised if she had PTSD for her accident and her time in the cage and stone
maybe there more ponies like cozy glow? I just think of starlight glimmer village and her path that started it at such a young age


"Well, i'll be darned if we let that little beast walk around and stir up trouble with her suspect relative."

Great big adults wouldn't shatter a child, Scrape. But other children could

Good job, Twilight, this is your teaching.
Cozy Glow was not wrong, friendship is like religion here, you are OK if you want to be friends with her, but you get killed or tortured if you don't want.

While This story does have a lot going for it, there are a lot of things holding it back. There are a few grammar issues here and there, along with one of the most severe cases of lavender unicorn syndrome and purple prose I've ever seen. You don't need to describe every single character in intricate detail, especially the ones we already know.

Second, the plot seems a little rushed. Things go by a little too quickly and easily. This is compounded by some characters being OOC (out of character). Discord is far too serious. He needs to be a bit more comically annoying. As for Cozy, while the initial panic is believable, I have a hard time believing her second reaction. There are a lot of possible reactions I could expect, but genuine remorse is not one of them even with her mother figure present.

Overall, I just can't get into this. However, it's considered disrespectful to leave a downvote on a story without explaining why. Thus, I have explained the problems in the hope that it will help you improve in the future.

I agree with the points the guy below me raised, but I do want to know the rest of the story. Please don't leave us hanging!

I feel that this one falls squarely upon Princess Celestia and her own methods of ruling Equestria. As revealed in a post by Faust, she had the power to release Luna from the Moon since DAY ONE, yet choose to leave her trapped for 1000 years, plus there is the fact that pretty much EVERYTHING regarding Lunas' fall to darkness was all Celestias' own damn fault; and as revealed in the series premiere she is not sorry for doing it at all to her only family.

Great start to an interesting story. I do hope you plan to come back to it someday. As far as I know, this is the first looking into Cozy’s past, be it canon or not.

I like how Toasty Blanket GRILLED Cozy about her actions. I also find it odd how Twilight didn't announce Cozy's release or give her some sort of pardening paper. This just seems like an easy way to cause mass panick.

Enjoyable chapter overall.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked this one.

I really wanted Toasty to call out Cozy on everything she did, hoping to get her message through her daughter's head. I'm not sure how a panic over Cozy's release could be easily prevented, though, given her widespread reputation.

got canceled lol

Got put on hiatus, more accurately.

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