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I am a longtime fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who loves Pinkie Pie, drawing, typing stories and having a good laugh.


The day of Princess Twilight Sparkle's coronation, her ascension to ruler of all Equestria, has arrived! But what was meant to be a beautiful day of celebration turns into the greatest disaster in Equestrian history. Chrysalis, Tirek, Cozy Glow and the shadow of a past enemy have been hard at work turning pony against pony and studying the ultimate power of Grogar's Bewitching Bell. Grogar himself has acquired an artifact once thought to be kept away from the wrong hands (or hooves) forever, hoping to use it for an important purpose, but is blissfully unaware of the evil tetrad's deception. Or so they think...

With the Horses of the Apocalypse attacking everywhere, the world's mightiest defenders, including the Council of Friendship, will have to step up and protect the people. Will their rainbow lasers light the sky and win the battle like they always have, or will the diplomacy of their non-combatant allies be the key to restoring unity to the broken equine societies?

Author's note: I know this has been done before, and i'm super late to doing it, but it took me a while to realize what I actually thought of the final two-part episode, and you can probably tell the conclusion I drew by the fact I am making this rewrite. This envisions what the 24th and 25th episodes of Season 9 (The Ending of the End) would be if they were instead a four-part, feature-length, apocalyptic epic. Imagine an alternate universe where Season 9 was still 26 episodes long, but two episodes had to go (i'd personally axe 15 and 16, sorry fans of those) to make room for extra parts of the finale. It also takes everything that has happened in the season as canon, but with two differences.

1: I treat Grogar as if he was the genuine article, because in my opinion, if they were going to put him in G4 at all, they really should've made the effort to utilize the guy somehow beyond a powerful item, because it was his first appearance in 3 decades, he was a popular G1 villain among fans, and the Season 9 premiere introduced him as an interesting expansion on one of the show's longest established elements.

2: I have slightly rewritten the past events involving the villains to add my own little touch to the story. Something that gives a little retroactive significance to both the events of the 13th episode of Season 8 and a fanservice-y thing they did in the 8th episode of Season 9. Before you get started, let me tell you that it's not going to be what you're expecting.

Just to be clear, despite my opinion on the official version, this has not been made with any ill will towards Big Jim Miller, Nicole Dubuc, Michael Vogel or any of the storyboard artists and animators that put the finale together over at WildBrain (formerly DHX Media). This is just something I did to pay tribute to a series i've loved for a long time, do a little writing exercise, show what I personally would've liked to see in the finale, and of course, have some fun. I know a lot of people love the original episode, and I don't intend for this rewrite to replace it. It can never be replaced, or erased, or redone. However, I do hope I can shape it up to be a fine alternative for both fans and non-fans of the version we got on television. I'd even like to respect what the creators were going for, but tweak their ideas a bit (because there are things I enjoy).

One last thing: I want to highlight StarlightisVERYcute and SuperPinkBrony12 for inspiring me to do this. They've done exceptional rewrite jobs that I highly recommend you give a look.

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Impressive story arc. I can't wait for part 2. Also I agree with Cozy I mean, who sends a child to prison, especially one where Tirek was place for a 1000 years? Also I did had a theory where Grogar did created Discord. I mean after when Twilight used the magic of the hybrid creatures of Tartarus; they were turned into 2 or 3 separate animals. So I thought that Discord was created by many different creatures. Also I wish that Twilight and her friends refuse to listen to Discord during that episode. I mean who the hell forgives one for recruiting all the major villains and planned to use them for Twilight to defeat to gain confidence. That's a piece of corruption in Harmony; you forgive your friends. no matter what they commit. Even global destruction (For Discord).

Cozy Glow may be a child, but she's a child who committed high treason, tricked her teachers into getting trapped in Tartarus, used what they taught her to manipulate others and try to take over Equestria, framed the Young Six for her actions, and had no problem letting them and Starlight get dragged into an empty void. She deserved her punishment.

As for Discord, he never intended for "global destruction". His plan was for the villains to launch an attack on Canterlot, which Twilight and the others would repel. And he still had to earn their forgiveness, via risking his very life.

Are you gonna continue? It's just getting interesting

Of course. I'm just taking a break from writing MLP stuff for a while, and i'll eventually return to The End of an Era with the Part 2 chapters. It was months before I finished the Part 1 chapters.

I'm glad you've taken an interest in the rewrite.

I added your story to a group here.

"You need to extract the magical cores from the "key entities", including Twilight and her friends, then expel that power to this "Phantom Zone" and finally, acquire their talents permanently through memorization." Cozy continued.

DC Comics reference?

"Come on out, children!" Grogar called in a high volume. On cue, a bunch of creatures, big and small, emerged from the water, walls and ceiling. These were ones that the folks of Equestria were all too familiar with, the monsters of the ram sorcerer's creation. The Bugbear, the Roc, the Chimera, the Hydra, the Tatzlwurm, the Maulwurf, the Sphinx, even the Ophiotaurus from Mount Everhoof. Alongside them were a gaggle of fantastic species, such as Timberwolves, Cragadiles, Ursa Majors, Manticores, Cockatrices, Yetis, Pukwudgies, Whirling Mungteeth, Sea Serpents, Slingtails, amphibian demons and Cyclopes, giant, one-eyed humanoids with goat heads, just like Arimaspi. Even tiny critters like Twittermites, Fly-ders and Parasprites could be seen. Some were new, like shadow dogs, birds with lightning powers, multi-legged sea monsters, lava lizards and water ponies with ghastly appearances.

"I feel like a queen again already." Chrysalis said with glee.

"It's fine! This is a bad dream! I'll be back with my bro! It's fine! This is a bad dream! I'll be back with my bro!" a pegasus mare in one of the bubbles repeated to herself.

"What are you going to do to me? Can I at least tell my friend i'm sorry?" a unicorn mare asked of the villains.

"Please let me go, Grogar! I have a wife and foal, and they're worried sick!" pleaded an earth pony stallion in tears.

A clock ticked in Cozy's head. After a few seconds, it rung. "Oh my gosh! You were behind the pony disappearances!" she yelled in astonishment. Then she scanned the room and thought back even further. "All this must've been why you've been vanishing so much!"

"Well deduced, Miss Glow." Grogar commended. "I rescued these magnificent, deadly beasts from Tartarus quite some time ago. As for my captives, we needed something to ensure the dismantling of the ponies' harmony, and make our forces even stronger." With a wicked smile, he blasted swirling clouds of Malice Magic up at all of the bubbled ponies. Each of the poor ponies screamed in anguished fear as they were consumed by the dreadful dark magic.

Soon, the screaming stopped, the frightened equines now wholly covered. The Bewitching Bell shot energy bolts at the bubbles, popping them to reveal the ponies undergoing grotesque changes. Their teeth were sharpened, their manes and coats were turned to shades of black, and they gained glowing yellow eyes. The wings of the pegasi became bat-like with feather-esque needles, the unicorns' horns split open to look like two-pronged forks, and the earth ponies grew claws on each of their hooves. They lowered to the ground and made demonic moaning sounds. They were hideous, mindless zombies now.

"Gross." Cozy muttered, feeling her stomach churn.

"Children, zombies, listen!" Grogar hollered authoritatively.

"Alright, beasties and reanimated ponies, we've got a job to do!" Eclipse called out to her new army. "Follow us in crushing our suppressors, and we'll soon live in a world where we rule equal!" She and her three partners displayed overwhelming surges of magical power which left the monsters and zombies in awe, kneeling reverently before their new mistresses and master. Grogar nodded approvingly.

"With hatred as our armor and teamwork as our power, we'll get what we deserve." he announced. "Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, Cozy Glow, Aurora Eclipse, my children and these ponies are yours and mine to command; they deserve to relish in the joys of freedom with us." He stepped towards the side entrance of the lair and held up a hoof. "The moment of truth is here." His allies, his monster children and the zombies followed.

"Not to sound ungrateful, but... permission to settle some grudges on our terms, boss?" Tirek requested.

"Permission granted." Grogar approved forbearingly. "Now go, my Horses of the Apocalypse! Today: Equestria! Tomorrow: all of the world!"

Grogar opened five large, circular, yellow and black portals for him and his minions to enter. They jumped into them immediately. Whatever patience they still had was about to be rewarded. Very soon, they would be spread across Equestria with the most powerful army of darkness it will ever see. But first, a few of them had personal vendettas to take care of.

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