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What if the grand finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ended in a different way? What if the story changed where another scenario played out? Well my friends, this is the tale of the Ending of the End, where the saying goes "Be Careful with what you wish for."

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Well, this is a total disaster. Plus, Twilight is a total idiot, and turning OOC evil is so gonna tarnished her image a lot more than this Neigh jerk will ever could. :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof:

This is all Discord’s fault:twilightangry2:

As well as Celestia and Luna’s:twilightangry2:

Well I'm going to make things worse with Chapter 2. And this is before Chrysalis, Tirek, Cozy Glow and Twilight Sparkle defeats Grogar and reveals himself to be Discord.

I was surprised Twilight joined them, interesting

In the next part, we're going to see things get worse for the Mane Five before it happens.

Well, I guess It’ll be a sad ending for Twilight, as she won’t be the ruler after all in this set.


True. Plus, she will be rightfully hated for turning evil for rather stupid and petty reasons. Kinda like how Starlight's and Tempest's "reasons for being bad" is both weak, petty, and rather childish stupid too.

Edit: Ignoring that dislike, you do realize I'm telling straight facts if you think about it.

Why would he make a story like that?! I’m…gonna give that author a sucker punch of a lifetime!!!!!!


What!? Your referring to this author in here? Or someone else?

It's going to be a lot worse than you realize. All I can say is...stay tuned.

That means Twilight is getting turned to stone, and no happy ending for her?! THAT DOES IT!! I’m giving you a sucker punch of a lifetime! You REALLY messed up!!!

Yes, I’m talking about the author! WTF would he do this?!?! I’m giving that author a big sucker punch than a meteor blowing up Earth!

Even worse. In fact, I'm typing up part two to give you a sample of what is really going to happen.

You want a butt kicking? Because if I knew where you were, I’d give you one! Mark my words


I think he is ignoring you, and just keep repeating that "it's about to get worse" for the story. :applejackunsure:

I know that. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t really do that to him. This is the worst story that he wrote…in my opinion. I am not capable of hurting anyone, nor will I ever hurt him. I’m saying this is a terribly painful story that he made.

You got that, SaburoDaimando? I know you said the story will get worse, and I want to say…I will not hurt you. That story in my opinion was really painful to read. If I did that, I’d be a horrible person. So, please believe me when I say I won’t hurt you. I just will not read any more of this story, because it’s just too painful for me

I'm actually almost done with Part 2. I'll submit it before day's end.

Will this Neigh guy be defeated? He's even worse than NeighSAY! No offence.

Even Neighsay is not as despicable as Neigh Nanners. At least the former cared alot for the younglings. In fact, Neighsay will make an appearance in the next part, and it's going to be a sad one.

How sad? As in death, or Tartarus sentence? This story should have a sad tag.

Well, I hope things get better. This story isn't gonna make people hate MLP, is it?

So, Twilight turns evil because some jerk shouts at her. I'm sorry, but that's an even more idiotic motivation for turning to the dark side than your best friend going to a magic school.

I wrote Chapter 2 as a means to address some of the issues of Chapter 1, including making Neigh Nanners an even bigger jerk who put out a hit piece directed at Twilight's reputation, plus encouraging a mob into making her and her friends a pariah.

The way I see it, is that Twilight feels betrayed by what the citizens of Equestria are doing right now.

Protesting her to never return to Equestria. After everything she has done for them, only for them to turn on her after a few mistakes on her part, not to mention the seeds of doubt placed by The Legion of Doom didn’t exactly help out either.

So, I believe that the hurt and betrayal Twilight feels is somewhat justified for her turning to the dark side.

It might not make a lot of sense given her character, but hey. I’m all for it.

Keep it up!!!

Tbh I always wanted to see a story like this, where Twilight joins The Legion of Doom.

I always wondered how that scenario would turn out.

Anyways, keep up the good work!

No, i was really happy about the ending of the future of the man’s six.

Oh, I have some ideas planned for Midnight Sparkle and the Legion of Doom.

Considering all those ponies who decided to use violence against the school and those who go there could end up big trouble. In America except for the police start the fight by being jerks most people try to be peaceful because the consequences of doing the opposite will usually lead to trouble for you.

Believe it or not, the whole protesters going after the students was based on the recent anti-vaxxer protests in which said protesters lashed out at kids who were trying to go to school. And I have examples from England and Canada. https://www.thedailybeast.com/stalking-schools-and-scaring-kids-is-the-new-anti-vax-trend

As for Neigh Nanners, the inspiration for him came from right-wing conspiracy theorists like Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones and Ben Shapiro.

Personally I wish we had more of those bubble zones in America they used to do it at college but it impeded upon the freedom of speech but I heard of the no abortion protesters getting that bad and as bad as the people in this story. Certainly they all need to be reined in. And although I always thought they kinda rushed putting twilight in charge considering the biggest thing she had been in charge of was her school. I always thought they should have a year with her to learn the ropes and then when she was in charge she could change anything if she wanted. Twilight under their help didn't even know how to put together a party. They just said get it done and left. They never really took the time to teach her anything about the day to day running of things and some of the problems that she might have to deal with. Plus I never liked how the whole kingdom got off for summoning the windgos because of a few rumors.

I'm surprised the mob didn't think to block the track. A common trick of protests is to cripple transport (see the recent carbon protests on the M25 in Britain for a good example).

I’m gonna guess this story is gonna have a huge downer ending…

Guess: Twilight will never be forgiven, never back with her friends, turned to stone with the legion, Celestia and Luna’s retirement will never happen, as they would have to keep ruling for many millennia, The Mane Five, Starlight and Sunset would be heartbroken, Spike would never get his title, the Age of Twilight would never come, the coronation would be cancelled, Twilight’s heroics would be forgotten, Celestia would be sad, Equestria would only remember Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Flurry Heart, and the events of the clip shows, and The Last Problem would never take place, because Twilight would fully lose her way. As a result, Luster would never meet Twilight as her teacher.

I guess there will be no happy ending, as the bad voice would win!

They may be angry, but they're also that stupid.

My dear. That is an understatement.

Stay Tuned. Also, Part 3 is up, and I give a small hint on what may be the future for Twilight in this fanfic.

Is there going to be a happy ending or a downer ending? Honest answer!

One thing I can tell you, is that the ending you assume for this take on the Ending of the End, may be an understatement. After all, the protests that are fueled by Neigh Nanners will play an important role.

So, you’re saying my assumption WILL happen? Or might not?

It won't. As a matter of fact, I don't intend of copying the ending for the Ending of the End.

But I will give you one hint: Cozy Glow will have a closure.

Well, if my assumption won’t happen, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for a better ending…for Twilight…

Also, why would you write this? I’m not against alternate endings. I’m just curious as to why you’d write it.

I had been fed up with some fans demanding that the writers from Studio DHX/Wildbrain redo the final season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. So I'm doing this just to jinx with those selfish brats, but also provide a more "Worst case scenario."

Hmm. Also, where on Earth are the police? Based on the descriptions, Nanners has started a riot. This is enough justification to bring in riot units to supress the mob and arrest him. Or are the Royal Guard even more useless than I realised?

To anyone who doesn't like this, remember this site is where we make our own thoughts, theories, what ifs and possibilities. We're not limited to the show.

Very clever. Especially no creature will hear those names in a 1000 years or more

This story has a terrible ending! This isn’t right at all! Just because everyone wants the ending to be different doesn’t mean it has to be like this!

I will address that in Part 4. And unfortunately, these protests/riots aren't just limited to Ponyville. Even more so, you're going to hate Neigh Nanners even more so in Part 4.

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