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[ Based off of Among Us. Made for fun! ]

Ever since Queen Chrysalis and her changeling army declared war on the Equestrian sector and region, ships began to find changelings raiding their crew by becoming their crewmates. Several ships were either successful in getting rid of the pests or lost to The Hive.

From what many survivors have seen, changelings will nab you when you are alone and wrap you in a cocoon that is practically indestructible, leaving you in a comatose state where they could drain not only your love but your life as well. You weren't dead, but you were considered gone for good. At least until somepony can figure out a way to break them open.

The ponies began figuring out ways to get rid of the suspected changelings. One was shooting them out an airlock when the majority was certain it was them. From what they've seen, many will drop their disguise once out in space to hopefully be found by a Hive ship. If a fellow Crewmate was ejected, they were still able to survive with the help of their oxygen tanks and signal for an Equestrian ship.

It was the only safest option Equestrians really had.

One member in particular, an electrician by the name Derpy Hooves, has gone through this ejection process many times before. Being clumsy and hesitant, she became a suspect for many meetings. She wasn't sure if she should be relieved or horrified because there were a few times where she was ejected and the ship behind her was then lost to The Hive.

They say ejection wasn't good because it could be your demise one day, but maybe it was for her.

Despite everything, she still worked for her Princesses and continued hopping from ship to ship. She wasn't the best at her tasks, but hopefully she was the best at making friends! Maybe, just maybe, her next crewmates will be much more nicer. Maybe even permanent.

As she joined the new crew onto The Skeld a report suddenly appeared. A strange anomaly had been detected.

There are two changelings among us.

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I wasn't the most consistent fan of My Little Pony, in all honesty. In fact that show wasn't the only thing on my list of interests. For a long while I had left those colorful ponies in the dust. I practically missed seasons 7-8 because I had gotten bored. However... it was the last season that drew me back in. I guess I now know a bit about the show, but not everything. I definitely knew of Cozy Glow however. She was hated by everyone. Well, except me. For some reason I liked her as the mischievous little filly she was. Her character interested me and I wanted to learn more. I wanted to see what kind of history she had. Why did she decide to turn evil? She was probably the only reason I went back to previous seasons.

You could guess how disappointed I was when the finale came up. Instead of helping her, they turned her to stone. Instead of trying to figure out the issue, they left her behind to be forgotten. Everyone cheered and laughed while Cozy, Chrysalis, and Tirek were turned into statues for the rest of eternity. I was displeased. Afterwards I drifted away and instead tried to focus on my work. I had to, after all. I was becoming an adult. I was growing up. Though the stress might pile up on me, I had to keep going. I had to get things done...

I could keep going... couldn't I?

It seems however that the universe had decided to drag me back into a world of rainbows and magic. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly woke up the next day inside a cage in the deepest, darkest chambers of Tartarus. Not only that but also as the small pink bundle of feathers that everyone loathed and despised. A billion questions rang through my head but the most prominent ones of all continuously pounded against my skull: What in the holy hell do I do from here?
And how do I stop what comes next?

The Tirek Who Tolerated Me by Kotatsu Neko
An Unexpected Aftermath by Autumn Breeze

[Note: This is half a self-insert and half not really. This character is different from me but does have a few traits from me as well. Like cursing, I curse a lot, but there are some traits here and there I don't really have.]

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This story is a sequel to A Test For Cozy

After the young six learn that Cozy Glow has written to Tirek they put a stop to it and go to their professors about the issue. The professors now have to try to figure out a solution to their newfound problem.

How would that story go? Would Cozy truly change her ways or will she still try to gain power to be the most adored empress in all the land? Will the young six or the CMC be able to convince her that her skills lie elsewhere? Only time will tell.

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[Spoilers for Season 9 Finale]
The aftermath of the great showdown.

"Don't be like another Cozy Glow."
Every creature who lives in Canterlot has heard the story of the little filly who became a villain through wit and lies alone. She played everyone like a simple game of chess before being tacked on with the rest of the big bad guys and turned to stone at their defeat. From then on younglings were warned that lying would give them the very same fate she endured.

Two troublesome children looked down at Equestrian's history and decided together they should try to alter it. One way or another these two were going to get the power to change everything from the past, present, and future.

Even if it meant making friends with an unlikely character...

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A lot can change from one argument. Cozy Glow wanted nothing more but to be somepony else. Anyone else. Instead, she was this little powerless pegasus that did nothing but what her mother demanded... what her mother planned! She was sick of mother's plans. She was sick of her own name! So, the filly took it upon herself to pack her things and run.

She had some family in the Crystal Empire. Perhaps it would do her some good to visit them? Maybe they could understand her issue. Maybe they could help her?

What she didn't know however was that her greatest mistake would be stepping into the Empire itself. After she walked in... she never came back out.
When King Sombra took over and dragged the entire empire along with him down his one thousand year banishment a little filly was caught in the crossfire.

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Even in her retirement Princess Luna had still felt obligated to walk through dreams and fix every pony's- now every creature's- nightmares. She did not mind doing this every sunset to sunrise but lately her sister Tia felt that her night time job was wearing on Luna. They were both in retirement and yet one still continued to work her hooves dead.

So, after some consideration, Princess Luna agreed and took a trip down to Canterlot to pass down her knowledge to their successor, Twilight.

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[Spoliers for What Lies Beneath]
Cozy Glow DID have a plan in the works. It was simple and it was easy. All she had to do was get it in every creature's minds that their friendship wasn't natural. A fight would occur, she would lead them all to the Tree, and then they could fix all her problems without her having to raise a hoof! With an excuse at the end~!

That was the plan, but Cozy Glow had decided that instead of them finding the place themselves, she would take them to the grate in person. In the end, she accidentally got herself wrapped up into the dark roots below that waited to see what her fears were... and if she could face them.

For more of the story:
Cozy's Dilemma

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