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A Filly Lost For One Thousand Years - dicerollball

Cozy Glow had decided to run away to the far off arctic lands that housed the Crystal Empire. Doing this was a dire mistake that'd last for thousands of years.

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Chapter 1: She Ran On Little Hooves

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

Cozy Glow was just a small pegasus. A pink little pegasus with small wings and a blue curly mane. Her pelt was thankfully protected by the purple and lemon chiffon colored outerwear she sewed up for herself. She needed it after all in order to get to her destination. To think that a simple argument landed her out here. She had no idea what her destiny could be and if she even had one at all. These frustrations somehow got the best of her, took control, and left her in the middle of a snowy field of nothing. The cold sharpness of the wind brushed through her fur while the bitter ice stuck to her eyes. Despite her scarves and her hat attempting to shield her from the elements she still struggled through the winter wasteland. She marched on to find her goal amidst the endless white chill while her thoughts drifted off to the previous night before.

In Cozy's culture a foal's fate is sealed the moment they are named. After all, most ponies tended to have cutiemarks that match not only with their personality but with their appearance and their title. There came a point where there was just too many coincidences that parents began to name their children after certain talents or skills. If you were named after a hammer or some other tool of forgery? Congratulations, you're a blacksmith for the rest of your life. If you were named after a sword or a weapon? Soldier. If a young unicorn has some mystical swirly name similar to StarSwirl then there's a chance they might grow just as powerful. It was a running theme... and something that Cozy was personally done with.

Her mother and father were prissy ponies of Canterlot. While she did look up to her father, a soldier and a leader by nature, her mother was a different story. All her mother cared about was the spa. The spa! That's all it was with her! She loved makeup and dresses. She loved gemstones and bits! If Cozy were to grab the shiniest thing she could find and tie it to a string her mother would blindly chase after it like a cat. When the two had a child, it was only natural for the mother to pick a name to bound the little future spa-employee into the family roots. Cozy Glow. A name that meant she would keep ponies comfortable and cozy. She, as a pony, would radiate feel-good vibes for soldiers or stressed worker ponies in their time of need for relaxation and manicures. The little pegasus however did not agree with this predetermined destiny.

She took an interest in studying strategies and battles. Her father would come home and tell stories of his adventurous tales against evil-doers and horrible creatures. He'd say how he'd lead a patrol straight into battle and won a victorious fight through his carefully made plans and thought-out methods. When Cozy showed this interest to her mother however, she was met with anger and clashing conflict. The two argued for what felt like forever.

"I don't understand! What do you have against what dad does?" Cozy Glow questioned as she clutched a book of Equestrian history close to her chest.

"I don't have anything against what he does. No, my issue right now is that you want to go out and become a pony of war! You're a spa pony! It's in your name! It's in your style! You were meant to stay here in Canterlot and assist me but you can't even do that!" The mother huffed with a stomp of her hoof

"But I like this! I love learning about this and hearing about it... I want to be part of it! I want to be a strategist! What if... What if that's my talent?"

"Preposterous! If you truly believe that you'll grow up to be like your father then you'll remain nothing more but a blank flank for the rest of your life!" The older pony hissed bringing attention to her daughter's mark-less hip.

It was true. Where a cutiemark should be there was none. Cozy Glow found herself glaring down at this sight of disappointment and failure before turning her attention back up to her mother, "I don't believe that! I don't believe you! I'm not going to stand for this anymore!" The young filly threw her book to the floor and hurried off up the stairs to her room, "I wish you never named me Cozy Glow!" SLAM!

"Young lady! You get back down here and pick this up!" Her mother called but was only met with the distant click of her daughter's bedroom door locking shut.

From there Cozy made her decision. Her father had left for a couple of weeks on a task from Princess Celestia herself. He was sent to gather a patrol to scout out the Crystal Empire. Things apparently haven't been looking good over there and while Cozy Glow didn't know all the finer details due to most of this being confidential and all, she was still curious. What could be happening in the Crystal Empire that was so important? Well, time for her to find out. Cozy had some family up in the Crystal Empire. Hopefully she can convince them to let her stick around for a few days if not more and maybe get them to help her find her cutiemark in the process as well. She was eager to pack her bags with anything she might need. Sugary snacks she had previously managed to stash away in her room, clothing to fight off the cold, a slingshot as a makeshift weapon, a map, a compass, some bits, and a couple books on strategy and weaponry. It wasn't much but it was all Cozy had to work with. She threw her saddlebags on and made her way to the window. Once she opened it the little pegasus stood and stared at the two story drop in front of her. While she could fly, she admittedly didn't fly enough in her opinion. When she could she'll make sure to further practice in the future. For now however, she wanted nothing more but to leave this house and Canterlot behind her. Though she could relatively fly well when she did do small practices before she still had to convince herself now to take that chance. She raised her wings and prepared to take off. With enough motivation the little pegasus was able to take one step forward... and plummet to the ground with a loud shout trailing after her.

Her mother meanwhile had picked up the book and quietly examined it. She found her anger slowly melt away as she stared at the covers. Heh. There was once a time she'd sit next to a warm fire reading this along with her husband by her side. It brought back soothing memories... The mother let out a sigh and clutched the book close to her chest, "Cozy?" She called out as she took a couple steps towards the stairway, "Cozy can we talk? Please? I'm sorry!"
Silence. There was no response or acknowledgement that the little filly even heard her. Just as she was about to give up however, a loud shout rang through her ears, "Cozy?!" The mother dropped the book and raced up the stairs. She fiddled with the locked doorknob before reaching up to pluck a key hidden on top of the bedroom's door frame. With it she was able to unlock the door and charge right on in, "Cozy Glow??"
Empty. The room was empty. Not a sign of the little filly in sight. The room had clearly been rummaged through as items, books, and papers were tossed about onto the floor. This left the mother in confused distress until the sound of a chirp from a passing bird caught her attention as it flew by the open window. The mother hurried up to it, looked outside, and saw... nothing. There was the usual hustle and bustle of Canterlot but there was no Cozy.

As the mother frantically searched for her daughter, Cozy Glow found herself hovering just above the home with wide eyes and flapping wings. Wow! She can fly! She can actually do it! The little filly would cheer if she could but she didn't want to get caught. She waited until her mother disappeared elsewhere before hurrying off, fluttering away as quick as her wings could take her. She completely disregarded her mother's worries and concerns as all she could think of next was the adventure before her. She'd have to take the train as far as it could go before walking the rest of the way but it'd be worth it if it meant she'd be able to find what her true purpose was. So off the young pegasus went... to the Crystal Empire.

The journey was long and agonizing but she managed to find her way here within the far reaches of Equestria. Though as she continued she was starting to doubt the existence of the Crystal Empire. Who makes their kingdom all the way out here in a BLIZZARD? A BLIZZARD! Cozy Glow was very tempted to turn and hightail it elsewhere but she's already come so far! She didn't want to give up now. The little filly had to force herself onward through the seemingly vast wasteland before her. It couldn't be too far now...

As more time went by a flicker could be seen in the distance. Through the thicket of ice and hail Cozy Glow managed to find something miraculous. Just in time too. She was shivering like a leaf in a thunderstorm out here! Her hooves were frigid and stiff, each feather of her wing or strand of her mane had been soaked through and frozen with the help of the relentless cold, and her eyes could barely blink because of the pinpricks of frost that were poking at her face. When the filly spotted the shimmering glow of the large towering castle in the distance relief had flooded through her. She tucked her wings against her sides and forced herself to walk just a bit further. Almost there. It won't be much longer..!

A loud booming noise resonated throughout the storming landscape. Along it came a howling horn that blared out into the air with an echo that traveled among the skies. Cozy Glow found herself pausing just at the outer edges of the empire where the green grass met the freezing white snow. Her gaze looked on to a mysterious dark figure in the distance. There was something off about this cloaked pony. They gave off this unknown but looming threat that even from hundreds of miles away a filly like Cozy could fear. This pony paced and festered like as if he were considering what would be the best course of action to take. How shall he corner his prey and how shall he strike it? Whatever this pony was, Cozy Glow could easily assess even from afar that he craved more. That this pony or creature wanted whatever power was hidden behind the delicate walls of this empire... The Crystal Empire.
Cozy felt uncomfortable and decided not to confront this strange pony. All she wanted after all was to find her destiny and leave. Nothing more, really. Just as she was about to continue on her way however, a shivering chill went through her body as the stallion paused and turned. He turned to reveal a face of some sort. The face of a tyrant. However that face went forgotten as all Cozy could really focus on were his eyes. His green glowing eyes held nothing but pure resentment and overflowing dark magic. They saw Cozy and pinned her down with a glare that threatened not only her life but her very soul as well. The filly only locked eyes with the villain for a moment before she found herself stumbling back. She spun around and sped into the warm safety of the crystal empire; escaping the storm and the stranger's gaze while she still could.

Here it was warmer. The bite of the freezing blizzard from before was quickly forgotten as Cozy Glow slowed down and lowered her scarf. A relieved sigh escaped her. Ah... Much better. She allowed herself to lay down and relax under the welcoming sunlight that shined upon her and the soft green grass underneath her. The filly was so tempted to just lay there forever... that is, until a young shiny colt walked up to her.

His puffy blue hair had a lighter blue streak that curled and bounced throughout his mane. His white pelt gleamed with the radiance of lucent beauty that Cozy's mother would be jealous of. If nopony knew what they were looking at they might assume he was a mystical spirit ready to grant you three wishes. In reality however he was just a young sparkly pony. He gently nudged the more average-looking filly and stared down at her with concerned snowdrop colored eyes, "Um... Hi there! Are you alright?"

"Fine... Are you a crystal pony?" Cozy Glow asked as she pulled herself back up onto her hooves.

"Mhm! My name is Frosty Quartz." He took a step closer to curiously examine the other, "Who are you? You don't look like everypony else around here."

"Well golly my name is Cozy Glow. I'm not a crystal pony, I'm just a normal pegasus! It's nice to meet you Frosty Quartz."

"And you too!" He beamed with colorful lights practically reflecting off his smile, "What're you doing all the way out here by yourself? Isn't it cold out there?"

"I decided to come visit." Cozy shrugged as she walked past the colt, "I know somepony here, I just have to find him."

"Who is he? Maybe I can help." Young Frosty suggested as he trailed after the other.

"It's fine, I'm sure I'll be able to find him on... my... own..." The pink pegasus came to a halt as her gaze went upward. First, she saw the city which in itself was a beautiful sight to behold. Each house glistened with this unique crystal-like material that shined under the sun's warm embrace. It was tranquil and calm; something Cozy half didn't expect but happily appreciated.
Then, she saw the castle! Oh boy that castle..! It was big and it was shiny. It towered over everypony and desperately reached for the skies above while it twinkled and glimmered with not only the building blocks that made it but with same love and raw energy that a crystal pony like Frosty Quartz possessed. Magic must've held this thing together and made it stand tall because it was too magnificent to even exist. Yet here it was standing perfectly regal in front of Cozy Glow as evident proof. It was real and it was definitely worth the storm.

"Amazing, isn't it? Haha. I see it everyday from my bedroom window!" Frosty Quartz chuckled into his hoof, "Come on. I can give you a tour of the place!" He urged as he began to lead the way into this blindingly stunning wonderland.

Cozy Glow was just about to accept his offer but paused at a disturbing thought that crossed her mind. She glanced back at the snowy storms behind her half expecting to spot those green glowing eyes once again. What she saw however was nothing. Absolutely nothing...

"What's wrong Cozy?"

"Oh- nothing. I was just wondering why the storms seemed to stop perfectly around the Crystal Empire is all." The little pegasus followed after the young shimmering colt.

"Oh! That's because of the crystal heart. It protects us from harm and well- I guess from storms too! It's a really important representation of love and harmony for all of us in the Crystal Empire. I can show you it if you want. Anypony can go visit it!" Frosty beamed before continuing on his way with a small skip in his step.

"Huh. That sounds really interesting!" Though Cozy was confused about one thing. She kept it to herself, not wanting Frosty to know the real reason she was here, and judged Princess Celestia silently on her own. Why did the princess have her own ponies out here? Was it about that thing she saw in the storm? Even then... Could it even step foot in the Crystal Empire? The small pegasus was too distracted with her thoughts that she hadn't even noticed the change of scenery until she heard the fourth clack of her hooves against crystal flooring. She blinked and turned her attention to her new surroundings.

Impressively blocky and carved out homes of clear-cut luminous stone were constructed on either side of the road Frosty had lead her down. They varied in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Definitely a different comparison to the city of Canterlot Cozy Glow always lived in. Boring and dull Canterlot. The buildings would tower above you but they all looked the same. Bland and tame with only plants and flowers to decorate the streets. Everything was made to be perfect and orderly. There were to be no mistakes or else your home had the possibility of getting torn down for being too anarchic. Yet Cozy could see what were in between them. Dark narrow alleys were formed in hidden places with each threatening to squeeze you out and leave you with nothing but the dry promise of riches and jewels. Here in the Crystal Empire meanwhile the city was different. The houses had movement and expression that were unique to each other. Real jewels lined the pavements and the walls in their own wondrous pattern. Even the darkest corners of this town shimmered and shined with the help of the lustrous crystal road just underhoof. There was nothing to hide here and there was nothing to fear. Cozy Glow really did feel like the moment she stepped out of the blizzard she had found a pony paradise...
Again, all the little pegasus could do was gawk.

Frosty couldn't help but laugh, "And this is just my daily walk to school! Are you alright there Cozy?"

The pegasus nodded in response, "Yeah huh. I'm fine. Just... starting to wish I visited my cousins more often now."

"You're part crystal pony?"

"Well... not exactly." Cozy shrugged in response, "I mean, I'm not shimmering like you are."

"Maybe you're just sad?" Frosty suggested.


"Maybe your pelt isn't all shiny or radiant because you're upset about something? If a crystal pony is dull in any way that means they're a bit depressed. If you ever see a crystal pony like that, it's always best to ask what's wrong. So... What's wrong?" Frosty tilted his head towards Cozy with a caring smile.

Cozy Glow seemed to pause at that which made Frosty come to a halt as well. She hesitated to answer but then let out a sigh and pointed a hoof at her clothed hip, "It's... My cutiemark. I don't know what it'll be and I don't know if I'll ever get one." She admitted with a sorrowful voice, "That's why I came here. You know, in hope that I'll be able to just figure it out somehow. In someway..."

Frosty walked up to the pegasus, sat down, and rested a hoof on her shoulder, "Hey. You'll find your cutiemark someday! And... even without it, you can still be yourself now! You can still be happy! Just look at me," He turned his body to gesture to his own blank flank, "I don't even have a cutiemark yet either but I'm still shining bright. I'll get it someday but for now I just want to focus on what I can do, who I spend my time with, and who I meet! It's... It's all about what you make of it, Cozy."

Cozy Glow considered the young colt for a moment before shaking her head, "Gee Frosty that's really nice but... it's not just that. My mother is convinced my talent will be something I'm not even interested in doing anymore. I want to be somepony else. Be my own pony! You know? So I just needed to be away from her and maybe... find my own destiny here?"

"Hm... I get that. You want to try more new things, right? And what better way to try to find your very own talent than visiting the Crystal Empire? Well how about this, if your family says no you can maybe have a sleep over with me for a couple of nights. If my parents are alright with it. Maybe together we could help each other out in finding our own talents? It'd be fun!"

"You mean... Like as friends?" Cozy asked with a raised brow.

Frosty nodded, "Yeah! Like as friends! Now come on! The crystal heart isn't going anywhere but the sooner we get to your family the sooner we can both start looking for our cutiemarks!"

"Alright. Yeah. Yeah! Lets go Frosty Quartz!"

"Right this way Cozy Glow!"

The two joyfully laughed as they headed deeper within the glowing crystallized city together.

There it was. The very literal heart of the Crystal Empire. It gleamed and sparkled with a welcoming atmosphere that surrounded it's love-filled home. It lured two young ponies to it with its promise of safety and protection. The both of them did not hesitate to approach and found their reflections staring back at them as they got closer.
Cozy Glow's smile glimmered back along with the shimmering material that made the heart. Magical and mythical yet real.
For being the most important crystal in the empire however it didn't reeally have that many guards around it...

The young colt spoke up and effectively interrupted that concerning thought, "They say if you look close enough you'll see your destiny. Your future." Frosty Quartz sighed as he took a couple steps closer.

"Really??" Cozy perked up at that. Maybe she will find what she's looking for! Maybe this heart is the answer!

The young colt nodded before turning his attention to the heart, "I haven't tried it yet. Would be nice to see it alongside a friend."

"Lets do it!" Cozy Glow hopped up besides Frosty and pulled him closer to the heart. She leaned in along with her new friend until... She saw it. She saw what her future was like.
There she was atop of it all. Her large wings were magnificently spread out behind her while her crown sat perched on her head along with a whole unicorn's horn. A long mystical horn that shined with brilliance and power that was now a part of her and her new grown form. She was an alicorn! There she was sitting on her throne surveying it all. She saw her subjects and how they respectively bowed. She saw her world surrounded by friends. Each pony down there she knew and each pony worshiped her. They adored her!
She was an empress... and it was perfect.
What Cozy Glow didn't notice in that vision however was how strained her friends were. She didn't notice how they forced a smile or how their backs ached from the continuous painstakingly long work they endured. She didn't notice the lack of magic among everypony or creature around her. All she noticed was her own power and her own magic! That's all Cozy could desire and that's all she saw in her future.
The filly pulled away with a beaming smile of pure thrill and excitement. She knew it! She knew she wasn't just some spa pony! She was much more... So much more.

Frosty Quartz followed after and hopped up on his hooves, "Haha! I became the new princess's personal royal guard! You should've seen me Cozy! I looked so cool and strong! A little duller than I'd like- but I was a soldier!"

At this, Cozy's grin just grew. Frosty was one of her first friends in the Crystal Empire. Does this mean he'll grow up to be her guard? To protect her?? That would be amazing! Though she really shouldn't brag. Isn't bragging the best way to lose your friends after all? Hah. It was still an amazing thought though. One she was going to have to build up to in due time.
"That's great Frosty! I'm afraid I didn't see much in my future but I think I might know what my talent could be! With your help I'm sure to find it now."

"That's great! But are you sure you didn't see anything? You look really happy right about now." Frosty chuckled as he turned to his friend.

"Ah... well- it's just so great I don't want to spoil it for you." Cozy giggled into her hoof.

"Aw come on Cozyyy!" Frosty begged, "Did you see me in it or something? Am I going to be there when you reach your destiny??"

"Well-" Cozy paused at that with eyes narrowing in thought. Now that she considered it... she didn't remember spotting Frosty in her guard. That didn't make sense. He would be there wouldn't he? "Oh- Yeah! Of course! I remember now. You were there, it was amazing! So you'll be able to see it later! I promise." The pink pegasus winked towards the white colt before turning to leave.

"Haha. Okay. I just find it unfair! I told you mine, why won't you tell me yours?"

The two foals walked off chatting and laughing together once again. As they made it to the crystal road a pair of royal sunset-colored eyes looked down at the little filly that stood out among the rest. Unbeknownst to the filly there was a tall figure watching over her; one who stood atop a balcony with her coat glimmering under the setting sun and her head held high above it all. With her connection to the crystal heart she had sensed the concerning disturbance that came from the pink pegasus that now caught her attention.
A small pegasus usually wouldn't be that worrying... but something about today definitely didn't feel right to Princess Amore. Even more so now after she had sensed another more darker presence approaching the empire. With a sigh, the unicorn turned and made her way back into her castle. Maybe it would do her good to visit the crystal heart tonight, especially since there was this feeling that itched at her. A feeling that maybe after tonight things will never be the same.

Cozy Glow wasn't sure how her uncle would react to her visit. He'd always expect a letter to come first before the pony themselves arrived but Cozy had sent no letter. There was no warning or plan to this; she just decided to come running up to their door in the hopes that they would let her stay for the night out of the kindness of their heart, if not more. She wasn't sure just how upset they'd be if they learned she ran away from home...
So, she stopped Frosty and let him in on her idea, "Hey so. If they ask, you're my pen pal that invited me over to the Crystal Empire, alright?"

"Huh? But we've never written to each other before..." Frosty murmured in confusion.

"I know I know but it's just... ugh... I forgot to write my uncle a note so I just need a good reason for that, okay? Like I was busy writing to somepony else! Soooo. Pen pals?" Cozy raised a hoof for the other to bump.

The crystal colt hesitated before a clack of agreement was heard, "Pen pals." He smiled while shaking the other's hoof before they both turned their attention back to the blue crystal home that Rubinstein resided in.

Rubinstein is a very busy crystal pony. He had a purple coat, blue eyes, a light blue mane, and a crenelated tower cutiemark that signified his talent in defense and military. Though he didn't do the fighting himself he did help out in hiring recruits and scheduling each soldier's training. He's related on Cozy's father's side. Not entirely sure where exactly since her father was a pegasus, not a crystal pony himself, but she regularly called him Uncle Rubin. However she never really visited the Crystal Empire. This was her very first time here... Suffice to say her uncle was definitely perplexed to see his little niece Cozy Glow knocking at his front door with a wide, expectant smile.
"Cozy..?" He blinked in astonishment.

"Hi Uncle Rubin... Hah. Surprised to see me? Um- I was going to send you a letter but I was just so excited to be here! See this pony? His name his Frosty Quartz! Me and him are pen pals!" She gestured to the colt next to her who gave an awkward, uncomfortable wave of his hoof.

"Pen pals? When did you two meet?" Rubinstein raised an unconvinced brow.

"Oh we met a while ago..." Frosty chuckled nervously.

"Yeah! In Canterlot! His mom visited our spa so... I got to meet him there! Anyways uh... I was going to ask if I could spend a few nights here in the letter but I just got so excited that I-"

"Cozy. If you want me to believe any of this you're going to have to be a better liar than that." The stallion shook his head in disappointment before stepping aside to allow the little pegasus in, "Come on. I'm not going to be leaving you out in the dark like this but I am going to be sending a letter to your mother first thing in the morning."

"But- But Uncle Rubin..." Cozy's wings drooped.

"No buts. Now say goodbye to your friend." Her uncle gestured to her small colt.

"... Okay. Bye Frosty. It was nice meeting you." Cozy bowed her head apologetically in the white colt's direction.

Frosty's pelt became less shiny in that moment, "Aw... It was nice meeting you too Cozy. Can I still meet with her tomorrow? We both want to look for our cutiemarks together! And we have some ideas... Please Rubinstein?? Please please please please pleaaaaaase?" The young colt begged with wide puppy-dog eyes.

Rubinstein looked unnerved for a second before letting out a defeated sigh, "Well. I don't see the harm in that. But when it's time for you to go back home," He pointedly huffed towards Cozy, "You're going home. Got it?"

"Yes Uncle Rubin..." Cozy sighed.

"Okay. Good. Thank you for keeping Cozy company, Quartz. We'll be seeing you tomorrow."

"Okay! Great!" The young colt's pelt flashed brightly for a moment, "I'll see you later Cozy!" He waved before trotting away.

"Bye!" The pink pegasus waved with her wing before heading into Rubinstein's home with the feeling of failure and disappointment weighing down on her.

His home looked like any other except made out of the same crystal material you can see outside of his house. The first area she was met with as she entered was a kitchen and a dining room merged together into one with the living room off to the side behind another crystal wall. With a curious peek into the living room Cozy could spot a piano just placed in the corner with a decorative blue flower piece hanging off of it. Most rooms were lit either with candles or with bright stones that illuminated beautiful iridescent lights.
Rubinstein closed the door behind the filly and let out a frustrated sigh, "Cozy. What are you doing all the way out here? And be honest." He headed up to his pantry to see what he could make for his niece.

Cozy Glow fluttered up onto a chair nearby and set her saddlebags down onto the table, "Well... Uh... Me and mom had an argument." Her ears drooped, "She wants me to be something I'm not... So I wanted to just get away from her a while is all."

"So you took a train and walked through miles of ice cold snow just to get away from your mother? Cozy that was very dangerous!" His hoof stomped against the floor, "You could've gotten hurt doing that! Or lost! But out of all places why the Crystal Empire? There were other cities and towns closer to Canterlot that had family... and you don't usually come up here regularly."
Rubinstein placed a pot of water over a cooker and began grabbing pre-chopped ingredients from a basket.

"Um... Because..."

"Oh wait. I know why. You want to know why I know? Because I work in the Empire's military, Cozy." He huffed with this matter-of-fact statement, "Your father is currently surveying the Crystal Empire under Princess Celestia's and Princess Amore's orders. So what do you do? You go out and try to find him, right?"
The crystal stallion dropped the ingredients into the pot and began to stir with the spoon in his mouth.

"... Right." Cozy quietly responded back as she kept her eyes glued to the now very interesting floor.

He plucked up the wooden spoon with his hoof, "And you're trying to find him because you think he has all the answers to your cutiemark problems, don't you?"

"Well- not all the answers exactly..."

"But you were still hoping he'd lead you in the right direction," After Rubinstein was done with the stew he easily poured it into a bowl and placed it on the table in front of his niece, "Right?"

Cozy looked down at her stew and gave an embarrassed nod.

"Hmph. Again, if you want to start tricking me Cozy, you're going to have to get better at lying." Her uncle turned and headed up the stairway, "I have work to do in my study so don't bother me, okay? Your cousin is at her friend's house so you can borrow her room for the night. It's the second door to the left. We'll talk more in the morning."

"Okay. Sorry for all this Uncle Rubin..." Cozy called out, "And thank you for the food!"

A grunt was all Cozy got in response before the stallion locked himself in his study for the rest of the night. The little pegasus let out a sigh and looked back down at her stew in thought. Maybe this plan was a bit premature... She didn't really have a lot of time, honestly, it was more last second than anything. At least now she knows that whenever she wants to run away she won't go asking for Rubinstein's help. The only good news of today was that she still got something out of this journey at least. She saw her destiny and met a new friend! Maybe she could work with this. Even if she has to go back to that spa she could still find someway to gain her power. There has to be other ways after all, right?
As she sipped at her stew with her eager thoughts planning her next course of action she spotted movement at the window nearby. The filly shook her head awake and decided to have a look. What she saw made her freeze up in surprise.
A dark figure with a cloak was now walking down the street.
She blinked in disbelief and furiously rubbed her tired eyes before looking once again. Nothing. Nopony was there. No dark stranger or any crystal ponies out for a late night stroll. Nope, it was just her and her stew.
Cozy Glow considered the half-eaten stew for a moment before gulping down the rest and tossing the bowl away with the rest of the dirty dishes. She hurried off to her cousin's room and tried not to think about what she just saw. Why did that dark stranger give her the creeps? Was he real or just a part of her imagination? Was he... perhaps... the reason her father was here?
And if that dark stranger was real and now walking the streets of the Crystal Empire... That means he can get in. That means he already has gotten in.
And that means Cozy Glow was definitely going to have nightmares tonight.

There were a lot of things the crystal heart knew. It could glance into a pony's soul and it can see the truth within. It can see possibilities! It can see what might be the best or the worst possible route a pony could take in their life of unlimited choices. Many ponies have fought for the crystal heart. The crystal heart could mend and it could cause dispute. Lives have been lost and families have been broken just so they could gain that peace and harmony they so desperately desired for their land. With the crystal heart's help evil foes can be chased away as creatures of the dark find themselves unable to even come close to such a raw power. With this protection however enemies have been made. Enemies that have been banished and locked away.
Enemies that now seek vengeance.

With one swipe the unprotected crystal heart was taken into a worn leather pouch. The cloaked figure didn't have time to gander at his prize before Princess Amore decided to make her presence known.

A crystal heart could create wars and end them. A crystal heart could heal and injure. A crystal heart...
A crystal heart could show you your future.

One slip up was all it took for the cloaked figure to find Princess Amore deserving of a crystallized fate.

Unable to sleep, Cozy Glow had decided to hover around her cousin's room. It was spacious enough to get some practice with her wings in so she found herself hopping up from the bookshelf to the desk nearby. She tried her best to stay silent as possible for her uncle next door but still managed to knock down a trophy off to the side. It landed with a thud on the ground.

"Cozy!" Uncle Rubin's muffled voice could be heard down the hall.

"Uh- Sorry Uncle Rubin! Just getting ready for bed!" Cozy Glow insisted before pushing herself over to the window sill. She allowed herself to sit down and take in the cool night air that blew through her window. With closed eyes she let out a relaxed sigh... Ah. She would've loved to stay here a bit longer. Heck, maybe even live here! Instead however, she was stuck as a useless spa pony with a one-way trip to Canterlot. How dull.
The young pegasus opened her eyes to stare up at the stars up above. They sparkled and twinkled in greeting to the little filly perched on the window sill. How peaceful... She definitely would rather prefer this as her home.
That was- until she saw dark little stones dash by her vision. Cozy jumped in surprise and watched as these pieces of crystal disappeared into the sky and vanished out of sight. Did they join the stars? What happened? What was that?
After a while she heard the rapid hoofsteps of a pony dashing by. The young pegasus watched as this dull purple and light blue crystal mare sped through the streets of the Crystal Empire and away from the castle.
She looked really scared and frightened. What happened that could've caused something like that? Cozy Glow sat up and turned her attention over to the castle. That was when she saw it again.
Green glowing eyes.

"U-Uncle Rubin?" Cozy stammered out quietly at first.

Suddenly, the stranger's horn lit up in the darkness and the once luminous crystal castle transformed into a darker and duller fortress from the bottom all the way to the top. Guards were alerted but this pony had dashed away into the safety of shadows. His monstrous form gathered up into the sky with nothing but his eyes visible in the chaos. Dark pillars of black crystal began to rise from the ground causing screams and shouts to ring out in the now broken homes they punctured. This was the night it all started. The very night where nopony could ever forget the laugh that shook the empire.

"Uncle Rubin!!"

Uncle Rubinstein slammed Cozy Glow's door open and rushed up to the sill. He gave one glance to the disastrous sight before plucking up little Cozy in his hooves and abruptly shutting the window closed. He took the little pegasus elsewhere within the home. With her on his back he hurried down the steps and came to a halt by the pantry, "Hide in there for now. I'll come back for you later." He insisted while dropping her off.

"What? Where are you going??"

"I need to get your cousin and make sure she's safe. You'll wait for us here won't you Cozy?"

A loud rumbling shook the home making Cozy clutch the nearest shelf she could find. "Uh huh." The pegasus hurriedly nodded.

"Okay. Don't open that door for anypony." Then just like that Rubinstein had ran off. The front door slammed shut behind him as he headed out into the fearsome and dangerous night in order to find his daughter amidst the now hostile city.

Another rumble shook the house making a jar of cinnamon sticks shatter along the crystal kitchen tile floor. Cozy Glow yelped and slammed the pantry door shut before making her way to the darkest corner she could find. Each time the world shook something from the pantry threatened to fall. Luckily the little pegasus seemed relatively out of range of these items with the help of this shelf she cowered under. Still, doesn't make it any less terrifying.
The night wore on like this. She shuddered in the dark and waited. She waited for her family, for it all to stop, and for everything to be peaceful again. As she remained in her hiding spot another boom would resonate outside or another muffled laugh would manage to cackle its way to her. Was this a nightmare? Or was she living in one right now? Maybe she can wake herself up... unless this is all real. As real as the crystal heart, the castle, or the raging snowstorms she walked through.
If only she had a plan then maybe she could help. Instead however she was cowering in a food closet waiting for the war outside to be over and for Uncle Rubin to tell her what to do.
She tried to occupy herself with distracting thoughts. The pegasus imagined "What if?" situations where she stayed home with her mother where they didn't argue but instead agreed. How would that have gone? Where would she be now if she didn't decide to make this journey?
She'd be home. Asleep. In her bed. Not stressed or worried. She'd be blissful and ignorant of what was happening to her family in the Crystal Empire.

Instead she was here witnessing everything first hoof. Her eyes drooped and her exhaustion got the best of her as this horrible night continued to rage on. Instead of a soft bed in Canterlot she was in an uncomfortable position dozing off in a pantry in the Crystal Empire. Waiting and waiting...

for nothing.

Author's Note:

I think this is just my excuse to write more Cozy Glow and King Sombra.

BUT TO BE HONEST! How SCREWED UP would it be if you were just a kid, blinked, and suddenly found yourself 1000 years in the future where your parents and friends are dead? Yeah, that would screw me up a lot. I'd probably become power hungry and evil to gain a sense of control of the world too not gonna lie.

I also thought that since a lot of people say some crystal ponies have a similar cutiemark as Cozy Glow it would be really cool if she was actually related to crystal ponies! Of course her and King Sombra don't have history in the show but HEY! ITS FANFICTION! I do what I WANT!

And what I'm doing is FAN-MADE COZY GLOW BACKSTORY! Because we did not get enough of that juicy backstory!

So yeah I plan for this to be dark because of death. Is teen a good rating? It's not going to have gore just... really sad elements. Oh and war. If I should change the rating let me know. Hope you guys like it so far though, definitely plan to make more. Oh and this story isn't going to be connected to any of my other Cozy Glow stories it's more like a "What if this is her backstory" kinda situation.

Hope you liked it! More chapters will be put up when I can get there!