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Old time brony who really loves Crossover fics. Twilight is my waifu, and I'm not ashamed of it.



The student six are trying to enter Twilight's School for Dueling and Friendship, once they are in they learn about dueling and the importance of friendship and how the two are essential to each other. They also go on fun adventures together and end up dueling some interesting creatures. They will soon discover a deck so powerful, that it threathens the entire world. Basic rules of Yugioh (no link, or pendulums, and 4000 life points)

Character's deck
Sandbar: Gaia/Black Luster Soldier
Ocellus: Insects
Smolder: Red Eyes
Gallus: Blackwing
Yona: Gladiator Beasts
Silverstream: Legendary Ocean

Chapters (27)
Comments ( 94 )

Going to read this soon.
But if I may ask, is Spike a duelist too?

I didn't have plans to include him yet, since I was already juggling some characters. Same with Starlight, she was an afterthought and wasn't to relevent to the story, but I do plan on including him in the sequel as I have great ideas for him

Yes he is, but he is not present in this story, He will appear in the sequel though.

Why wasn't he in the first story at all?
Doesn't make much sense for him to be absent since all of Twilight's friends were working at the school in show.

It really boils down to relevance, I already had a lot of characters to deal with and I didn't have a sub plot that absolutely required his pressence. It was a similair situation with Starlight, I only had her for only two chapters and that was it, and it was really because she was plot relevant, then when she wasn't I barely mentioned her afterwards. I felt like I was already squeezing to many characters in and then on top of that say, "Oh Yeah Spike was there" when I felt it was assumed he already kinda was

It just hurts that he wasn't relevant at all and was essentially missing..

I'm sorry that's how you feel. just wait till the next one and he'll be there, Pinkie doesn't even get a speaking roll because my focus was on the student six. I wanted this to be a story on the students, not the mane six or even spike.

He still got shafted though..

I know he will show up in the next story but what about the issue on how he was just missing in the first story and missed out on what happened?

It will be explained.

"You 6 have a lot to learn, duel monsters is not just a game, at least not to us. As you know, we six are the bearers of the Elements of Harmony, these elements bind us close to the realm of duel monster. This realm is where all duel monsters reside." Says Twilight. "You mean, these monsters are real?" Asked Silverstream, to which Twilight nods at her. "Yes, they are real. Only those with a connection to this realm can see them and they usually have a guardian or duel spirit that they have the closest connection to. Since you can now see them too, that means you have somehow gained a connection, How is that?" "May I make a suggestion?" Says Twilight's monster from behind her. Twilight looks at her and nods. "Of course, Empress of Prophecy." "I feel a very strong connection to this six, the same I feel with your friends. I believe they may be the chosen ones you may be looking for." Says Empress of Prophecy. "If that is true." Says Twilight turning her head to face the student six. "Then you are the next generation of element bearers, and the new protectors of our world, and the realm of Duel Monsters."

Does Spike has this ability too or is he sadly excluded.?

That is a question I do not want to answer at the moment as It will be a spoiler for what I have planned.

I've managed to read this fully.
It was a pretty good story(some dueling errors though) and I love YGO/MLP stuff.

Still hurst that Spike was just missing and not relevant to show up despite he is important to the school too..

I just hope he's not excluded from the chosen one powers/stuff.

Hurts he was excluded from the Mane 6's bond since while the girls each had a key to the Dragon Ruler's deck, there wasn't one for Spike. Like he wasn't part of the girls bond to be part of being entrusted with protecting the Dragon Rulers deck.

I am glad you enjoyed it. And for me it makes sense he wouldn't have a key to the vault since he isnt an element. Even in the E2S2 of mlp, when he was given an element, it didn't even power up. So for him not to have the ability to open the vault makes sense since its implied it can only be open by magic. And I will drop one hint for the next story, Spike will not have the ability to see duel monster spirits.......at first.

Its still bad he was excluded though.
(Also in the season 9 finale he was included in the rainbow laser. And also how he had his own throne in the map room. So He IS a bearer, Sadly the show writers didn't touch on/explain much on Spike's connection to the Elements/Harmony).

So he doesn't have that same connection to the Duel Monster Spirit World that the Mane 6 do.?

Like I said, If I reveal more, it's gonna spoil it. so I don't want to get into that question right now.

That applies to both things I said in the previous comment?

Its still just feels wrong that Spike didn't get entrusted with protecting the Dragon Rulers deck with the Mane 6. Like he got excluded from the Mane 6's bond hard..

Sorry if I am bothersome about Spike lately..

You're fine. To me it felt forced to have him be apart of it as well since technically he isn't an element bearer and only at the very end of the series does his bond play a role, when this story is set around the beggining of Season 8. But Like I said, I had more plans for him in the second story that will play a large part of the plot in the second fic. And like most mlp/yugioh fics, I wanted this to focus around the Student six more, like how Yugioh GX passes the torch from Yugi, to Jaden. The Student Six was my main focus in this story. Now the second will also mostly be about the students, But the Mane six and Spike will play larger roles. I don't feel comfortable about releasing too much info about it because I feel the second one is going to much better than this one.

Its still a problem on how he was excluded from the Mane 6' bond like that by not being part of being entrusted with protecting the Dragon Rulers deck. Would that issue be addressed too?
Even if he was only included in the rainbow laser in the end of the show, the fact still remains that he is connected to the Elements. Its that sadly the show writers kept shafting him and such, not touching much on how he is part of the Mane 6's bond too.
I am grateful he was finally proven to be connected to the Elements too, but I wished they did it sooner and touch on it more and why is he part of the rainbow laser now.

If the Mane 6 are now passing the torch the Student 6, what about Spike?
He didn't get to save the day as much as the Mane 6(and as part of the Elements since the show only had him be in it so late and neglect to touch on it earlier) so he is honestly getting shafted since his "days" is ending up over before it get to shine much due to the torch being passed to the new generation.

Sorry if I keep asking these questions but just I felt wanting to point them out and such instead of bottling it up..

Like I said, You're good fam. And What you are describing is the core of what plot involving him is going to be based around. I have big plans for him in the second one. Not only was he not to relevant in the first fic, his relelvance is whats gonna drive his sub plot. I'm doing most of it for a reason.

Him not awknowledging himself not being excluded from the elements will be included and the core to his sub plot. But I will not be passing the torch to him though. I still strictly want this to be about the student six, but he will just be playing a larger role in the fic

So that part will be solved and the issue about how he wasn't part of the entrusted(Mane 6) in protecting the dragon rulers deck be solved too?

The other issue was he didn't get to be a hero much(in terms of the Elements) as the Mane 6 and said days for him would be cut short since the torch had to pass to the newer generation. That's the issue.
Will anything be done about that.?

On all 3 questions?

Sometimes I take a bit to reply due to nervousness and such..

I wonder how strong is Spike's deck?

I wonder how the sequel is going?

Can't wait for the sequel

That...is a fantastic opening. Good pairings to work against the types of the six's personalities, putting the abrasive against the goes with the flow, the strong against the tough, and the outgoing bubble against the introvert. Excellent work on the design of their decks too, taking into account how each one specifically works, and how their personalities translate into their styles of dueling, while still allowing them to show they do have their own tricks. Well paced, no down time in between duels, and the duels themselves are over in a few turns, so no drawn out bits where we're forced to listen to them consider their hands for long, instead just playing through each one. Excellent stuff.

Okay, a good setup and payoff here, and a good thing to show that Gallus especially has a lot to learn, as his style is shown to be the same and Yona's, bigger is better, in the beginning against this Not-'The Chazz' his deck and strategy are a detriment, as he uses his cards to protect a single strong point of power for his own strategy, which allows him to keep going after hits that would end duels otherwise. Mind, it's an inflexible strategy, as shown by how Sandbar gets around it, even using what he does as an advantage within the duel itself, adapting to his opponent's obvious build. Again, well paced, you kept the duel going, and didn't linger on any one turn, nor did the whole monologuing on each draw or card.

A cute chapter, and given Equestria's magic...well zombies, ghosts, and ghouls might really happen...to be fair Yugioh's world might have them too. Along with alternate dimensions...which Equestria also has...and there's a set of magical relics that can seal people away or strip them of their souls...Equestria has a Tree though, so it's completely different.

Regardless, another neat chapter, showing Gallus is improving his strategies, which is nice to see as he was our first not quite as good. I do like that while the antagonists have definite yugioh counterparts, the Student Six are more just themselves, with themed decks. Also, some good use of the duel to show how the six are growing, as I said, it was nice to see Gallus getting better, but each one also has a different reaction to something that is, in fact, actually frightening, which fits their personalities, but as Gallus grows more confident, so do they, in different ways...and they're not stupid enough to go for round two.

Hmm, a bit quicker feeling than the others, probably because this was an actual student, but the duel itself was longer in terms of design and setup. Also, was expecting her to be a cheater by the end, though given luck is an actual force in Equestria, it does make sense it favors some over others, until they've used it all up. I remember the gambler in GX was using the idea of having multiple stabs at every roll so he never had to accept a loss, here it makes more sense to just trust your own luck. Also, cute name, very direct, weird she only used one Roulette themed card, the Spider, however, as I think there's more, but I would guess her deck was a full on reference to the one she was themed after. Good stuff regardless, and again, showing growth, and Xyz summoning being introduced. Will we get Pendulum next? Hopefully no action cards, that was a bad idea, both in show and the game. Or 'Destiny Draw'. Seriously, I don't care if it costs 'soul' generating NEW cards to draw is cheating! And the fact that only the hero could do it for most of the series is just stupid.

I have...question. I mean, they're question about the series too. Why can't you just play the card game itself? Like, you HAVE the cards, the holograms and stuff are just there to enhance the experience...that said they are magic holograms, so maybe the cards here need them to be played correctly...that would actually make this an interesting world, and I do love that idea.

Second, why IS there a restricted section that obviously contains tomes and magical comics that is accessible to the public? Like...why would you tempt people like that Twilight?! I know it's so we get a story, and hell, I can think of a few reasons, like say she wants them close, but has to many to keep in a personal storage, or perhaps the library has some spells on it to specifically preserve books, and its hard to cast so she keeps them there for the sake of not having to cast it again...but then you hide that stuff behind another bookshelf or something, you don't have it displayed for all to see.

Also, I do love Ocellus...both as a character and her deck. It's my archetype when I played You use cards as groups and stacks, instead of as individual monsters. Each one has effects to empower others, creating a swarm like feel to the play style. Hate bugs, but filling all five monster zones with them, and then using them to overwhelm my opponent. That's how you play the game. Especially since, if it's diversified enough, you don't have to worry about draw order as much as with other deck strategies.

Now that is an interesting exam...that said I was always curious how you score the Duels themselves. Is it based off the remaining life points, the number of turns? Obviously it's not a pass/fail as even the losers were said to get some points from it, as the Zero 'Not-Chazz' got here was obviously not the score he was supposed to get. Even the show, which did this same thing, though Chazz there had Crowler helping him rather than just cheating himself, never explained the scoring system, though Jaden refused the advancement...plus if it wasn't an insert for the dub, he scored almost 0 on the written once that was brought into it.

BTW...is Celestia Kaiba in this setting. Like, Twilight is the one running the school, but Celestia is the national level ruler, and that guys basically owns the cities in Japanifornia enough to turn them into duel areas...and that would make Luna Mokuba.

Anyway, a good setup, and nice to see a bit more balance here, as we're getting something for all the Six, unlike the GX that influenced this setting, where I think we saw Syrus and...panda guy have like, 3 duels each over the course of it.

So...derpy is the dueling monkey?...that remains the strangest episode of GX, and yes I'm including the alternate dimensions and the 'hot sauce' duel. Regardless...Seto Neighba? Seriously...I have no idea how to feel about that. Still, an interesting bit, and it does seem to automate the game, which is a fun enough thing for some people, but really, in that case it would just be two computers dueling each other. I mean, if one of the computers were Ai at least you'd get some fun ranting out of it.

Anyway, good duel, nice to see a comeback like that, and that Derpy wasn't too bummed she lost. Always a shame to see something like that. It's why I avoid a certain sidequest in Nexomon: Extinction, even if he was just being a grumpy ghost. Thinking he could take me on with his low level thing. Still, good duel, and nice use of the episodic structure this ones going for to introduce elements that the world needs, without going into exposition dump mode.

Hmm....I'll admit, not sure how to feel about this one. She's an excellent choice to turn into an antagonist in this series, mind, it's just...well, it's everything to do with the character herself. Interesting that she STARTS in Ra Yellow though. Shows she does have some skills, but not ALL the skills to win this. Will make it interesting to see how this works going forward, and nice to show that the Student Six won't win them all, though it probably would have been best to use someone who hasn't lost already, like Smolder or Sandbar, for this one, as we've seen Gallus lose several times, it makes him feel like the whipping boy of the group. That said, it's not a big knock, and I do love the interactions.

Hi there, first off, Thanks for giving my story a try! Thank you for your feedback, both positive and negative is appreciated as it will help me with future addtions to this world i'm trying to build. With all honesty desiging the decks was the hardest part. Gallus, Smolder, and Yona was an obvious choice with what decks I wanted to give them, but Ocellus, Silverstream, and Sandbar was a bit challeneging. I was debating what kind of deck Silver would use. My first choice for her was a winged beast deck, but I didn't want it to be similar to Gallus so I went with water since she is also a seapony. Ocellus HAD to have an insect deck, but from the shows, insects have been portrayed as evil and ugly, so I went with bugs that were cute. and Sandbar was legit a toss in the air. He seems like a warrior type duelist and I went with black luster soldier since it was a deck I am most familiar with. Once again, thanks for the feedback

Glad you liked this chapter. As seen in most in GX eveyone focuses on one monster, and specifically one strategy revolving around that card. Jaden Is always switching up his strategies to get around his opponent which was what I was trying to replicate here. Also I hate how each turn can be 5 minutes long with each player going through an inner monolog. Some is good, but I really like to watch the game the most. Relieved that I'm not the only one who thinks that

Just like with "Not-Chazz" Brisk Bronco :rainbowlaugh: I wanted to emphazise a school setting were there are more than just the six attending, so I threw in some OC's to drive the stories a bit further. I did make a big deal out of Xyz and I hate to disappoint, Link and Pendulums are not in this fic, but in future addition I plan on adding them for a very specific plot point. Also I am More chill to just regular dueling. bs moves like heart of the cards, destiny draw, just seems to niche nowadays. I really wanted a chill vibe with these chapters.

yeah, I don't explain it very well, but the duel disks the students use use both magic and technology to make their holograms. Just for plot convience.

Second, I do take a lot of liberties here lol, I loved the power ponies episode, And I wanted to use it for a plot. Since the origional Library was blown up, Twilight needed the extra space for her books. I didn't explain it, but that was my thinking, since this takes place after Twilight's fight with Tirek. I know the Castle has it's own Library, but I also drew in some inspiration from Harry Potter. The first movie, Hogwarts has a restricted section and that seemed like it made sense to me.

The scoring is based off of performance. If you win, but your opponent has dealt a decent amount of damage to your life points to where it could have been anyone's game, then both pass, one just gets a higher grade for actually winning. Not dealing any damage to your opponent is not a very good look for you, which could cause you to get a below average score. Since "Not-Chazz" Cheated, it gave him an automatic Zero.

I'm invisioning Celestia as Maximillion Pegasus actually. She helps with the games developement mostly which is explained later on in the story. Luna, I have no Idea at this point, I will flesh her out when I need to.

And Yeah, I always found it annoying that Jaden, Yugi, and Yusei always being the ones dueling when they all have friends that can also duel. Maybe yugi not so much since Joey dueled a lot too, but not as much as Yugi. I want all six to participate in the story telling

Yeah, I agree the dueling monkey episode was weird, but it was interesting to say the least, which is why I decided to draw some inspiration from it. and Yeah... the name is goofy, But some goofy humor isn't bad right? :twilightblush: Arnold Schwarzenegger Amber Mamoth, Christopher Walken Don Zaloog, Schamden Schmooki all live in my head rent free and were some of the things that added charm into GX and I wanted to try and replicate it with that silly name.

Gallus is a little fun to poke and prod a bit since he is such a drama queen, but I don't plan on making him the butt of the joke in every scenario. And Cozy's deck choise was actually planned out by me. I took her cutie mark and her personality into consideration. With her cutiemark being the Rook, i took that as she is a great strategist. Nurse burn is a deck that requires a lot of planning to butn your opponent for their lifepoints without attacking them most of the time. It's also really sisnister in a way as on the surface it doens't seem to threatening with it's low monster count and easy-to-beat-over monsters, but when it works, it hits you hard. I thought. And yeah, I think it's obvious from the show, that she'll end up as an antagonist so I didn't try to hide it.

I will make more comments later, but my first thought on Celestia being Pegasus from Yugioh means that Luna is...

Luna: Attention Duelest! My sparkly hair is telling me that it's time to test your Dueling skills!

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: never thought of that

Okay, a good way to setup the Deck Master bit, without going the child's brain in a computer...who makes cenobite dogs...I don't think they ever explain why Noah did that to the dog...like I can get making it cuter or something, but not the gimp mask. That was creepy, and probably a sign of something.

Anyway, back to this story. Interesting to see you're giving the teachers actual courses that fit them, rather than just keeping it in a general 'teaching' category. That, and it's nice to tie the game directly into the Destiny and Harmony magic that exists within the world. Curious if there's any locked away souls or something inside magical puzzle boxes. I mean, that would have been what Twilight and the Gang went through...Rainbow Dash is Joey.

That said, I do like that this is a unique plot to this one. You can see the references to episodes of Yugioh in all of the previous chapters, but this one is one more in line with the MLP side of things, and will lead into an arc that works within the confines of it. Curious to see if you juggle the duels, or do one at a time. The former can get confusing, but the latter can drag a plot.

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