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In the aftermath of Cozy Glow's defeat, all seems well in Ponyville. But then the shocking news is given that the line from Ponyville to Canterlot is to be closed. The Young 6 will not have this, and make a bid to save the line and run it themselves. But local opposition, sabotage, and crime will push their friendships with each other to the very limit.

Based on the Ealing Classic, 'the Titfield Thunderbolt'. Takes place between seasons 8 and 9, and was written before 'She's all Yak' aired.

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Y'know, I've been tossing out the idea of a Titfield homage for months now, but it looks like you've beaten me to it! I look forward to seeing where this will go.

Ah,, when they said they wanted to keep that track open, they werent Lion.

This has the chance to be a real comedy of errors.

I mean, loving the movie? Spoliers? Spoilers? I got more spoilers than the Crystal Empire Express. :twilightoops:

Cant wait for its successor.

ZapApple Galore. :eeyup:

Is it me, or was there news last week about them using this new idea of adding sand boxes and distribution pipes to spread sand before the wheels on the diesels and electrics to get traction through falling leaves? I wonder if they grabbed the first units off steam engines etc.

Leaves on the line, our national joke.


Ah,, when they said they wanted to keep that track open, they werent Lion.

That is a terrible pun.

I hope you enjoy it. Please do spread the word!

Remind me, which episode does the Crystal Empire Express appear in?


I think Season 4, Episode 11 according to one link.

Theres This listed as well.

Crystal Empire Express Parents

Or just the Train.

Crystal Empire Express Means Business

Thanks. Another one will be going up today.

"track"ing, sorry bad pun! but couldn't resist. BTW you forgot the wrong type of snow from a few years back! :rainbowlaugh:

The wrong type of snow? Whatever do you mean?

it just excuse network rail used (here in the uk) some time back, because there snow plows couldn't remove the snow off the lines one year.

sorry for any confusion this wasn't my intention.

I remember that. "Stupid thing!" said Percy.

Now, wheres that article I saw that gave a simple graph of the differences in moving people around, and although buses were better than cars, they wernt as good as walking, in a city, but Strangely, even in a city, the train, as in mass transit rail beat even walking for volume distance in time?

Classic method though, create an argument using a false front third party so the slap down is asymetric.

Trams over buses any day. I'm afraid I don't understand your last comment though.

Classic method though, create an argument using a false front third party so the slap down is asymetric.

You wouldn't mind clarifying this statement?


Um, not very good at describing things, but I think it goes something like.

Two entities have an argument, the best result is a compromise.

If one of the entities creates a fake entity for the purpose of the argument though, then that entity can be used to provoke and rile the other entity because theres nothing for it to compromise on, and the entity creating it can then use the escalating argument to demonstrate why its opponant is incoherent, incapable or whatever asymetric argument required to get them out of the way?

Sorry, just a lot easier making a Patrician class AI than trying to work out what it actually does. :pinkiesad2:

Sort of how here Upper Crust was trying to show the Young 6 as being unable to run a railway by going off on random tangents?

Trouble is with Road Rollers, is last time I checked, they were a lot heavier than a thatched wood frame cottage, so a lot harder to drag?

Also, pity they couldnt just hitch up a pegasus and flight magic it out. Young Hippogriffs dont have the flight haul capability the same?

Fly the chariot out, you mean?


Needs more research. Im pretty sure Ive seen pegasi take a rolling lift as in following a ramp, but with capable enough should have a shorter roll until its effectively S/VTO?

Derpys wagon, with the piano, anvil etc wouldve been a couple ton overall? Where Twilight was trying to work out how Pinkie? :pinkiegasp:

I see. As ever, fascinating.

Well that was indeed a god way to start off their first journey and adding: "Try Everything" was a genius move! And the way you use a cliffhanger in here was a nice tip to the iceberg.

I was watching a video on the Titfield Thunderbolt and the song simply came to mind. I thought a nod to Sam Weech singing 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' was in order.

Totally makes sense to me.
And I see Gallus catching rabbit is a shout out to Dan getting that rabbit in the movie, now I have to wonder what Gallus will catch the next day, a pheasant perhaps?
But then again, I don't see how he could, since there are no guns in Equestria, let alone, I don't think they would give one to a young Griffon

He doesn't need to. There's a key advantage to using claws over firearms; they never need reloading.

Very true, he is a Griffon afterall.
But now I'm starting to wonder what Mount Eris' railway was like. Maybe like t he Culdee Fell railway perhaps?

Given how steep the mountain is, that seems plausible. Or maybe a rope hauled line like the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway in Tennessee?

Yeah, maybe that was for the steeper parts of the mountain

I may write a story about it someday...

I like what you do with the songs, especially with the "Try Everything" one.

That would be interesting to read, and maybe for that one, You could have Skystar and Silverstream's brother be some of the main cast for that one.

I added the music to try and get the feel of the scene across. Plus, that song was a perfect match.

I'll definitely consider it.

My mistake. I thought given the movie, that Sugar Belle was the one with the roller. Unless Cosy is being written up a slightly different way.

Not entirely sure how you thought that, but OK.

Karabast, Cozy is being a real pain in the flank! I hope someone throws the book at her!

Yeah, but Harry was more honorable than Cozy Glow is.

He refuses to accept money, and fights fairly in the duel, I'll give you that.

Black with Red and White Stripes?

Theyre gonna need a bigger Moustache.

Could be worse, they could end up going down that line like a Rocket. :moustache:

I'll include a full list of locos and rolling stock in the credits, along with video footage where appropriate.

Wasnt sure which way you were going with the steam roller, probably because I was thinking too much of the movie, and I find it intresting that the definition of the speed limit is that of one which may be reached but only exactly? Given the overall time and average speed, someone better recheck the timetable, as all the included stop times were taken up with the pushback, but they were that late, to get there on time was the old main speed average of 30 mph and it was missed in the exitement?

Just realised a horrible pun. Having the sales carriage on the train is sort of like the ancient pheonetian ship traders? Call it the Argos? :derpytongue2:

Puns, because comedy? And because Im really bad at it? :trixieshiftright:

Maximum speed allowed under a Light Rail Order is 25MPH.

I most certainly enjoyed this story! I look forward to your next stories in time!

You won't have to wait long.

Nice to see the story complete, simple story lines make a change from mega counts, but each style has its place.

I can only think of a couple more, which given Thomas wouldnt be in the same style. Main one being The Great St Trinians Train Robbery, and the other one only half being based on trains?

Passport to Pimlico? Or given the rumblings of secesion for Twilight. Passport to Ponyville? But they only have an Underground station?

Course, if you went for Steam Foden Road vehicles, youd end up with One Of Our Dragons Is Missing?:twilightoops:

Passport to Ponyville? That's an amazing idea.

He never finished his sentence. The Changeling knocked him over, and both of them locked in a passionate embrace and kiss.



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