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This story is a sequel to That's what Friends are For

Following their rather unusual bonding experience under the school, the Young Six are stronger than ever. Join these six unlikely friends on their wild and wacky adventures, as they discover friendship, magic, and love.

An Alternate Universe take on the end of Season 8 and most of Season 9, as well as some stuff afterwards. Requested by SuperSonicHeroes, and written to mark the 10th anniversary of MLP.


The cover art was drawn by AlexBlueBird over on DeviantArt. Check them out!


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written to mark the 10th anniversary of MLP.

Which generation?

Love the picture. I'll put this on my read later list

Huh very interesting so the young six Basically kind of went to our World ( aka equestria girls ) But they visit Scotland I never been to Scotland before But it looks like the people got used to creatures coming back and forward between our World and equestria ok thats cool So I wonder how were their trip gos Can't wait to see how this will work

"We all did that module on Dragon history, remember?" Gallus pointed out. "Admittedly, it was a compulsory module, but it was still interesting. So much more interesting than that one on cupcakes."

"Yeah, I'm still not sure why Pinkie insisted on teaching that one in her basement."

Oh God.

Well this was definitely an interesting start. I’m excited to see what happens next.

To quote our pink party pony queen, “I’m intrigued.”

Thanks bud. Anything standing out so far?

I hope you enjoy reading.

I couldn't write an anniversary story for MLP without referencing once of its most infamous pieces of fan labour, could I?

I aim to update this fairly regularly, so keep your eyes peeled.

"It'll be just like in Harry Trotter!" Ocellus cried. "You have no idea how difficult it was to get those in Chrysalis' time, given she banned literacy and reading."

Ahh Harry Potter nice man and of course chrysalis well be like that

"Yona hope tunnel has no spiders."

I thought she over that fear ever since the cave

Well looks like they are enjoying their train ride.

Wow looks like they are riding the train like Harry Potter so cool and what ever the train takes them should be very interesting and also nice info of the train cant wait to see how this would go

"It'll be just like in Harry Trotter!" Ocellus cried.

Excellent Harry Potter reference all the way. X3

The other was a Changeling, with blue chitin, red eyes, and a green carapace, with darker green wing covers graced with a very light green and blue swirling pattern atop them. He also had no tail, curiously!

"If you can keep a furnace going for several hours a day, you can stoke an engine's firebox, as it's the same principal, just on a smaller scale." The Changeling opened his carapace and flew up onto the footplate. "After all, the Queen needed some way of making iron to equip her troops with armour and weapons."

So you’re talking about the part on a Changeling’s back that covers their wings and opens up when they do things like fly right? Well I feel I should inform you that those are called elytra and have nothing to do with the carapace. It’s a common mistake. A bit too common actually.

Couldn't resist it, considering what piece of railway they're on.

Indeed they are. Never fear; we will get onto exciting stuff, but I thought some SoL would be good to calm things down first.

Thanks for this detail. I'll admit now that I'm no entomologist, and will update the story going forward based on this information.

They've been dining on Harry Potter since Chamber of Secrets was filmed there; I travelled on it at the beginning of September (62005) and the drinks menu contained a Butterscotch Hot Chocolate (possibly a reference to Butterbeer) and a "Deathly Hello" cocktail.

Well, now they're at Mallaig, they might as well get fish and chips from the Station Cafe and eat it while looking out over the harbour.

Not only that, the board at the station invites passengers to step into the tat shop souvenir stand via the 'Dumble', followed by a picture of a door.

Little did they realise, they would soon find themselves thrown into a battle that would determine the fate of their country.

That cliffhanger though. :O

"Quite right," Sandbar answered. "Well, the Grog and Gruel is the best rated on TripAdvisor, so how about we go there?"

It was also bookings-only when I was there (like virtually everywhere else) so both nights I went to a chippy. (Never knew deep-fried Haggis and Black Pudding was so good)

At least Sandbar didn't book The Berkeley.

Little did they realise, they would soon find themselves thrown into a battle that would determine the fate of their country.

Something big going down huh ohh pretty excited

Ok so ocellus Parents are here and it looks like one of them works at the train station pretty cool so now Just travelling round together just a sight seeing again I guess there's so many portals around our World ( aka equestria girls ) so creatures can visit but I wonder what they mean determine the fate of a country hmm I guess we'll find out next time

Nice to meet Ocellus’s parents. It was surprising for you to say that the other two Changelings weren’t their kids and they were just babysitting them, but still kinda interesting. It was also cute how they said Ocellus always mentions Sandbar in her letters.

I'd seen other stories bending over backwards trying to explain how there is such a huge age gap between the Ocellus and her siblings (with the only story I can think of that did it succesfully being one of GLP's EqG continuity stories), so for a bit of variety and to avoid having to come up with some bizarre explanation, I settled on the solution above.

This story takes place about 2018, so long before the blasted virus ruined everything.

Is it especially bad?

The 4 most recent TripAdvisor reviews should speak for themselves.

I'll be going back to Scotland in 2021, so hopefully there'll be more options then.

Wow, so we are at School Raze already. I like the small changes you made here. The cursing was unexpected, but I guess it fits the characters.

I’m interested to see what happens next and what other changes may happen.

"Bloody Hell,"

Sometimes.... I'm just reminded of Ron Weasley saying that in the Harry Potters films a lot. XD

"We all nearly plummeted to our deaths. I think what comes out of our mouths is the least of our concerns."

To be honest hes got a point

"Bloody Hell," Gallus groaned, "you weigh a ton, Yona."

"Language!" Rainbow Dash retorted.

And she also has a good point as well

Smoulder elbowed Gallus. "According to what I've picked up from classes, she's one of the most powerful unicorns to have ever lived. If her spells aren't working properly, then this is serious."

"You can say that again."

"According to what I've picked up from cla-"

"Not literally."

Come on smolder Your smarter than that

Ocellus blinked. "I- I just thought, that when you said it must suck that you can't change forms, it indicated something else. I mean, you're dating a Changeling, for Faust's sake! I could turn myself into your dream date, but without magic, I can't!"

Oh you use lauren faust name huh lol

Cozy stopped and flew over to her. "You forget something, Smoulder. We're not scheming dragons. We're ponies. Sounds like somecreature needs to do a little extra friendship homework."

God i really hate her so much and her condescending voice 😡

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