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Whilst out exploring one day in the Everfree woods, Apple Bloom and her friends come across an old engine shed. In it are many old engines, but the girls decide to try and restore one of them to working order and bring the railway back into action. Will the girls succeed with their plan and remain undetected? Or will it all go horribly wrong?

Inspired by the Thomas and Friends film 'Hero of the Rails', and 'Railway Adventure' by L.T.C Rolt. Takes place during the events of the first three Equestria Girls films.

Thank you for 100 comments! This is now my most popular story on Fimfiction.

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Let me guess: Cozy Glow is the main villain.

In the words of the Troublesome Trucks, "just you wait!"

Can I ask what the cause of the downvote is?

Congrats on the first comment, by the way.

The other engines in the shed are gonna be fixed too right?

Don't worry, the others will return. However, as with all things, it will take time to get the engines working again. When the Tallylyn started operations in 1951 it only had one engine (Dolgoch) and that failed pretty promptly, forcing them to buy two steam engines from the nearby defunct Corris Railway. I'm considering writing a sequel to this based on how well it's received, but I cannot guarentee anything. What do you think of the story, anyway?

You may be pleasently surprised in that regard. On that note, I believe that I am the first person to write about EqG Cozy Glow!

The story is great! But I must admit, I don;t see much Hero of the Rails references in the story but, besides that note, the story looks like it will indeed be a goo d thing to read.
Besides I think I know where you;re getting at, in this story they'll focus on getting one engine running again so they can at least get the railway going again and then maybe get the fundings to get the other engines fixed up.

They'll become more obvious in time.

While you are waiting for the next chapter, enjoy something truly epic:

Anybody have any suggestions what the cause of the downvotes are?

Nice one using the crash from the Tallynn Railway "Railway of Gold"

I was wondering how many people were going to get that reference.

Good spot! What do you think of the two new chaptrrs?

Just in case, it's spelt 'Talyllyn', pronounced 'Tal-y-thlyn'.

They were really good and kudos on adding Button, Rumble, Pip to the crew too.

I'll admit, putting them in was entertaining. I tgink you'll enjoy where it's going next.

Clever move on painting the engine to look like Skarloey

Ah, Thomlight, first to comment on my stories as ever. You wouldn't mind showing this story to others? I would really appreciate it. What did you think of the rest of the chapter? I was half expecting the comments to be filled with 'd'awwww' at the surprise Rumbaloo I threw in!

I based the livery on Talyllyn's before he went in for overhaul. Just in case you're wondering why I used 'he', in the Railway Series Skarloey refers to Talyllyn as male.

The Thomas movies were really good, but they could have done better with the villains.

I agree. Diesel 10 in DOTD, bleaugh! Sailor John was good though, even though he has the dubious honour of being the only character to try and kill Thomas on screen. I also enjoyed Frankie and Hurricane in JBS, but haven't seen BWBA yet. I've watched a few S22 episodes though, and don't like what I see.

What do you think of the story, BTW?

No, I get it, besides Tallylyn is a male engine to me. And I can see what I can do on sharing this story to others.
Plus the rest of the chapter was good and I'm a huge shipper of Button and Sweetie Belle just to let you know.
Plus, I didn't know that Tallyln was red at one point.

I wanted to do more with SweetieMash, but found it slowed the flow of the story down. In the meantime, enjoy this sneak preview of my next story;

On my "read later" list, for now. Gotta few others to finish.

Enjoy it when you have the time.

Oh man, now we have compatition? Oh man, this is all they need and wreaking the leader of the engines of all things? I hope those shanks will get their comeuppance on this. But how Snips and Snails manage to make Spirit of Everfree derail without ending at the bottom of the embankment is a bit of a mystery, let alone how did they manage to derail him at all.

But this was a great chapter and I like the names of the engines you gave them all!

They removed a rail. Ever seen the Titfield Thunderbolt?

The scene in question can be briefly glimpsed in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YpTIJ9atiI

Or even better, watch the original film. Extremely funny, but also quite sad in some parts. Makes an interesting contrast to Oh Mr Porter!

Yes, i have seen the Titfield Thunderbolt and I have it on my computer, besides that didn't come to my mind as quickly as it would have when I first said that comment.
Besides, when I first watched The Titfield Thunderbolt I wanted to actually run my own branchline with the same kind of train, (the one with the 14xx I mean)

Great film, isn't it? It's always enjoyable. I'll admit that I became familiar with the 14xxs through Oliver, but Thunderbolt took that class into cinema immortality. One of the ones used in the film was preserved, and participates in the NNR's annual recreation of the film. Here's something to enjoy before tommorow's chapter:

Yeah, it is a great film. And I'm familiar with that very preserved engine.

Mind, running Lion would be fun.

Totally, and it's a beaut of an engine.

1 in 70 for 6 miles to climb to The Forest?

Sounds like the old Stubbins Line.

Though there isnt a lake as such at the top, but Ogden Res aint too bad. just hope they dont have to face the equivalent of Accrington Bank at any point. 1 in 47 for a couple miles, and 1 in 35 drop into the station. Supposedly the steepest main line grade in the whole UK.:twilightoops:

For Lion, didnt they have to essentially lift it from a static display in the museum so they could use it for the movie, so they used that event in the movie as an in joke?

Have some Thomas Vs The Scotsman. :pinkiehappy: http://www.eastlancsrailway.org.uk/

Be nice to see how this ends up. Though I suspect a suprise Flying visit by a certain Tour might detract too much from the work of the kids, even if its also result of work of volunteers?

May I ask where that is? The steepest regularly worked grade in the UK is Ravenstaw Bank in Derbyshire, which is a wopping 1 in 13 for 2 miles.

I don't quite know what the comment about Lion is referring to. Are you quoting Thomlight's post on the previous chapter.

Apologies if it's not clear, but the Talyllyn were invited to the occasion. I'll edit the story to make it clearer.

There is just one part to go, so stay tuned!

Thanks for the link. This is only the second time somebody other than Thomlight has posted a comment first! What did you think of the whole story?

Well you finished your first story congratz. So what is to happen now?

First of all, first comment! Second, it's nice you found me. Please do tell me what you thought of Railway Adventure. My next story is going up tomorrow. It's nothing like this.

I enjoyed it. I had been tracking it since it began and was surprised because its one of the few in the guild of equestrian railroaders that is bout restoring a line rather than just starting with some random line. reminds me slightly of Titfield Thunderbolt

That was one of the pieces of inspiration, but it's mostly based on Railway Adventure by L.T.C Rolt. I put most of it into place after a visit to the Talyllyn railway.


Sorry about the misunderstanding and bad data, I am rather biased to local engineering. Between quarries and brickworks, the area lies between a rock and a Very hard place. :rainbowderp: I thought maybe someone had used it due to a short period during history, and with a limited qualification such as dual main line track with direct service to a particular town or such.

Ive been wanting to go down and ride the Ffestiniog and other lines for years, a favourite would be the reinstatement of the Wrexham? to Barmouth via Bala Lake line. Of course, the spiral tunnel climb to get past the reservoir dam is also such a nice one. Been up Snowden I think only once but walked it, never took the train. The Youth Hostel is on the other side of the mountain? Fortunately, no bears were encountered. :yay:

Thing about you going for the old stuff. It understandable and duplicable, given the first engines were built by blacksmiiths, then things inporived as better engines lead to better industry that lead to better tools and materials, etc, so the kids have a big hoof up on the origional builders, but I wonder how many items on such an engine they had to do research on to recreate them if they were damaged. My favourite is the rocket engine they use to generate the vaccuum for the brakes. :moustache:

The thing they have to face eventually isnt getting it up and running with the exitement, its keeping enough of it running when its dull. Speed is ok when transporting commuters, but when transporting dreams, its all about the journey.:pinkiehappy:

Apologies, but I don't really understand the comment.

It's usually at this point that something bad is on the horizon.

Something bad? What did you have in mind?

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