• Published 24th Sep 2018
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Railway Adventure - The Blue EM2

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Cast (in order of appearence)
Michelle Creber-Apple Bloom
Felicia Day-Pear Butter
Ashleigh Ball-Applejack, Booking Office Attendant, Rainbow Dash
Peter New-Big Mac and Hondo Flanks
Claire Corlett-Sweetie Belle
Tabitha St. Germain-Rarity, Granny Smith, and Vice Principal Luna
Madeleine Peters-Scootaloo
Sunni Westbrook-Cozy Glow
Nicole Oliver-Cheerilee and Principal Celestia
Bill Newton-Bright Mac
William Shatner-Grand Pear
Chantal Strand-Diamond Tiara and Spoiled Rich
Shannon Chan-Kent-Silver Spoon
Peter Capaldi-Paint Brush
Alexandra Carter-Twist
Lee Tockar-Snips
Richard Ian Cox-Snails
Rebecca Shoichet-Sunset Shimmer
Brian Drummond-Spinning Gears and Filthy Rich
Blake Swift-Button and Gibson Mash
Vincent Tong-Rumble
Graham Verchere-Pipsqueak
Brian Blessed-Dark Steel
Michael Caine-Randolph
Eileen Montgomery-Elaina Mash
Richard Rolt-Himself
Christopher Awdry-Himself

Based on Railway Adventure by L.T.C. Rolt, ‘Hero of the Rails’, and the ‘Titfield Thunderbolt’.

A special thank you to my readers who made this all possible. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Author's Note:

Well, that concludes my very first Fimfic! It's been great fun writing it. I hope you guys have enjoyed it as well. Please see the first comment for a special thank you.

My first one-shot will be up tomorrow. See if you can guess what it will be. I warn you though, it will be nothing like this.

Researching the cast was interesting. I, for one, had never realised that Diamond Tiara and Spoiled Rich were voiced by the same person.

Thomlight, if you are seeing this, thank you very much. I owe you a lot.

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Well you finished your first story congratz. So what is to happen now?

First of all, first comment! Second, it's nice you found me. Please do tell me what you thought of Railway Adventure. My next story is going up tomorrow. It's nothing like this.

I enjoyed it. I had been tracking it since it began and was surprised because its one of the few in the guild of equestrian railroaders that is bout restoring a line rather than just starting with some random line. reminds me slightly of Titfield Thunderbolt

That was one of the pieces of inspiration, but it's mostly based on Railway Adventure by L.T.C Rolt. I put most of it into place after a visit to the Talyllyn railway.

Well, 2 sections of Ruabon-Barmouth are preserved, as the Llangollen and Bala Lake Railways.

Well, Button had to design a boiler.

You're welcome, mate. I really enjoyed the story and I'm glad my support helped you get through this writing.

Thanks. I've got another story up, and (hopefully) another one by week's end.

Good, good. I look forward to seeing them

You'll need to activate mature filter to see it.

I've always had the mature tag activated

Continue the great work fellow engine.

I already have. 2 more completed, with a third in the works.

I fear you will be disappointed.

I'm not I like how it turned out.

Ok. Hey I'm doing a Thomas and Friends/MLPEQG crossover called Thomas & Friends: American Riders.

Happy to hear that!

Send it to me when it's done, or if you want a proofreader.

Ok. In my story Cantalot City is on the Union Pacific's ex Southern Pacific's Shasta Route Mainline from Portland, OR to Sacramento, CA. Also in the story UP has allowed steam locomotives and diesel locomotives from their heritage to run on their lines including SP 4449, SP 2467, SP 4294, Cotten Belt 819, and a few other including the UP's steam engines including 4014, 3985, and 844 and also running discontinued passenger trains that Amtrak shut down like the Shasta Daylight and the City of Portland.

Interesting. I put Canterlot on a fictional mainline to give myself a little more flexibility. I haven't written about it in much detail yet, but it will play a bigger role in a later story.

Ok. I also thought of the Southern Pacific having a branchline to Camp Everfree where small engines like 2-8-0s, 4-6-0s, 4-6-2s, and 4-8-0s along with EMD Geeps and F units pulling 10 car local passenger trains comprised of Southern Pacific commuter passenger cars to the camp and have freight customers too. The line is also strong enough to handle the 4-8-4s, Cab Forwards, and 2-8-2 Mikados along with Union Pacific's modern diesel locomotives.

I'd love to take part in this idea. I've also had an idea for a one-shot set in this world. I really need to stop reading Anon-a-Miss fics, they're just so depressing.

Yeah I understand. The story is going have American Troublesome Trucks in it they at going to be the everyday freight cars that appear in the US including some 20th Century era freight cars including cabooses and Thomas is up to his usual antics when he's on the UP and decides to be cheeky to the big steam engines that use to run the Southern Pacific and Union Pacific including Josh who is SP 4449 who is much like Henry, but he's not a worrier. The six newest friends Thomas makes in Cantalot City along with Josh are Jake a former Southern Pacific GP40-2 still in the SP's bloody nose paint scheme who is the switcher and engine who works on the branchline, Grant a full restored Southern Pacific F7 in the SP's black widow paint scheme with a F7B unit in he same color scheme, Matt who is Southern Pacific 2562 a C-9 class 2-8-0 who has been restored to operational condition by the UP, Camron who is Southern Pacific 2467 the surviving P-8 class 4-6-2 Pacific from the California State Railroad Museum now part of the Union Pacific's steam program and runs on the line, Kelly who is Southern Pacific 794 the surviving Mk-5 2-8-2 Mikado from Texas and is part of the UP's Steam Program as well, and Larry the 4294 AC-12 Class Cab Forward from the California state Railroad Museum and like Josh, Camron, and Kelly he's part of the program as well.

Where are the EqG characters gonna fit in?

Basically the Main 7 are gonna meet Thomas when the UP has a special excursion for the students of Cantalot High and Crystal Prep to Portland. Thomas is gonna be modified for US operating with a headlight on top of his boiler in front of his funnel, knuckle couplers, air breaks, superheaters in his boiler, positive train control, and a few other things to make Thomas a bit modern.

Well, I very much look forward to reading it.

We'll welcome aboard my friend!!! Full steam ahead!

If the Ponyville Express ran through the School of Friendship and the new students spent the year reviving the trains.

I understand. Thanks for the fave! I have to say but that would have made a most satisfying series finale.

I loved it. It truly felt like when I would watch Thomas and his friends steam about on Sodor. Thank you.

Thank you. If you enjoyed this story, you would probably enjoy the narrow gauge collection.

Wierdly enough, that story was a source of inspiration for this. I hid a couple of references to it in this story. Can you find them?

In all honesty, no. I’ve once found that story by accident, read only a few chapters, and put it off for later. But that was before I made an account on this site. After I did, the name just slipped away. No matter how many times I searched for it nothing came up. This went on for at least a year and a half (not just half a year), and I almost gave up. When I saw the name “Bloom Filter” I felt a wave of familiarity strike me like a lightning bolt. I have you to thank for helping me find that story.

It's a good story, if a bit strange. I also find it utterly mind-bending with all the Multiverse and Divergent Universe talk.

And through it all, ponies.

You know, I'm trying to remember how we first came into contact with one another.

I think it was a post I made on the EqG group about things being quiet. I recall you reacted like this when I mentioned Stable 17:

Heh, you got a good point there :3

An improvement over another use of the O face, certainly.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

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