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This story is a sequel to Rich Estate Open Day

After a long day, the Crusaders and their friends are watching TV when the news tells them of a train robbery in their region. Can they stop the thieves making off with their ill-gotten loot?

Based on The Great Train Robbery of 1963, as well as Diamonds are for Apples by Sonicfan05.

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So, not a fan of Chuggington, I see?


My little one outgrew Chuggington around age 4.

Thank goodness.

And so it continues ...

One both sides


So the California Coast Railroad already employs three kinds of trains, steam, diesel and electric, I wonder If they'll add a fourth. (and I'm not talking about handcars)

Great was the preservation of your sanity thereof, I reckon?

Though sadly, Thomas and Friends is going the same way...

Oh yeah, that's a thing as well, isn't it?
But no, I was actually referring to battery railcars. They've gone out of fashion for a while, but with the recent shift towards renewable power, and advancements in battery technology, they seem to be making a comeback.

You've just given me an idea for a story...

I may or may not have intended that ...

Get the School Of Freindship crew involved.

Great St Trinians Train Robbery.

Then again, a 4 way barney between CHS, the Crystal Crew, the Crooks and Hot Fuzz would be a majour motion picture? :derpytongue2:


That's alright. I admit, Chuggington is okay, but I don't watch as mush anymore, I still own a few engines from the show but that's about it.

Pie Thrower? It's been many years since I last saw the film.

It will always be a Thomas clone.

The way the arms swing clear on load release reminds me of the umbilicals retracting on rocket launches.

Aint the first time Ive seen rocket technology on steam engines. :pinkiehappy:

Ha ha. I see your wit has not escaped you.

In case you are wondering, the names of the gang members are the names of the original Great Train Robbers.

Noice =3

That was cleaver naming the characters off the real robbers of the Train Robbery

Well, they weren't nice people, but I know what you mean!

I thought it would make an interesting easter egg.

So difficult trying to get a hour plus movie into a 20 minute episode without missing out too many good bits, but thats a heck of a chase in just 5 minutes. :scootangel:

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Yesterday the saw


Its all over but the party?:pinkiehappy:

Wonder if Babs is going to get a new drummer.

Dragon, from out of town, name of Rango. :derpytongue2:

Who gets asked maybe to voice up some foals audio books of stories? :unsuresweetie:


Thats a wrap.

What do you mean.

We're out of Tacos?

Sonata. :trollestia:

See you again next week Booster!

and having to stop runaway trains with shotgun rounds (which hadn’t worked at all).


It's a callback to my older story Unstoppable.

Gosh, this story has been lying in my library for quite a while, I don't even want to think how many times I started reading it and then put it away for later. But hey, I finally made it through, yay!

It was a rather fast-paced read and I think that some of the scenes may have benefited from being a little longer and more detailed, but what you have here is sufficient. Also noticed some typos, missing punctuation and the like, but these were still rather scarce. So, all in all, a nice read that I should have finished sooner :twilightsmile:

PS: I probably deserve this for reading your series from the middle, but I have to wonder, why is everyone in this universe obsessed with trains? Also, how old are the Crusaders that they are allowed to operate a train by themselves? :twilightsheepish:

It's probably a side effect of my own interest.

On my local preserved line, folks can start footplate training as young as 12.

Well, nothing wrong with that :pinkiesmile:

And oh, I didn't know such a thing was possible. I presume you yourself have that kind of training?

I tend to base my writing on what I'm interested at the moment. It's why it goes through so many different genres.

I have operated locos under supervision, but that's about it really.

Well, at least you have interests that you can write whole stories about while knowing that a rather large audience will still understand. I don't think that everyone is that lucky.

Dainn was confused by the rail focus of my Anon-a-Miss story.

“Copy that, dispatching Gadget.”

Chrysalis sighed. “It’s pronounced, Gauchet.”

Is that a reference to Hyacinth Bucket?

In the classic BBC comedy Keeping Up Appearances, the main character Hyacinth Bucket kept insisting that her surname was pronounced "bouquet" to give an impression of being of a high social standing.

Oh. I'm actually making a reference to the fact that geberations of schoolchildren have referred to Dr Gauchet (a friend of Van Goch) as Gadget.

“And that it?” Chrysalis asked.

I think you mean “And that is?”

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