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This story is a sequel to Sunset and the Missing Christmas Tree

An electric train is bearing down on Canterlot, loaded with explosive fuels and toxic chemicals. If it were to derail, it would cause a disaster on an untold scale.

Only a veteran engineer, and a conductor with a troubled past, stand in its way.

Based on Tony Scott's 'Unstoppable'.

Only my second story to hit 100 comments!

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Haven't read the story, but are you sure you mean a million tons for the train weight, as it says in your short description? Wikipedia mentions that the heaviest train ever run on Earth was 42 thousand tons :twilightoops:

It's a reference to the original film's promotional material.


Unstoppable (2010 film), produced & directed by Tony Scott.

I enjoyed Unstoppable. At least, for the free library-movie borrow I watched it for. :ajsmug:

Unstoppable was pretty good for a (train-)disaster flick; full of action, (human-)stupidity in the face of disaster, and defiant heroism & humour. I recommend Unstoppable if you want a movie to unplug (relax) your brain for a while with. :pinkiesmile:

You're not the only one. I watch the film each year on its anniversary.

I love that movie

Cheers man. Stick around and you'll enjoy the ride.

Ah, I see. I saw the film when it was on TV a few years ago, and so didn't see the promotional material for it.

The train in the film is nowhere near close to 1 million tons.

9270302 That's exactly what I figured, yeah. And I know if this is an EG crossover then there are more options, with magic and stuff, but the cover image is of a real train, which suggests otherwise.

You'll have to wait and see.

What's with the downvotes, I wonder? Story's barely started...

I’m not gonna read it yet i’m tracking it until completion but then I will

Yo, I love Undtoppable. One of my favorite films, defiantly on the list. It’s what inspired me to write my own Unstoppable story. This is going to a pretty good start actually. Especially when you added J Class 611 on here. (I hope I got the right engine.) She is absolutely gorgeous, and trains have been a thing of mine since childhood. But I’ve been into British trains a bit more rather than our USA trains. But Mallard defiantly takes the crown for me. Not only do you deserve a like and a face, you also deserve a follow. Keep up the good work, bro. :raritywink:

Hopefully you won't have to wait long.

I'll be doing things a little differently than in the film. Didn't mean to sound rude here, but your adaptation stuck very closely to the original script, even down to consist loads.

Glad to hear you enjoy it. If you stick around for the ride, you'll be rewarded.

Are the rest of the Human 6 making an appearance?

You'll have to wait and see.

What do you think of the chapter?

I thought it was pretty good

Well, to quote Al Jolson, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Always a good policy, if you ask me.

Sure, I guess but I just a heartless Machine.

Not exactly related, but the first two chapters popped this into my head:

Side note, this vid was made 5 years ago. FEELING OLD YET!?

Ok, I have to say this is cool.:yay:

"The Equestrian Railroad was always characterised by its fleet of smart, albeit small, fleet of 4-4-0 well tanks. These engines had rolled off of the production line around 200 years before Luna's return, and had a maximum haulage capacity of 8 4-wheel carriages. The later versions were fitted with power systems to operate the pneumatic doors on the newer carriages, but due to their lack of power, the fleet is slowly being replaced by the Crystal Empire designed steam turbine locomotives, although these are not yet numerous enough to be used on all services. Only one steam turbine has ever been seen outside of the Crystal Empire, pulling Cadence's Royal Train, which indicates the dominance of the older engines is set to continue for decades to come."

A Guide to the Railways of Equestria, by O.S.Nock.

Got me very confused at first ebcause I didnt realise theyd remade the movie. Ive only ever seen the origional.:twilightoops:

As for a British Rail East Coast Electric ever managing to run away, accidentally or deliberatly.

Im just going to spend the next half hour laughing uncontrolably in the bathroom.

Im sure you understand why, but also, you get to write whatever you want for your variation, you got Discord after all, so would he happen to be riding The Worlds Fastest Indian, or couldnt he get the Post Office spray job for it?:derpytongue2:

I'm not aware of a remake of Unstoppable, but the movie is sometimes referred to (jokingly) as the spiritual sequel to Atomic Train.

You'd be amazed at how fast those 76s could go.

Is The World's Fastest Indian a motorbike?

Gilda was jumped...
That was unexpected

Gilda is nowhere near as idiotic as Dewey. Besides, I like playing around with the source material.


Im not too sure what the name of the movie I was thinking of was, its because I was sure it was something I saw more than 20 years ago, about a runaway train and a crazed enginner overdriving a heavy traction engine to catch up with it, except in that case I think it was heading for a Terminus and they were trying to save the crew or slow the train. I think it has quite the spectacular ending?

The Worlds Fastest Indian is the movie they made of the motorbike called The Indian and the guys attempt to get the world record. I really should check, but I keep getting confused with Steve McQueen in The Great Escape riding The Fonz from Happy Days bike.

Oops. My apologise, Atomic Train is the movie I was thinking of?

Yeah, that sounds like Atomic Train. Bleaugh...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Glad you like it. There's another one going up later today, and some reviews to post as well. Did you enjoy your trip?

“You sure? Last time you said that to me you had to hook Jimmy out of a computer screen. Something about talking pastel ponies.”

There goes the first mention of me! X3

I couldn't resist it. Did you, like, get the Valley Glamour joke?

Sorry, just regained control of my keyboard. I have no idea how that pegasus got into my room.

Reminds me of a train I was on to Sheffield, and due to signaling they had to go in on the wrong platform, too short, so the traction unit had to go beyond platform end, and sit on top of the left most points, where the first carriage door wasnt near the platform and the second one was on the platform end but the signalling frame obscured the top quarter of the door opening. Just missed slicing my head as the frame edge went through my hair.

At least it hasnt hit any manual level crossings yet. Those things are intresting to the average person who cant be bothered to go to and fro 5 times to follow the procedure.

That sounds rather perilous!

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