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Found the show in late 2015, and fell in love with it. I also like D&D (3 and 3.5), Fansty novel and movie, Sci-Fi movies. MarbleMac is Best Ship and Flashlight is a fair second



This story is a sequel to My Little Mages: Academia Amina

It has been several months since Twilight started her School of Friendship, seperate from the MEA and everything seems to be going well.
However magic seems to be vanishing across all of Mystica out of the blue. There is only one person that might know what's going on, Tirek.
As Twilight and her closest friends seek an answer, The School is trusted to... Cozy...

Something is definately a miss.
Can Twilight and her friends find out what is going with Mystican magic?
Where's Starlight?
And why is Neighsay in Twilight's office?

A My Little Mages retelling of School Raze

Chapters (7)
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This is guna b gud

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IT ws gud

nicely done; also:

“Thank you for the mail delivery, Miss Muffins,” Cozy said as she accepted the mail and noticed a ring on Brighteyes’ left index finger. “I see you have engagement right, so did Time Turner say yes?”
Brighteyes blushed, “Actually he proposed, came in the post office yesterday as we were closing, full ‘An Officer and And A Gentleman’.” Brighteyes gave a joyful sigh. “We haven’t set a date yet.”

okay, I'm ecstatic about this concept (and I'm certain I'm not the only one), but I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't worried how the Doctor's regeneration thing might affect the whole "until death do us part" thing: I mean, I've seen a thing or two showcasing how they'd both be mature enough to realize the new model, as it were, would NOT be the one who previously stood at the end of the aisle, but I still can't help but worry, you know?

While Time Turner is pretty much based off Doctor Number 10, he's just a chronomancer not a Time Lord. But I'm glad you found something in this you liked.


he's just a chronomancer not a Time Lord

...and yet you gave him a flying police box that can travel through time in one of your previous stories; not saying that I'm disagreeing here (I don't think I've seen him using a Sonic Screwdriver yet), but it's kind of hard NOT to think of him as such when he's the proud owner of the Time And Relative Dimension in Space, you know?

I know what I gave Dr. Time Turner Who, the illusions to the 10th Doctor were deliberate, but he's not a Time Lord, his thing being almost identical to the Tardis was meant to be a deliberate reference.

So, how is Cozy going to incapacitate "the boyfriend" if you catch my drift?

“Sadly the Lieutenant-Colonel has other duties as part of the ESM and his last class for the week was yesterday.” Cozy pointed out. This brought a fair amount of agreement from the other students.

Convenient. :ajbemused:

“Actually Discord had Orderitis and it was the Smooze that was nursing him back,” Fluttershy informed. Pinkie turned to face the readers and shrugged her shoulders, “Yeah it’s a lazy attempt to lampshade those plot-holes but Foxhelm has to work with what he gots.”


Now, I'm questioning how that girl incapacitated a grown man almost twice her size. :applejackunsure:

“You’d be shocked all you can do if you have hypopituitarism, sure it means you die relatively young, you can’t get a drink or several other niceties of adulthood, but near eternal youth does have its perks. Why do you think Lt. Corneal Sentry is AWAL. He was my kohai during his school days.” Cozy said with a giggle.

These sentences make no sense. How does being permanently young and small make you stronger than a man twice your size? The right muscles wouldn't have been able to develop.

Who said it was by streght? She's smart enough to play a long-con on the Mane-6, she can develop a machinical way to knock Flash out.

She'd still have to drag him all the way to the catacombs before he woke up. I mean, what did she use to keep him knocked out? Chloroform?

I thought it was kind of implied that she lead him down there, like with Starlight, then knocked him out tricked him to step into the spell's circle

Sorry, I read this fanfic that theorizes that Starlight had been incapacitated prior to being taken prisoner, so that's what I assumed happened to both of them. Of course, she could have incapacitated Starlight and used her as bait to trick Flash into going down there and then pushed him in.

well I left it vague, mostly to show how dangerous Cozy was

“Why?” Ocellus asked as she raised her head from the pillow, her eyes red from tears, “If Sandbar's turned his back on us, every other Mystican probably has, too.” she then started to cry again as she buried her face in Sandbar’s pillow.

Dang! I'm getting flashbacks to the time Twilight thought Flash got killed and eaten by sirens.

I am a shameless Ocellus-Sandbar shipper/ Gallus-Silverstream shipper among the student 6 and SmolderXSpike has grown on me

Wait. I just realized something. Why does Flash and Cozy Glow's old school use Japanese honorifics? Did you just need an excuse to indulge in otaku-ism (not a word, I know)? :ajsmug:

Also, it really blows my mind how seamlessly Flash fits into your stories. I mean, even in the stories where he's the only major alteration to canon events, he doesn't stick out. :applejackunsure: I mean, I was expecting him to, but he doesn't.

I have no in universe reason for the use of those honorifics at this point, but it not unprecedented in my works. As for the additions of Flash in my stories... well for the most part I treat it like adding garnish to a dish; it's something nice added to it, but the meal has to stand on it's own first and foremost

Well, to continue with the garnish analogy, I was expecting Flash to be like those pointless cocktail umbrellas that come with a drink. How he turned out was like a shake of cinnamon on top of really good hot cocoa.

I honestly don't know which victim I feel sorrier for, Starlight for being incapacitated so unceremoniously or Flash for having his protective instincts turned against him by a "little girl". :ajbemused:

Sincerely, I would like Readers to have greater sympathy for Flash then Starlight... more effort was put into how he got captured then her.

Well, this DOES explain how Cozy captured them. But, well, it still doesn't excuse how nearly all the good guys had to be seriously dumbed down in order to for Cozy to come so close to succeeding. I mean, I respect that you could only work with what you were given AND the fact that you did a good job with the added information, but it doesn't erase the fact that I found the actual episode to be a massive disappointment and this was too similar to the original episode.

Dare I ask what would've made it seem to you that no one was hit was the idoit stick?

I ask because this the first Season finale that Twilight actually asked her friends to help right off the bat, Starlight being as powerful as she is would be good hooves to trust the school in and she showed that minus Discord's antics she can manage the school for a short period of time... I am just not seeing how the characters were dumbed down in your eyes... maybe you could explain to me what you're seeing in that episode that I'm not? Please


Probably have Cozy found out and taken down BEFORE the season finale (with Cozy comically outclassed in EVERY category INCLUDING intelligence) and just use a different villain entirely- one powerful enough and smart enough to pose a threat to ALL the heroes WITHOUT anyone needing to get nerfed or dumbed down - even if you had to "cheat" and use an OC for the main villain.

what if I make the answer to both Mean 6 and Rollercoasterof Friendship this AU's canonical season 8 finale?

Okay. I see your point. And, yeah, I admit I DID skim. Still, Cozy would NOT have gotten that far if they actually took the time to meticulously research her beforehand.

Well my AU's answer to that was in the line by Twilight that had she followed MEA guidelines she would have to vet Cozy's application which means comparing her to the academic records of all MEA schools, but her school's open enrollment policy means and not being connected to the MEA both denys her school access to that information and she wouldn't even look into in the first place as contrasting academic records is part of MEA guidelines, which is intended to be amplified when Neighsay said he was right but for the wrong reason ... yeah this a word of god attempt to expound on a couple of lines...

I probably should have been clearier at the start of this story

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