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Chrysalis takes cover in a cave after another disastrous run-in with the ponies. Inside is another unfortunate soul who just can't catch a break.

Stupid ponies.

A gift for forbloodysummer. Merry Christmas!

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The changeling narrowed her eyes. “That. Stop that. You’re not cute, you’re terrifying.”

If there's anyone who can be both, it's Adagio:raritywink:

This was fun! Lovely idea for a story, and I like the ending--though, unless I missed it, how Adagio and only Adagio ended up back in Equestria could maybe have been explained more?

She glared at her newfound roommate expectantly. “Well?

The dragon blinked, surprised. “You’re not going to bow?”

This was fantastic! The above line was my favourite, I think, but many of the dialogue exchanges were very sharp :yay:

Thank you very much :pinkiehappy:

Happy Hearth's Warming, Tethered :twilightsmile:

Huh. Wonder how long their relationship can last.


Until one of them snaps and eats the other.

You know...Sirens and Changelings do seem oddly compatible...

Sirens intice their prey making them LOVE them to the the point that others will fight and HATE.
Changelings use subtrifuge and secrecy to steal LOVE.

I can't help but wonder if their's some wierd Food Chain in Equestria, where Sirens invoke the love, the Changelings feed on the love and the chaos from those too fuels HATE....just a theory.:scootangel:

Maybe not even then. Chrysalis seems like she would be the one to snap first, and she is extremely smaller than Adagio. It's very possible that if Chrysalis attacked Adagio, not only would not be very effective due to size difference and Adagio's scaled hide, but she might find the attempt cute, infuriating Chrysalis all the more. Additionally, the emotions of both would just feed the other all the more, kind of keeping them around the same relative power difference.

Some of my favorite stories are those in which villains commiserate and/or irritate each other. You have managed to do both at once. I strongly approve. Have a like and a follow.

Thanks, glad you liked it!
Adagio doesn't seem like the type to care much for what her sisters do if they abandoned her, (or "abandoned" her) so I figured she wouldn't talk about it if she even cared enough to know.

Thank you! That was one of my favorite lines too haha.

Right up until the cops arrive, probably.

Or that :rainbowlaugh:

Exactly! That was a large part of the inspiration for the story. Chrysalis is terrifying, both for her appearance and her shapeshifting, but she's meant to feed on LOVE, whereas the sirens stir up darker emotions but are all supposed to be rather beautiful. And almost worshiped, if you look at the fandom hard enough :trixieshiftright:


Additionally, the emotions of both would just feed the other all the more, kind of keeping them around the same relative power difference.

Exactly! If I were to write a sequel, I would definitely want to focus on that power dynamic. I tried to play into it a lot in the second half of the story too, with Adagio rubbing Chrysalis the wrong way and Chrysalis being irritated despite feeling her affection. I think Adagio's nickname sums up their relationship nicely :rainbowlaugh

Thank you! They are some of my favorites too.
(Now to find an excuse to do Sombra)

I have never seen this ship before, and I desperately want more of this. All of my YES!

That was adorable.

Adagio growled deep in her throat. “It is, isn’t it? Somewhere, some god is laughing at us.”

I am indeed laughing at them.


Adagio grimaced. “That’s not even the worst part. They made a holiday of it, call it Slaughter Day. Every year they host a hoofball tournament and sacrifice the winning team in my honor.”]

Lol, Aztecs.... or Mayans... whatever, they're all dead anyway.

(Alondro, bastion of cultural sensitivity for the modern age.)


9351117 Chrysalis is loved by all the vores...

Chrysalis, "Notsureifwant..." :unsuresweetie:

I think THIS story is building up to it. (forbloodysummer was actually the one who sold me on the ship initially)

Thank you!

Adagio is loved by all! It's only creepy when you get super specific!

9353734 Adiago is REALLY loved... by people who enjoy sushi!

I really have to say, the Sirens were one of the best designed villains in the entire series, and one of the best characterized as well. Not only did they look ferocious and menacing in their true forms, as well as with capture the sleek refinement of an aquatic predator which also made them pretty to look at (same thing with the admiration one can have for a great white or blue marlin. They have the appearance of great strength and a fearsome elegance to their build), they had a fairly complete backstory which had consistent internal rationale, even if it didn't explain what they were doing for a thousand years on Humanquestria (but then, the entire layout of EqG is plot-convenience and cartoon contrivance from the start, so really, it's a minor issue by comparison).

They were fleshed out, individuals, with a clear motivation and goal and a basis for their ambitions.

Then after them we got the POS and Cozy Glow... cough... WTF happened?

poorly times obituaries

s/b “timed” i'm guessing? and prob needs a hyphen too (“poorly-timed”)
otherwise an awesome story! have a like & fave :twilightsmile:

Thank you! I'll fix that up real quick.

We need more fics if these two

I just reread this and it's wonderful :pinkiehappy:

Toxic relationships last the longest.

Agreed but they're so hard to fund. Especially good ones

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