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The demon who once haunted her school may be no more, but the demon in her heart remains. Maybe the demon in the drawer of her desk will help.

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Huh. That's a twist I wasn't expecting. Rather nice concept, I'll keep watching this for me.
Good job.

8036641 Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Ah, another answer for the human Sunset question. Yeah, that could drive someone to drink. Back when pony Sunset was raging she-demon in all but form (which came later), it was easy to hate her. Seeing her all nice and happy now, that's even worse, yeah. Good story.


That ending though....

Nice fic, but it gave me a sad.:fluttershysad:

Very well-written, with one minor, teensy little break in my suspension of disbelief.

Wine doesn't have enough alcohol to burn in the mouth as described. That's liquor she's drinking, if it's doing that.

Beyond that, I rather enjoyed it. Answers some questions, has a good emotional punch.

Thanks for writing it!

good stuff my dude

8040522 ,8038562 ,8038304 Thanks all! :twilightsheepish:

8039808 Ah, not a bad point. Glad you enjoyed it regardless!

Oh, I really enjoyed It! It was just a moment that broke my immersion. If you want to keep the burn, (which I like, for the symbolism,) and the somewhat refined air Celestia has, try brandy or scotch. She'd drink the former out of a sniffer, and the latter from a tumbler. I can help with horse puns for the names, if you'd like.

If you'd rather keep it as-is, only alcoholics like myself will have that "... wait a minute..." moment, so it's no big.

Thanks again!

8041212 I'll probably keep it as-is, because I like the imagery of her drinking straight from the bottle, but I do appreciate the input.

Heck, you could keep that imagery as well, since both brandy and scotch would be high enough in alcohol content to clean the mouth of the bottle, and wine really isn't.

But I'm nitpicking. It's good as-is!

Why can’t she let me grieve for my daughter!?

:pinkiegasp: Sweet lord :fluttercry:.

This story deserve more than one upvote. Too bad I can only give a single one. Kudos to the author for making this story. Its been a while since I read a well-written sad story.

People very rarely get second chances, Celestia. Whilst I understand your anger, have you considered whether your grief entitles you to deprive Sunset Shimmer of hers?

Good, but it feels like it is only the beginning of a longer fic, even though I know it's just a one-shot.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

8135287 Probably not, which is why she tries to keep her issues private.

8156487 I really considered it, but I don't think I could carry a narrative like this much farther than I already have.

8159188 :twilightsheepish:

This was nice :twilightsmile: Interesting bit of headcanon at the end, although I’m not quite sure you did as much with it here as you could’ve. Lovely little scene, though :fluttercry:

Thanks for reqding, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, I suppose I could have gone farther with it, but I think it says all that it really needs to. It would probably make a nice Momlestia story though.

If this is the case, wouldnt that mean Princess Celestia is Sunset's mother? Will there be a sequel?

I think maybe seeing the Equestrian Princess Celestia's pov, considering since Sunset in this universe was Celestia's daughter, it should translate over to the other side, I would like to see a background story of Celestia during her days with Sunset knowing it was her daughter, after and currently.

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