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Sometimes extreme measures need to be taken to reassure a friend who is hurting, especially when the hurt is self-inflicted. All it takes is trust.

note: this story was written between season 1 and season 2, and takes place during that time

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My first impression on reading this is... Well, emotionally it's wonderful. If folks elsewhere immediately dove for the erotic aspect, I kind of feel sorry for them- I think they missed out on the true depth of it. There is an interesting interplay between affection and sensuality here, but I didn't feel it was anything more than deep affection.

I think that is what makes it so hard for me to come up with something to say- I'm still mulling over how you've blended those elements. In the actions of her attendees, I see love, selflessness, and a depth of affection that allows for intimate gestures without them being mistaken as amorous overtures. As fan-canon goes, I see this as a wonderful blend of keeping to canon in terms of the spirit and values of the show, but extending it in a mature fashion without being a truly 'mature' story.

I love it, to be brief. From our brief conversation on DA, I knew you had a high regard for the characters as they were created and have grown on the show, but I think this goes far beyond that, and explores those characters in new ways, without altering them. In a way, it's intimidating- I'm not sure I could ever write about these characters at this level.

Thanks so much for putting this up, it's an excellent read!

This was beautiful, the love and care so incredibly palpable. The aura of mystery is perfect, truly we don't need to know exactly who was there or who did/said what. Point is it happened and the emotions behind the act are sufficient enough. Feels have been felt and tears shed, thank you so much for sharing.:heart:


One of my endlessly-repeated litanies is: What happens between the ears is far more interesting than what happens between the legs. And therefore, for this, what might or might not have happened outside of Fluttershy's mind is simply... irrelevant.

It's very important to me to not bend the characters until they break. This may have been a bit of a stretch, and some might not care for that (either because it was too much or not enough eros, I'm not sure which), but for me at least it works. Since I can't climb into anybody else's head, I can only write for my own sensibilities. There is a little utopianism going on (a world where physical affection doesn't have the overtones that make my skin crawl whenever I experience it in real life), as well as the emotional rollercoaster centered upon a "rescue" theme. Nobody in their right mind would enjoy seeing Fluttershy cry; therefore presenting that, plus the cure, seemed to be a good bet. I'm glad it worked for you.


I think utopianism is a big part of why the fandom has grown so much- I know that for me, the idea of a different social structure has been a fascinating idea. There are very few stories that explore it without directly connecting it to erotic acts, but it's one of the wonderful possibilities where a world is populated by "horses with human minds."

Seeing how you treated the subject was refreshing- the camraderie and affection between the main characters is one of the things that I like most about the show. By not having explicit reference to actions beyond a certain point, I think you made those emotions the star of the story, and it gave me a genuinely happy feeling.

This was an incredibly moving story that took me by surprise. I have actually gone through something very similar to this myself, although not quite as physical or intimate, so I understand just how powerful and cleansing the experience can be. An excellent, unique story, good job.

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