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With Adagio home sick, Aria and Sonata find themselves competing for a cash prize at the Sisterhood Social. They might have had a chance too, if they had known the event was hosted by one of the girls who ruined their lives.

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The Dazzlings are so cool.
Aria and Sonata are my favorite of them.

8085218 They are pretty great, and fun to write!

Awesome Sirens story. Have a Fave! :yay:

8085516 Thanks, loving your Sunlight stuff by the way!

Nice start, will there be more?

8085546 I have a short epilogue planned, and if this one does well I am considering a sequel :twilightsheepish:

8085564 Awesome! I look forward to it :twilightsmile:

Well I hope Dagi just has a cold and is drama queening the hell out of it.

1: Calvin and Hobbies

2: I liked this little Epilogue a lot, it was short and cute. I would actually love to see more of there little mini adventures :twilightsmile:

8087034 Got it in one :moustache: Have a mustache!

I hope to have more in the future, so be on the lookout!

8085582 Yup, you read her like a book :rainbowlaugh:

“That’s it!” Rainbow yelled, her fist lashing out and striking the siren across the face, knocking her to the ground.

I really wish it wasn't perfectly in-character for her to lash out and be the first one to resort to violence, but with canon going the way it has...? :applejackunsure:

Finally, Rainbow Dash broke the silence, scratching the back of her head in embarrassment. “Look, um, I’m sorry I hit you. I’ve always been a bit hot-headed, and I had no idea what you’re going through.”

Luckily, doing at least this much suits her too. :pinkiesmile:

This is a cute ending and all, but if they don't know the type or severity of the illness, how did they know what kind of medicine to bring her? :rainbowhuh:

8090998 Yeah, I was a little worried I was being unfair to Rainbow Dash there, but honestly it's pretty like her. But she is also usually quick to admit to her mistakes, once she realizes she's made one.

8091001 Sonata miiiight have been exaggerating a tiny bit for sympathy. But my take on it is, Adagiobasically had something like a cold or flue, something common that's easily treatable to most people, but since the sirens have never been sick they have no idea how their immune systems can handle it. They've probably never bothered to vaccinate.

Thanks for the interest!

Cute fic! I sort of wish Aria had hit RD back, because that actually annoyed me more than a little. But I suppose they were out numbered by quite a bit, in addition to the whole magic vs no magic state of affairs. Nice work.:yay:

8112595 It was tempting, I'll admit :rainbowlaugh: Thanks

I really enjoyed this story. Loved your portrayal of Aria, and Sonata was just the right level of annoying and whining until she got her way :twilightsmile:

I particularly liked how you handled the conflict, that Aria didn't back down or feel she had to explain herself; I agree with the commenter below that it would have been nice to hit Rainbow back, but then the whole thing would have escalated and probably not ended well. If anything I thought Rainbow's apology made her look even worse, that she thought some pithy one-line explanation could excuse giving someone a black eye. And I agree with a previous comment, that is in keeping with her character. As was that all six of them felt threatened enough to power up their magic, just by someone defying them after having been punched to the floor.

For what it's worth I thought it worked a bit better without the epilogue; I thought the touching sister moment was a more fitting note of optimism to end on, but that's me.

Good job with the story :pinkiehappy:

8117475 Thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Sonata and Aria is definitely a fun pair to write, and I'm glad I struck a good balance with them.

That's along the same line I was thinking, for sure. I tried not to demonize anyone, but some characters are definitely more prone to conflict than others.

I don't disagree with your opinion on the epilogue, it probably wasn't strictly necessary, but it did tie up some loose ends I wanted taken care of.

Anyway, thanks for the comment :pinkiehappy:

So this story is still super popular, so, any chance of that possible sequel you mentioned? :pinkiehappy:

(edit) "So Silly me, I didnt realize there already WAS a sequel to this!" :rainbowlaugh: *slips off to read it*

8177777 Chances are at 100% :raritywink:

Fun story, so you get a like!

But I gotta say, I'm getting mighty tired of youngsters using the expression "Gods!"...or "Great Hera!" When the hell did paganism become cool again?

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

I actually had a number of reasons for having the sirens talk like that, but the most important was to show their age. They've been in the human world for over a thousand years. They don't actually worship anyone, but say it more out of habit to reflect the types of cultures they were first exposed to.

I'd think that the Middle Ages, followed by Renascence and Reformation, would leave a much more lasting impression on them.

Perhaps, if they were in EG "Europe" as the time. I haven't worked out their entire history yet, but I have the inkling that they are far more well traveled than that.

All in all, though, this question has a more complicated answer than I can really give in the comment's section. I wrote a blog post that goes into my thought process on the nature of the human world in a bit more detail.


What does it matter? How's it different from "Oh, Jesus Christ!" or "Oh my god!" It's just a different religion.

Wow, the sirens never have been sick because of their magic, that makes sense. But now that they don't have their magic anymore they can become sick, also makes sense. They've lived through outbreaks of the black death, the plaque, cholera, other epidemics and dozens of diseases that normal people got shots for when they were young, who can tell what Adagio is getting there now that the protecting magic is gone. Especially having seen how weak the human body is against diseases it makes a lot of sense that the sirens would get a touch worried when one of them shows the signs of sickness.
Man I really wish there were more fics of the sirens over the centuries.
Also, I like to believe that flipping someone off is actually a siren gesture that just spread across the world over the centuries (except in the UK where people use two fingers).

The sirens definitely would have seen some shit.

Haha, that's a hilarious idea. A story about the sirens going through history and unintentionally inspiring all sorts of cultural things like that would be great :rainbowlaugh:

Short, sweet, and to the point. However, I can tell why you continued this. It is quite . . . incomplete with how it is now. It begs to be continued. Also, I find it interesting that you took a mature route with this story. It took me immensely off guard when I saw curse words thrown about, but I'm definitely not opposed to it. It just feels awkward.

I think that this will be ironed out when I begin the full story, of course. This is a great little intro to what this universe you are creating has to offer, and I cannot wait to see where it will take me! :pinkiehappy:

An epilogue is an epilogue. Very cute. :pinkiesmile:

This story was something of a pilot for Neighbors, so I'll admit it might have a bit of sequel bait in it haha.
I'm glad you like this, I hope you enjoy the story proper as well!

A nice fun story. However, I can do without the language and Rainbow acting violent at the end.

Aww. This was a sweet little story. Now to read the sequel!

Thanks! Hope you like it!

You lost me when Dash apologized for the Battle of the Bands. The Sirens were aiming for world conquest, and their method of choice was mass brainwashing. They had to be stopped. You shouldn't apologize for doing the right thing.

Ah well, I understand. Although, to be fair she wasn't so much apologizing for stopping them, as she was apologizing for the aftermath of it.

Calvin and Hobbes reference.
Got it right away.

Huh! This was nice! I kinda want to see a sequel or something at least related to it.

Oh...wait...there is a sequel. Am I unobservant, or am I just dumb?

I'll get around to the sequel when I can. Until then, this is some nice interaction from some not-quite reformed Sirens but not entirely villainous ones either. Aria was adorably grouchy.

Adagio having an affinity for cheesy soap operas is certainly an amusing idea.

Man, fuck Rainbow! Beat her ass!

Aria pressed her hands against her temples, trying to massage away the headache that was her sister. “Ugh!” She groaned, “Fine, we’ll take the damn money!”

I'd rather my pride kill me than someone i cared about

“Well,” Adagio said, gingerly returning the hug, “Don’t keep me in suspense. What did you two get up to today?”

Well had I been Adagio I would've paid the rain booms a visit. No I wouldn't attack them. Unless prompted.

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