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Sonata can’t understand why Adagio is so against her seeing her new friend.

(Warning: Casual talks of mental illness and controversial approaches towards it.)

Now has a review by Arcanum-Phantasy, watch it here!

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I liked this story, but I can't help but feel that it would have had a bigger impact if there was more to it. The dialogue was good and I liked the interaction Sonata and Adagio had, but I probably would have liked it even more if the things that happened at the park were shown in more detail.

That's really my only complaint, though. Good story, I just wanted to see more.

You're a little confused about hospitalization. Sour Sweet would be committed and treated at a psychiatric hospital if her condition was extreme enough, not at a regular hospital where Sonata would get her leg treated.

7526181 Sour Sweet isn't staying in hospital, she was visiting the ER for an unrelated reason. Probably to pick up meds or something.

7526160 I'm glad you enjoyed it! The story did rely heavily on dialogue I agree. I wanted it to come across as a quite natural conversation, as though it was only one snippet of a very long day. Like when a mother has to explain a sensitive subject to a child; to the child it's another normal conversation, but for the mother it's like walking on eggshells. I'll take what you say on board though, and keep it in mind for future pieces :scootangel:

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Its nice that someone took their time and care to deliver another piece for this headcanon, besides mr. Nico Stone Rupan below me. I'd say that this is a good story, but Im Sonata level at this thing, so I'll keep this opinion to myself

“So, what does this have to do with Sour Sweet?”

Aaaand bombshell!

It's so rare to see Adagio and Sonata interact like this, and even rarer to see a rendition of Sonata that can be smart in her own way without being made into an outright super genius, robbing her of exactly what makes her interesting and special. (granted, the brand of simple, child-like brilliance isn't exactly canon either, but I feel like it fits with the character we actually saw)

Their dialogue was cute (give or take the incestuous tone Sonata takes at one point, though she might have just been trying to win another smile) and the subject matter was well-handled. Nicely done. :pinkiesmile:

That was perfect.

I really liked how you got all the setup out of the way in the first four paragraphs and then focused entirely on the conversation, letting the mood shift naturally. I really struggle with just-dialogue sections, without huge paragraphs of thoughts in between, but you kept the interruptions to a bare minimum and it really worked.

“So…” Sonata looked up into her sisters eyes. “Why does that mean we can’t be friends?”
Adagio gave a small whimper. “You aren’t making this any easier for me you know.”

And this moment is one that could be frozen and kept forever. I've never seen a depiction of Adagio being vulnerable in quite that way before. Very touching to read.

Wow, I love the twist here. In the beginning, I thought it was Sonata with the issue. I love this fanfic, well done

I love this explanation for Sour Sweet, and I didn't even see it coming! The dialogue is great too, humorous and natural.

Sonata is so pure at heart and optimistic where she never has been around certain aspect of people, such as a person with a split personality or a person with schizophrenia and such. Adagio as a older sister has to break it down for her younger sister bit by bit so she can understand for that she never actually have been around someone with that type of problem for only that she only wanted a friend. It’s hard for people with such a disorder to bong with people and I think this story can be reflected on a very slice of life feel. And I love it.

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