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Adagio thought she was the best there ever was. She always thought and assured that she brought her sisters to victory, or at least got close to it, and that her sisters always screwed up. Well... she was wrong. And now, she thinks differently...

Rated Teen for swearing

Cover from the comic 'Rainbow Rocks Epilogue' from RileyAV!

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It really goes overlooked too often, but the sirens, least of all Adagio, are not to blame for losing their magic, at least not in the sense that they screwed up somewhere in the plan.

What exactly happened in Rainbow Rocks? The sirens expertly manipulated everyone around them, with Aria and Sonata following Adagio's orders every step of the way (even if Aria wishes it were her orders), her plan goes perfectly, and the Rainbooms wind up trapped under the stage and at each others' throats, exactly as the sirens needed them to be to get their full power back.

And then, Spike pops up with Vinyl Scratch in tow, explains that she can't hear the sirens' songs because she never takes her headphones off and thus isn't effected by their magic, and she uses her transforming car to provide the music for the Rainbooms to sing at them, with Sunset somehow pushing them to Godzilla-sized crystal alicorn power.

I have a few questions about this: How did Spike find her? If Vinyl can't hear anything on account of never taking her headphones off, how did she hear Spike? Why did she decide to follow the random, talking dog she might not have been able to hear in the middle of the night? Where did she get a car that just so happens to double as exactly what the Rainbooms needed at the time? One could also ask why the Rainbooms' magic just instantly destroyed the sirens' when Sunset got involved, but that's kind of a staple by this point.

The best answer I can find for all is 'because the good guys would have lost otherwise.' The sirens didn't fail due to incompetence on the part of Aria, Adagio, or Sonata, they failed because they were supposed to fail and their enemies were bailed out by dumb luck.

That in mind, how is any of that Adagio's fault, let alone Aria or Sonata's?

The premise of this fic is fine, by the way, the three of them lashing out in anger and frustration at being cheated, but if they're all thinking they made mistakes, what would those be? The only one I can think of would be giving Sunset a chance to sing, and even then, they may have just been winding up their next attack only for the Rainbooms to have shot faster.

Sometimes, one must be brought down to their foundation to rebuild.

I loved this. Honestly, I could relate to Adagio in this, a LOT.

to be honest for a one-shot it was good, pretty much exactly what I like to read, just really short.

Hey, awesome story ^-^ You've given me an idea for one... hm... Gotta go write. *dashes off* (In 10 seconds flat :rainbowlaugh:)

Wow. What an emotional one-shot! I enjoyed it! Nearly cried myself!:raritycry:


Okay, here's the thing about this one, Gen. I understand what you were going for with this story, what with having the sirens lash out at one another after failing at their big plan until it eventually goes too far, but in execution... I just felt it fell flat, for one major reason. What's that reason, you may ask? Simple: the problem with this story in particular is that it's never explained clearly to Adagio how it's Adagio's fault.

So basically, Aria just yells at Adagio and says that the whole thing is Adagio's fault, and without giving any sort of example of how Adagio's actions screwed them over, Adagio immediately believes it and runs off crying with only the most minimal of resistance? I'm sorry, but that just doesn't come off as believable to me. I have a hard time believing that any of the sirens, least of all Adagio, would break down after just one session of yelling unless they were given an adequate reason to assume that it was all their fault. Because of this, the story comes across as jarring, and it really didn't have to be. All the story needed was Aria giving some reasons why Adagio was the weakest link, and the biggest problem with this story would've been solved. As it is, though, it's a story that portrays Adagio as an incredibly fragile and sensitive individual, which you and I both know is not the case. As a result, the story ends up making little sense, which badly hurts the final product. Not a bad idea, but the poor characterization of Adagio and lack of detail (in both the arguements and the story itself) really does break it for me. Just a bit of criticism from one writer to another. Do with it as you will. Cheers :pinkiesmile:

7244039 I feel that the one way Adagio could be blamed the most (and she herself realize it) was her weak leadership. She was supposed to be the leader of the group, yet they couldn't execute the plan. Aria and Sonata contributed to the failure, of course, but if Adagio was a strong leader, maybe they could have overcome that. She was always dismissive of and contemptuous of the other two Dazzlings, and never really had their respect. She also didn't have their fear, so what was it that made her the leader? She had no outstanding qualities that promoted her over the others. Aria could've been just as good a leader, if not better, and she herself even tried to lead (though it was immediately shut down by Adagio.)

There’s a similar argument involved with Chrysalis’s invasion where the villains plan all went off without a hitch and they only lost due to deuce ex machina

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