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Sonata (somehow) convinces her sisters to watch old monster movies with her.

(Warning: Lighthearted approaches to dark issues such as suicide attempts, domestic violence and Matthew Broderick.)

***Featured on 1/11/2017***

Updates will come when the muse strikes. Chapters can be read as stand-alones.

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Only monster movies? (Just asking)

Okay, this is good and I want to see how it turns out.

Ever since an event a few years ago involving killer clowns, outerspace, a messy bed sheet, one embarrassed Sonata and one even more annoyed Aria, Sonata was now no longer to watch anything deemed over a PG-13 rating.

Geez, why does that sound familiar...

“What’s a sugar daddy?” Sonata asked.
“About three grand a day and an express ticket away from the two of you.”

My reaction...

You’re blue, I’m pink and Adagio’s yellow!

I know Aria is pink in her human form, but I always call her purple because her siren body is purple and her hair subconsciously affects the way I perceive her, chromatically. It's odd.

They called her 'mom' and she didn't so much as roll her eyes... with Sonata's (hilariously idiotic) adoption comment, is Adagio actually their mother here?

Slice of life comedy with hints of internal struggles and character depth? Count me intrigued. :pinkiesmile:

Not much of a movie person in general, so I don't have many recommendations... Do they just have to feature monsters, be something in the horror genre, or specifically old, cheesy monster movies? If the latter, I haven't seen a single one, so I can't make any suggestions. :twilightsheepish:

Since we're on the subject of kaiju, can Godzilla be next?

Ok, my suggestions are:
Them, The Giant Claw, Gremlins, Critters, Leprechaun and Attack of the killer tomatoes.

I'm thinking along the lines of: Carnosaur, Sharknado, and Cujo (there are quite a few others in my mind, but I'm uncertain it would keep the Teen Rating).

Have them watch "The Giant Claw". :pinkiecrazy:

Here's a few

Pacific rim.

Godzilla Mothra king chidora giant monster's all out attack.

Godzilla final wars

Cool cat *to me its a monster movie*

Kamen rider Amazons *the new one on amazon prime*

Let's go with something scary like IT or The Thing.
jurrasic park or world are also good

This one was a bit of a roller-coaster, but it (apparently) ends on the cute note that they care. :pinkiehappy:

We need giant bugs!!!! Them, Tarantula, The Black Scorpion Oh The Thing From Another World!!! The black and white one the Kurt Russell one. The Blob!!!

Sorry:twilightsmile:. Love the story by the way

!!! Island of Terror! Hmm maybe a bit to scary. Sorry for geeking out on the oldies.:twilightblush:


MOTHRA IS BEST KAIJU!!! :flutterrage:

“I know right. That would be like doing a movie about Batman and Superman fighting and finding someway to and shoehorn in Wonder Woman.”

Oh my god this made me laugh so hard.

I think there is a movie called 'Eight legged freaks' which is about giant man-eating spiders, terrifying for arachnaphobs (Adagio maybe) but funny for everyone else
There is also a short horror film on youtube called 'Red ballon' but you have to pay attention to everything

I don't have any movie suggestions, but I've gotta ask; does Sonata ever get any kind of comeuppance for all the crap she puts the others through? I get that her shenanigans are supposed to be comedy, but there's a point at which it spills over into abuse.

It's the same in every other siren fic I see; Sonata torments them for giggles, Aria usually joining in to pick on Adagio a little more, and they (or just Adagio) endlessly put up with it while seeking no sort of retribution, doing nothing whatsoever to prevent more of it. If anything, Adagio is usually depicted as being in the wrong if she's ever the slightest bit upset with either of them for any of it. It's all take, no give, and at this point, it just hurts to watch, especially in this story where Adagio flat-out tells the others she's the only one doing anything remotely useful (though I remember it was established early that they apparently have plenty of money as is) and they have nothing to say to their defense.

Aria isn't much better, but I get the feeling that that's supposed to be obvious, narrative-wise.

I don't have a specific movie in mind, but I hope one of them makes Aria and Sonata (or at least one or the other) realize just how they've been acting.

pretty cool to see this chapter come out of the 37th anniversary of "Alien".

Have them watch The Giant Claw!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

For good scares for Sonata, and maybe even Aria, have them watch "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", the 70s version with Donald Sutherland. "The Thing" would be another good one Aria might like (i get the feeling she's more of a splatterfilm fan), and maybe for some laughs, the greatest "So Bad, Its Good" movie "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"". Just some suggestions

After i saw Alien i couldn't fall asleep that night.

Ghidorah is an absolute must. The concept of a three headed dragon from space is too good a fuel for laughter to pass up. Especially if Sonata wonders what it would be like if they were stuck together like that.

If u can have them watch aliens vs predator and also Jurassic world cause u have a picture of in this fic

What was she playing a dating sim? Or have I read too many romantic/clop stories?

I like this! Please don't forget about it!

Be funny if they saw one of the old Odyssey movies, just to see their reaction to how Sirens are portrayed.

Really liking this story, and the balance of comedic sirens with serious ones. Quite impressed how jovial you've managed to make the toaster thing sound. Personally I'd quite like to see them watch Silent Hill, as well as being quite different I think it'd be funny to see Adagio making eyes at the zombie nurses and Pyramid Head.

I think she was either camming or RPing Harley Quinn and the Joker.

Carnival of Souls. The fifties one, not that shitty mid-nineties travesty. Or maybe Bride of Frankenstein.

*Blinks to itself* as amusing as this is... Harley Aria. uhm. huh. never thought id see nor think of that.

*quietly goes to the horror movie list*

Shaun of the dead? Dawn of the dead? hmm. ooh, how about Flight of the living dead outbreak on a plane?

okay, yes. i do zombie movies. i think id find that one amusing, but theres a solid set of suggestions about here.

Gamera is friend to all children... even thousand year old ones. :pinkiehappy:

Can you include the Humane Six sometime?

and Matthew Broderick.


“It’s not ever yet!”

2 suggestions
1) Ghidorah the three headed monster - 1964 flick, bit tame by today's standards but no worse than Gamera.
2) Razorback - Aussie giant wild pig movie, this one might freak out all 3 sisters.

“Since when does Kong get stronger with lightening?!”

Because he lost weight, duh! 'lightning':twilightsmile:

Which pleased her greatly, as Friday nights were always were the worst in her opinion.

Too many 'were's. You'll have Were-wolves next!

“Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a taco in my eye!”


They had traveled all across this world over hundreds of years, yet whenever she this small graced her senses, she knew she was home.

this smell

“Was that your reason for voting for the nasty man in Germany too?” Sonata spat.
“You leave mein schatz out of this…. You have no idea what we had.” Aria spat.

卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐

They were sisters, and they did love eachother. But… damn did they clash.

space needed
Aria drew a facehugger on Dagi didn't she?:pinkiehappy:

Oh god I missed this story xD

"Let the reign of Sonata begin!" she thought giddily to herself.

More and more, I'm hoping her lies and manipulation fall on her in a karmic avalanche, on top of her self-serving shenanigans in general. Implications of drawing on her face are a start, I guess.

Still, it is nice to see Aria and Adagio more or less not completely hating each other after last chapter, and Aria even letting go of things rather than going off over them. Or, at least being too apathetic to bother. That's something I guess.

Wow, that joke about the name of the movie. :rainbowlaugh:

Gotta love the Sumerians, who have contributed to our modern world: Cuneiform writing, glue, and demons. :twilightoops:

"I’d be his thing any day of the week,”

Even in the context of that term within the movie, I can see it. :pinkiecrazy: ...Not going to comment on the bit about the man bun. Just not going to.

And so the reason for the title is revealed, the Thing has no form of its own so it steals the form of others.

The last few lines killed me.

Also I'm okay with Adagio x Kurt russell

“I heard at the end of this movie its revealed Kong and Godzilla’s mothers are both called Mothra.”


Another good chapter though I caught 1 mistake:

this other with

this over with



Do classic zombie. Have them argue over the original Night of the Living Dead or the remake.

How did I not find this story sooner? This is pure gold. So many possibilities!

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