• Published 30th Apr 2016
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The Dazzlings Watch Monster Movies - CGPH

Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze and Adagio Dazzle watch some old monster movies.

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King Kong Versus Godzilla

Has Harley been a bad girl?” The words appeared on her screen.

Aria grinned and typed, “Yes she has, Mista J.”

You know what that means?

Yes Mista J?

“Hey, Aria.”

Aria slammed down the laptop screen and glared daggers at her sister.


Sonata instantly shrank down behind the bedroom door.

“I-I was wondering if you want to watch another movie with me?”

Aria’s death stare turned into a confused frown. “Why would I want to do that?”

“Th-They’re doing a marathon of monster movies e-every night. And you enjoyed last night’s soo… I thought…” Sonata looked like she was beginning to realize this was a bad idea.

And it was exact that image of her younger sister shrinking away behind her door that regrettably, made Aria’s heart melt.

She sighed.

“Ugh… fine. Just… lemme finish here.”

Sonata’s sulk turned into a bright smile.

“Goody! I’m going to get us some snacks!”

With that Sonata disappeared, pulling Aria’s door shut with her.

Aria looked down at the laptop on her knees and sighed. She wouldn't be 'finishing' quite the way she hoped she would be.

Aria entered the living room and was actually pleasantly surprised at what she saw. Sonata had set up a bowl of chips and popcorn on the coffee table (not in the same bowl, this time) and had her duvet pulled in from her bedroom and spread across the couch.

Aria hid her slight smirk and made her way over to the sofa.

“What are we watching?”

“MAHN VERSUS GAWD!” Sonata exclaimed loudly.





“Will you st-“


“Sonata, I understand literally none of these ref-“

“It’s King Kong Versus Godzilla! That’s what we’re watching,” Sonata smiled.

“Rightt,” Aria pulled up the duvet and joined her under it. “This one better not be in black and white.”

“It’s not! It’s actually the first time either of these monsters appeared in color!”

“… Since when do you know so much about monsters?”

“Duh, helloooo? I love movie monsters.”

Aria frowned.

“Er no you don’t.”

“I do too!”

“Sonata you’ve seen two monster movies.”

“Yes! And I loved them both!”

“You wet the bed watching the first one!”

“But I didn’t wet the bed watching the second one!”

“No, you just crawled into bed with Adagio and kept her awake with your snoring.”

“Exactly, I slept like a baby!”

“Ugh! Whatever,” Aria picked up the bowl of popcorn and began eating.

The movie began to start.

“By the way,” Aria whispered. “Adagio called earlier, 'said she’ll be working late tonight.”

“So she won’t be joining us?” Sonata asked, pushing out her bottom lip.

Aria shook her head.

“Ahh well… more snacks for us!” Sonata grabbed.

A few minutes passed of the two just eating and enjoying the movie. Though enjoying wouldn’t really be the word Aria would use to describe it.

“That is literally the fakest monkey suit I have ever seen,” she remarked as Kong made his first appearance.

“Of course it looks fake, silly, that’s because it’s not real.”

Aria opened her mouth to respond, but closed it again.

She couldn’t really argue with that.

“I like King Kong!” Sonata said.

“Makes a lot of noise, destroys everything he touches and is unusually hairy, I can see why,” Aria replied, not missing a beat.

“Yeah, well if you were in this movie you’d be Godzilla.”

“Oh, why?”

“Cold ugly reptile.”

Aria looked at Sonata with shock.


Sonata started giggling. “Only joking, you’d be the evil businessman.”

Aria shrugged.

That wasn’t much better, but again, she couldn’t argue.

“Is that a giant Octopus?” she asked, her attention turning back to the movie.

“Yep!” Sonata replied cheerfully.

“…why's there a giant Octopus in the movie? Were two monsters like, not enough?"

“I know. That'd be like doing a movie about Batman and Superman andshoehorning in Wonder Woman.”

“Yeah. That would suck.”

The two nodded in agreement. Then, Aria turned to her sister in confusion.

“Okay wait so… why have they captured Kong?”

Because,” Sonata swallowed her chips. “The business man doesn’t like all the attention Godzilla’s getting and he wants his own monster.”

“That’s… pretty dumb.”

“Almost as dumb as trying to make toast in the bath," she giggled.

Aria sighed and face palmed. “Sonata, that’s not what I was doing.”

“What were you doing?”

“I was… Ugh, doesn’t matter," she groaned. “Why are they spending so much time on the human characters?”

“Because we have to understand the story!”

Aria frowned. Again. She seemed to be doing that a lot recently.

“Who wants a story focusing on the human characters in a movie about two giant monsters fighting?”

“Gareth Edwards, probably.”


“I heard at the end of this movie its Kong and Godzilla bond when they find out both their mothers are both called Mothra.”

“Are you being weird again?”

“Yes,” Sonata giggled.

Aria sighed. “At least the Godzilla suit looks decent, considering.”

“Considering what?”

“Considering the stupid design.”

“What do you mean stupid design?” Sonata frowned.

“The one from the new one is way better.”

“With Aaron Taylor Johnson?”

“What? No, the one before that.”

Sonata stopped watching the movie and turned to Aria.

“With Matthew Broderick?”


“…who are you and what have you done to my sister.”

“What?” Aria spat. “I liked that movie.”

“It’s a terrible representation of Godzilla!”

“Oh psst! Sonata you literally didn’t know what Godzilla was until yesterday.”

“And even I know it’s a terrible representation of him!”

“Ugh… whatever,” Aria crossed her arms.

The two girls settled down and turned their attention back to the movie.

They managed to stay silent for a full twenty minutes… before Sonata leaned in and began to whisper to Aria.

“Pst. Aria.”

Aria groaned.

“What, Sonata?”

“I have to pee, can you pause it?”

“It’s live TV.”

“Oh...” Sonata said sadly.

Out of the corner of her eye Aria could see Sonata exaggeratedly crossing her legs.

She could only take a few moments of her awkward wriggling before she sighed again.

“Go pee, I’ll tell you what happens.”

Sonata’s mood did a one-twenty.

“Thank you, Aria!” She quickly dashed out the room.

Aria patiently waited for Sonata to return. If she was perfectly honest... the movie was actually okay.

In the sort of crappy annoying kind of way. Even Sonata was being tolerable.

In the sort of crappy annoying kind of way.

Not much was happening on screen, just more people talking again.




She heard the toilet flush and Sonata come bounding in.

“What? What happened?”

“L-Look!” Aria cried.

On the screen the remarkably bad monkey suit was floating through the sky above a city… being suspended by giant red balloons.

Sonata snorted, “Okay, that’s pretty funny.”

Sonata sat down and re-snuggled herself under the duvet. “Why are they doing that?”

“I’v-I’ve no idea Sonata bUT LOOK AT IT!” Aria said, taking another video of the screen.

“Aria! You said you’d tell me what happened!”

“Okay, okay,” Aria calmed down. “Erm, the humans are taking him to go fight Godzilla so they fight each other.”

“Ooooh there he is!” Sonata squeaked as Kong approached Godzilla.

“Are they remaking this?”

“Yeah I think so.”

“They need to keep that scene in.”

Sonata smiled.

“You know Aria, I’m really happy that you’re enjoyin-“

“DID HE JUST SHOVE A TREE IN GODZILLA’S MOUTH!?” Aria started to applaud.

“Who do you want to win?”

“Godzilla, obviously! He’s just like me, remember?”

“I want Kong to win.”

“C’mon Godzilla, hand it to him.”

“Come on Kongy! That’s it, grab his tail!”

“Kill him with fire!”

“Get up Kong!”

“That’s it, chuck rocks at him!”

“Woohoo Kon-“

“Wait that’s SO CHEATING!”

“It’s so not!”

“Since when does Kong get stronger with lightning?!”

“Since always!”

“No way!”

“Yes way!”

“Doesn’t matter, Godzilla will still win.”

“Oh yeah?”


“What were you saying?” Sonata smirked.





“Hehe, thank you.”

“Oh, oh wait! Yes! YES KONG!”

Sonata quick leaped up onto her feet. Both hers and Aria’s bowl of snacks were sent spiraling off in different direction, smashing and covering the floor in popcorn and crisps.

“OH COME ON! HE SO CHEATED! GORILLA’S CAN’T EVEN SWIM!” Aria threw her arms up in the air.

“Lizards can’t breathe fire. If Godzilla can breathe fire, then Kong is allowed to swim and get stronger with lightening!”

“Whatever!” Aria sulked. “The movie was stupid anyway.”

“Was not!”

“Was too!”

“You so enjoyed it!”

“Did not!”

“So you’re not denying the fact you didn’t enjoy the movie?” Sonata raised an eyebrow.

“What…? Yes? UGH whatever, I’m going to bed!”

Aria threw the duvet off herself and stormed out the room.

“And clean that mess up!”

Sonata giggled as Aria slammed the door.

Then she looked around and saw the mess.

She stopped giggling.