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Sunset Shimmer might not mind losing her magic, but the Dazzlings definitely do.

Feeling robbed after the Battle of the Bands, the three of them retreat to the inner city part of Canterlot, where the risk of spontaneous magic cars and rainbow death-rays is hopefully a little smaller. Months later, they're still no closer to fixing the gems and getting back to business, so Aria opts to take matters into her own hands in the only way she knows how:


...It doesn't go as planned.

For another dose of snake-arm sirens, Equestria Girls, and some other stuff, check mayorlight's gallery!

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Well...That certainly happened.

A little confused, but I want to see where this goes.

That picture reminds me of an old he-man villain.

Edit:I had to Google it, they just look a bit similar, that’s all.

Other than that...well, why the heck not? I'm tracking.

0:15 Dagi's new walk cycle

Rainbow Bullshit 9000

I'm more partial to Rainbow Horse Jesus personally.

Hmm. Adagio is happy about that? Very interesting.

Well, now I have a new thing I need to watch.

I have no idea where this story can possible go, but I can't wait to find out.

Well, this promises to be a fun and weird tale. And yeah, Dagi would be pleased at how Ria and Nata look - she's probably sick of being an oversized hairless monkey.

"Thanks. Anywho, it doesn't really matter now, right? 'Cuz we've pretty much got our old magic plus instant-sexytime-teleport?"

There is absolutely nothing I can say that can make this sentence any more golden. In fact, you need to reread the rest of this guy's fics just to comprehend this man's level of comedic genius. As in now you fussy plebs.

HAHAHAHA oh man love this story. Keep up the great work.

I...I don't know. I just don't.

Why can't I stop reading this?

Aria seems to drop the panic/concern at being Adagio's appendage pretty quickly, somewhere toward the beginning of this.

Of course, until it's time to go to the bathroom... :rainbowderp:

And reality ensues. Priceless.

I'm honestly surprised it took Adagio that long to realize that having other people replace your arms would be a real problem for all three involved. I guess she was really desperate for magic.

"Ray of Enfeeblement"?
Is... is this the D&D version of the monster? Is this like the webcomic Spinnerette where all the original versions of the game had to be supressed for having real occult information in them (in fact, that comic has a character who turns herself into a drider using one of those books... although that was on purpose, not accidental).

I was thinking that with a premise like "magic book turns two people into sapient snake-arms," there wasn't much use worrying about whether or not everything made sense. As such, the book might be what amounts to an enchanted Oriental Adventures manual.

That's the first (and pretty much only) place I ever heard of the Hebi No Onna, so listing its given abilities rather than apparently making them up as I go felt more cohesive. The hypnosis ability was probably the one the artist was thinking of when they drew the cover image.

Well, having that confirmed, the Sirens are probably misinterpreting what a "Globe of Invulnerability" does, so it's a good thing they didn't try to test it.

... Though personally I don't remember Hebi No Onna in Oriental Adventures but I think I saw one in a Ravenloft thing back in 2nd edition.

I love how cuddly Adagio is with the other two!

7029811 They need a bidet like yesterday, at any price. :rainbowderp:

Teeth-meltingly adorable, but so odd.

Is it just me, or is this starting to look like a sex comedy?

I wasn't the only one thinking it either?

I mean, they now have two extra tongues! That can go anywhere. And they can't get any privacy from each other... and reasonably share sensations... and can hypnotize half-eager slaves...

Edit: To put it another way, I can't stop thinking about the Power Perversion Potential.

And then there's the way that Adagio is fawning over her sisters arms... and Sonata not caring... :rainbowderp:

Aria kind of wanted to roll a thief in that game now, but she doubted any of them could even pick up a character sheet without tearing through it.

Most likely.

"Servants," grumbled Adagio, more than a hint of a blush on her frustrated face, "we were supposed to go looking for servants right away to help with... things." She glanced at Aria and groaned. "I know, I know, it's my own fault for fawning over you two instead of getting straight to work with the book."

It really is.

Frowning a little, Aria rolled the thought around in her head. "Well, don't beat yourself up. Even if we got some brain-slaves right away, I don't think it'd make much difference." When Adagio looked back at her in confusion, she flicked a back-fin upward, the equivalent of a shrug. "I mean, even if you had somebody else there, we'd still be attached to you when you needed to go."

She has a point.

Adagio sat wide-eyed for a moment, then slammed Aria's face against her own forehead.
"OW! Don't beat me up either!!"

This is amazing.

"That sounds boring! I'd rather be licking free snow-cones! All the free snow-cones!"
Aria rolled her eyes. "We can pig out when we've got the Rainbooms wallowing in mud naked for everyone to point and laugh at for our amusement, like pigs!!"

You two have issues.

Regardless, she stood up as the argument continued, looked around for a means of silencing her bickering appendages, and spied a pair of dirty socks that had been left out again. She exerted control, quickly thrust Aria and Sonata's heads toward the socks, and scooped both up in such a manner as to make muzzles out of them; one for each mouth. This granted her a second of peace before both heads registered the stench now covering their mouths and noses. Sonata tried to push her sock (it was indeed one of her socks) off with the tip of her tongue... with predictable results, by the enhanced look of anguish in her eyes. Their expressions and the pained, muffled complaints suggested that Adagio had found her new means of punishment.

*Evil giggle*

"ShutthefuckupAria," Sonata loud-whispered through clenched teeth before looking at Adagio with a wide, panicked smile, "Yea, totally, lesson learned, haha! We'll be super good, promise!" The smile cracked. "Please don't do that again."

Sonata swearing. Unexpectedly hilarious.

She got a slight scowl. "Even if I weren't much wider than you," she said with a meaningful hip-sway, "I sincerely worry about your circulation sometimes."


Sonata's stare was almost lecherous. "Yea they would." The two slightly perturbed stares snapped her out of it. "What? Picking outfits might be a little harder now, but at least we got to keep Dagi's great ass!"
Adagio raised an eyebrow. "You're part of my body now too, you know."
She smiled almost proudly. "Doesn't mean I can't appreciate it!"

... I, can't fault her logic.

Before long, she spotted a pinkish girl with wild, green hair, dressed in a dark, reddish-purple school uniform and a plaid skirt. She moved carelessly down the street, eyes closed and head bobbing along to the beat only she could hear through her pink headphones. The sight of her made Adagio grit her teeth, remembering the girl that had, out of nowhere, appeared precisely when she was needed with precisely what was needed to stop them at the Battle. This likeness would be a fitting first victim.

Lemon Zest. Also, yes, the famous Deus ex Vinyl Scratch.

She indeed did neither of those things, but she did raise an arm to point at Sonata. "You got a talkin' eel!" It was more like a fishy snake-thing, but still!
There was a moment of audible silence as Adagio processed the statement. "Y...Yes. Yes, I do. Two, actually."


Aria took her cue, popping out and lightly shaking her head. "Man, that's a crick in the neck."

Oh why not, imma do it. Ten THOUSAND YEARS will give you SUCH a crick in the neck!

Slave #1's jaw dropped as she raised the other hand to point at Aria. Adagio chuckled at this. "Magnificent, are they not? Count yourself in high fortune, for from this day onward, these beautiful creatures will be among those you call 'Master.'" Her malicious smile slowly slipped away as the girl continued to gawk, pointing at random heads with both arms. "...What?!"

Shouldn't it be Mistress?

"You got two talkin' eels! I haven't seen anything this freaky since the Friendship Games!"

Hm, post FG then.

There was another pause. Aria cocked her head a little. "I can't tell, is this one bewitched or just another nutcase?"


The girl chuckled. "Nah, it's pretty much the same back home. 'Go here, Lemon, do this, Lemon, wear that, Lemon.' But, hey," she said with a shrug, "all the wealthy families are like that, right?" Her words came without resentment or bitterness, but carried an air of tired acceptance.

Wow, that's, kinda sad.

Aria looked just slightly uncomfortable. "Yea. Seconding that. I thought you were scary before..."

She's good at it.

"Only because you were blessed with the likeness of our old bodies," she hissed, "will I not slap you for that blasphemy." There was a pause as she took in the wide-eyed stares of her arms. "...And, y'know. No hands."

That bad?

"YES," she groaned in exasperation, "the bangs are the only part I bother brushing, and even then it's strictly to keep them off my face!" Shoulders drooping, she let out a sigh. "I know, I know, it's soft and warm when it needs to be, not as heavy as you might think when it's wet, but, still...?"
"You miss having scales," came Sonata's guess, "not just because yours were super golden and shiny, but for that pretty-much-invincible thing we had going back home? That was half the reason the pony wizard guy couldn't touch us, right?"

Sounds like it.



Is it just me, or is this starting to look like a sex comedy?

Yes and it is absolutely great. With all of your stories being mostly chaste, this kind of change of pace feels oddly fresh.

Also, Non-shameless-Dagio.

Lemon Minion is Best Minion.

But yeah, new garments would be wise. And Lemon can afford it.

Is it just me, or is this starting to look like a sex comedy?


If it's ambiguous as to whether or not Lemon is properly indoctrinated or just kinda going along with things for the time being, it's a bit of both. Will probably make more sense next chapter.

Well, it makes sense that someone with the right type of personality would see more effects from hypnosis than others. Some kinds of mind-control aren't strong enough to make someone do anything strongly against their nature, but if their nature is to play along, then you're fine.


Halloweentown 3 went into this as the macguffin; compulsion and mind-control spells exist, but you can't make someone do something they would never do. Naturally the macguffin is an amulet of Absolute Control.

I'm having so much fun with this. Please keep going :twilightsmile::heart:

Aria lifted her head enough to peek out of her sleeve. "We came with a manual," she deadpanned, "just get us somewhere with nobody around."


"Kimono," answered Lemon, "you don't really see a lot of 'em around here, but they're still a regular item for certain traditional families."
Adagio raised an eyebrow. "Are we in such fortune that your own lineage is so inclined?"
Lemon blinked. "Lineage... that's the word granddad uses when he means-" then she smiled, "-wait, yea!"

I get the feeling this is gonna be fun.

That, or Sonata was feeling frisky, but Aria firmly leaned toward the former.

Wise move.

Aria rolled her eyes. "Between wanting to look and sound like the queen of the world when talking to her subjects, all that time she spent cooped up in her room thinking about making everyone bow to her again, that she usually narrated the bad guys for that game with the books when we could tear her away from the gems for a while, and that she's pretty much always just loved being a supervillain? Take your pick."

Good point.

Adagio now stood before a full-length mirror in a changing room of the shop dealing in foreign clothing. Lemon Zest had proven surprisingly knowledgeable about far-eastern attire, her family apparently being of the culture themselves), but Adagio was not thrilled about the kimono she had helped them into. It wasn't the color that bothered her, even if Sonata seemed a little sour that the first one they tried on was a dark-purple thing with black trim. They'd eventually settled on having two kimonos and doing a coin-toss every morning to decide whether they'd wear the one they had on now, or a much brighter, pink one with white trims that day. Her sisters' competitive streak against each other was confusing at the best of times, but it was something Adagio indulged just to get some peace sooner.

Fair enough.

The effect this time was much clearer as the girl's irises momentarily glowed red, her jaw slackening and her posture slipping to a sleepy slouch. Then she smiled. "Y-yes," she said almost dreamily, "I would love to serve you."

Half tempted to make an NSFW joke.

"Whatever," barked Sonata, "just get our bags!" Suri obeyed, which gave her a tingle of delight, like the first lick of a candy cane! Then she noticed Aria and Adagio giving her perplexed stares, which gave her a tingle of something she didn't like, like the first lick of a pickle. She frowned. "I don't wanna memorize tons of names." Adagio was giving her that I'mma-nuzzle-you smile again, which sent her back to Candy Cane status.

This is hilarious.

"Cities have a lotta people in 'em, huh?"

No. Really?

She thought of reinforcing the spell on Lemon, but didn't want to risk reducing her to a slobbering puppy.


"Alright," Adagio thought aloud, "now what to do with all of you?" There wasn't really room for so many people in their apartment, so this was already getting out of control. "Lemon Zest, where can a party of ten congregate without arousing suspicion?"
Lemon tilting her head had less to do with her incomplete indoctrination, more to do with her incomplete vocabulary. "Huh?"
Aria answered without showing herself. "She means, where can we go without it looking weird? It'd be kinda cramped at our place."

Adagio really likes overdoing it huh?

"Girl, we're at a spa, and you really need to kick back a little."

She's right.

"Please, Master," said Suri with a peaceful smile, "let us tend to you. We couldn't bear the thought of you being unhappy."

Again, shouldn't it be Mistress?

Adagio scowled. "Men are disgusting. I'll employ any amount of the filthy, sweaty, foul-smelling ape-creatures for menial labor-" she glanced up at them, "no offense."
They smiled and responded in unison. "None taken, Master!"
"Good," and back to her arms, "-but none of them are to touch me."

As you wish.

Aria nearly bit her ear off as she leaned over to whisper-snarl. "No. Mexican. Food."

OK then.

Prudedagio? That's a new one.


Again, shouldn't it be Mistress?

It can be, but while 'Mistress' can mean 'woman in authority,' it can also mean someone who is part of an affair, which Adagio, in this interpretation, would rather not be confused with.

Not necessarily a prude, just a little more in control of her libido than the usual depictions (even my own!).

And that's two Crystal Prep students down...

At this point it is difficult not to take SfaCF's Adagio as the most canon Adagio there is, so even a healthy* amount of libidocontrol from Snakedagio is seen as prudism of a highest degree. You could even say, that the contrast between the two is quite dazzling.

* - not really.


At this point it is difficult not to take SfaCF's Adagio as the most canon Adagio there is,

Wait, really? :pinkiegasp:

If you mean that you just really enjoyed that portrayal and now pretty much default to her acting that way, I'm glad the story left such an impression on you, but for the fandom overall, she seems to get a very different characterization. In the stories where she (and usually Aria along with her) isn't just a flat, irredeemable bitch, she typically gets cast as Sunset Shimmer 2.0 (usually being second to her in every way if she's lucky, source material be damned), or some flavor of MamaDagio in my experience.

I don't quite understand the reasoning that of the three seductive sirens, only Adagio is often seen as extremely promiscuous for it. :applejackunsure:

There are plenty of exceptions, of course, but those are the vibes I get as far as the most popular versions go. Getting tired of samey interpretations is one reason I try to write the primary characters just a little different every time. :pinkiesmile:

I think the key value is a combo of
- believability
- depth based on undisputable 'what there already is'
- how well it upholds to the spirit of a source.
Where your Adagio(s) annihilates any competition.

The most popular interpretations are always the obvious and superficial ones, doesn't make them the best.

I don't quite understand the reasoning that of the three seductive sirens, only Adagio is often seen as extremely promiscuous for it. :applejackunsure:

Because Sonata is tacos and Aria is a grump, while Adagio is a lead singer and "my lead". Also the highest amount of onscreen hip swings per minute.


I think the key value is a combo of
- believability
- depth based on undisputable 'what there is'
- how well it upholds to the spirit of a source.

Hm. I guess that makes sense.

Where your Adagio(s) annihilates any competition.

They certainly feel right to me, during the writing process. :pinkiesmile:

The most popular interpretations are always the obvious ones, doesn't make them the best.

I wish I could have this sentence coated in gold and grafted to the front page of the site. Or, at least coated in steel and swung hard enough to leave a dent in the shape of the words. Maybe super-heated and used to brand it like a cow.

Because Sonata is tacos and Aria is a grump, while Adagio is a lead singer and "my lead". Also the highest amount of onscreen hip swings per minute.

Ahh, yes, how could I forget? It's the same line of thinking that Twilight (either one) might as well be named Books.
I still don't like the name 'Muffins.'

Adagio gets type-cast as promiscuous because she spends the most time touching other people during their cafeteria song*, which doesn't really mean she's anything more than a tease (and that when feeling confident in her song magic), but some people run with it, because many writers like to have a convenient box for characters.

On a side note, I'm not a big fan of the name "Muffins" but "Derpy" and "Dinky Do" were also terrible, so I'm not upset by it either. Of the three, "Derpy" is probably the worst as an official name, so I'm just glad they didn't totally cave in to what they thought the fans wanted.

*Reactions to that have left me stuck with the head-canon that human Trixie is gay.

*Start* to get crazy?!

Pinkie finds out?!!!

Makes sense, I guess.

I feel like 'Ditzy Doo' works as a pony name, while 'Muffins' is a really weird way to acknowledge a meme. It's not 'Muffin Monday' or 'Fresh Muffins' or even 'Stud Muffin' (which I know aren't great names either and the last would probably make more sense if she were a stallion anyway, but they at least sound pony-ish to me), just "Oh, the fans stick her with muffins to an obsessive degree? Her name is now Muffins."

It's a very small complaint, but it's like if they told us part of Celestia's name was 'Cake.'
...Which would support the theory that she was involved with the creation of Pumpkin and Pound...

I'm sorry, did you want to rub yourselves over every inch of my body with soap in your mouths?


You know, while this is mostly being played for laughs with their transformation, I am still incredibly disturbed by the mind control they're doing to everyone. This chapter really showcased some unpleasant implications with their power with the girl Adagio wiped the memories of. Barring removing extremely horrific memories that leave deep scars in the psyche, I find the thought of someone forcefully wiping a memory to be...horrifying.

So, in short I'm just waiting for this entire mind control phase to backfire horribly on them, either with them doing permanent harm to someone else this way with no way of fixing it or by them trying it on the wrong person and that individual being completely unaffected (could be Sunset Shimmer and company, could be some other supernatural creature, doesn't really matter) and then everything going horribly wrong.

This whole scenario isn't helped because I find the thought of going around with full mobility to being a snake arm on someone else to be a horrifying result and I'm continuously puzzled why Aria and Sonata weren't more upset by this development, powers be damned.

Still, for all the frankly disturbing and somewhat horrifying possibilities here, this has been interesting so far and it hasn't gotten too terribly dark, and I sincerely want to see what happens next.

I can't really answer your questions without spoilers, but I will say that if you're earnestly expecting things to go dark and tragic on a light-hearted, slightly absurd comedy fic, you might be waiting a very long time. :twilightsheepish:

I agree that messing with peoples' will and memories is a bit messed up, though, which is probably why it should be left to the villains. Twilight trying to use the reform spell, Cadence's argument-cancelling magic, and the Elements 'turning Luna back to good' don't count, I guess.

I'd argue that they do count.... Sort of.

You can argue that making Nightmare Moon sane was a necessary evil or the least terrible of a bunch of bad options and/or that the Elements just 'cured' some kind of mental imbalance, like magic Thorazine. I usually lean on the latter, to avoid thinking of the protagonists as mind rapists.

Cadance's using magic to smooth over arguments still seems like a petty abuse of power, even if she argues that she just caused them to remember their feelings rather than directly controlling them.

There's a decent chance the Twilight one was meant to count, though, given that trying to use magic to fix everything even when it's not the right idea is one of Twilight's established character flaws and so is that too much stress (and what's more stressful than Discord?) can make her stop paying attention to how her plans affect others. It's important to remember that just because the protagonist does something doesn't mean the show considers it right.

I've been pretty amazed at how relaxed about this Aria and Sonata are, too.


On the issue of this chapter - I'm glad to see this continue, and I did enjoy the interaction between the sirens. Also, I find it amusing that all of the named servants to date are Crystal Prep students. Given that the lavatory assistant went unnamed, however, I'm going to assume she's a nameless background character rather than someone I like...such as Fleur Dis Lee.

On the issue of mind-altering magic...yeah, I can't justify the good guys doing something like that willy-nilly. Twilight considering something like that against Discord seems like a major last-case scenario, the Ultimate Plan Z - given it was Discord, that might be justified. Can't really say anything about Cadence's magic, but I prefer to think that she's reminding folks of their pre-existing love rather than doing any massive alterations. As for Luna and the Elements...oh, the ambiguities there. Was Nightmare Moon a possessed Luna? Was NMM Luna driven mad by depression and envy? Bit of both? Still justified and done to save her, but still, ambiguity.

Also, if you're taking votes, I'm against you showing the 'Bad End'.

It might not have come across too well, but I was sort of being sarcastic with it 'not counting,' hence bringing it up at all. I don't consider bad behavior to be suddenly okay when the 'good guys' do it, but I probably could have stated that more clearly. :twilightsheepish:

If Aria and Sonata's behavior doesn't make sense by the end of this story, I'm hoping it will by the end of the trilogy.

ForSpite pretty much sums up the mind control stuff below, so I won't ramble. :derpytongue2:

Your vote has been taken into consideration! It's not exactly grim or depressing, but I'm not opposed to skipping the bad ending entirely, as it's just a stray thought of "What would happen if...? Well, pretty much this."

And then we can get to the really interesting thing! :pinkiehappy

Are you talking in relation to snakedagio trilogy or...? I have to say though, I do really wonder what kind of event could conclude this first part of the story as a complete entry - so far it felt like (ridiculously amusing) slice of life dazzlings everyday life in a wacky situation.

The story following this one is something new, I think, but I'd rather not give any spoilers just yet. :pinkiesmile:

7147155 I suppose I am a little disturbed by the casual slavery as well, but I do agree that mind control magic is run rampant in Equestria (there's no way you'll ever get me to agree Mi Amore "love shield" Cadanza only "reminds couples" who already love each other). Consider mine a vote in favor of showing the bad end, even though I'll probably find it disturbing.

May be a bit odd, but all that humanity that our clearly villainous trio(?) pours out, made me want to replay dungeon keeper/evil genious. Regarding Sonata's sex concern, if that will ever happen to them it most deffinitely going to be noisy.

Awww...Sonata and Lemon are bonding. :twilightsmile:

"Wait," asked Sonata, "why do we even need an army? We've totally got plenty of people to do stuff for us anyway, right?"


Aria returned only a passing glance as she looked back at those tending to them. "Kinda... Did you see the way they were looking at you while they scrubbed in the shower? They were eyeing you up. A lot."
Smirking, Adagio wished she had a hand to haughtily brush through her hair. She could have ordered a servant to do it, but it just wouldn't have the same effect. "And this differs from usual how?"

She has a point.

"Of course they were," she replied evenly, "have you seen yourself? Your fins are majestic, your scales are lovely as ever," she quickly moved Aria's head into range for surprise nuzzles, "and who could resist these cute widdle faces?"

I adore the dynamic the Dazzlings have.

Staring straight at the hopefully-not-stolen piece of electronics helped to prevent distraction by scaley cuteness. "Apart from a delayed reaction, they'll adhere to the slightest suggestions? Interesting, but..."

But what?

"Do the words 'be careful what you wish for' mean anything to you? That may apply to us in full now, because if they respond to even passing comments, we-"

She has a point.

"You two," she said with a little smirk, "feed each other!"
Sharing a quick glance, they nodded, faced each other, held out their respective snowcones, and licked the one being offered to them by the other. It was with quiet glee that Sonata noted a growing blush on Adagio's face as she observed this, not commenting on it, but not looking away. Then Aria had to go and spoil the moment.
"You guys are perverts."

And it is hilarious.

Come to think of it, those girls might actually make for fitting concubines, if they're still immune and therefore capable of giving in to our charms under their own free will, but that would hardly be fair to Aria. At the same time, I'm not sure I can stomach letting anyone with a Y chromosome put their hands on me. What do you do when you have different orientations in the same body?!

Heck if I know.

Snake-like eyes were rolled, but Adagio was still in too good a mood to stop smiling. "Because we needed the Rainbooms' magic, remember? Just pinning them down and telling them to argue wouldn't have gotten us nearly as much power. This time, however? There are no such limitations, and we're free to crush them as soon as we're ready."

She's right.

Lemon shrugged, her smile weakening almost imperceptibly. "Well... Y'know how I said my family was strict?" She got two nods, part of her wondering if Aria was asleep. "They are. Really up the butt about tradition, too, about making sure every little thing is done the way it was done hundreds of years ago because reasons. I mean, even Granddad still uses phones and junk, but you know it's only because he couldn't get away with sending messenger pigeons or something instead. Lucky for me, though, I've got a sister that fits the Perfect Princess gig a heck of a lot better than I do; walks straight, always super polite, covers her mouth at the right times (still don't know what that's about), all that crud, so all I had to learn was the fussy stuff for looking nice at boring parties where old people stand around trying to out-compliment each other."

I kinda feel bad for you, that sounds beyond boring.

Lemon's smile slipped away. "Err... N-no, not exactly. The lady in charge, Principal Cinch, makes a big song and dance about how the school's reputation is important, but she only cares so much because that's where most of our funding comes from, sorta. It's the money she cares about, so if a well-paying family wants their dimwit daughter to graduate from the most prestigious-" she pronounced the word as though tasting something foul, "-school around, Cinch isn't above looking the other way for a little extra cash." She had to look away to keep a lump out of her throat. "So, I know I'm not the only one, but I don't really belong at Crystal Prep."

Poor Lemon.

When I said 'two or three and a half more chapters'? I did it again; never trust me when I say 'only X chapters,' because I will always miscalculate that part. On the bright side, I hope to have the next one up soon.

I fail to see how that's a problem, you're a fantastic author.

Come to think of it, those girls might actually make for fitting concubines, if they're still immune and therefore capable of giving in to our charms under their own free will, but that would hardly be fair to Aria.

I feel like this is against the Evil Overlord list but I can't remember an exact rule it violates.

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