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Adagio wants to try something different in bed, which is not a concept new to her and Sunset's relationship. What is new however, is how uncharacteristically shy she’s being about it.

Cover art used with permission by Wubcake

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I don't know why, but I was expecting for Aria and Sonata to enter the room during the end, after Sunset had shouted their names :rainbowlaugh:

This was a nice, adorable, and hilarious fic, CGPHadley. Sunset's and Adagio's interactions were priceless, and very hilarious to read. :twilightsmile:

In addition to the sheer adorableness, the couple was really well-presented here. I got a pretty good sense of their relationship in more than just the bedroom, like they were actual human beings with strong feelings for one another.

Quite enjoyed, nicely done! :twilightsmile:

This was actually a pretty nice story. Sweet and adorable. Just what I needed before going to bed.

well Adagio just does love being adored so i can see how she'd wanna be submissive for someone but be shy about it since she finds herself to be the naturally dominate one...good story:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Like it! Big risk building it up that much, but it paid off. Would now be a good time for everyone to chime in with that they thought it was going to be?

For my part, the breath holding line suggested underwater, and I thought the secret was that Adagio was homesick and wanted to try coupling up beneath the waves, siren-style.

Adorable. I loved it.

Adagio wants to try something different in bed

Is it sleeping?

(reads the story)

Oh...it was that thing she wanted to do.

Good enough. I'll throw you a Like.

That was cute. Like, really cute. Always loved SunDagio and you certainly don't disappoint.

God, that was cute

im showing my naiveness here but little spoon?

7710734 I love that there's a Wikihow for this

So the big spoon essentially shelters the little one, looking towards them from behind, while the little spoon looks out, much as how two spoons sit atop one another in the cutlery drawer.

In this example, the big spoon is on the left, the little one on the right:


Okay, with how well you wrote the couple here, and the whole basis of the story concerning the ever so dominant Adagio and her protected Sunset Shimmer SWITCHING ROLES somewhat...was pretty darn cute, I can't lie. You, my friend, get a like and a mustache: :moustache:

“No! We already agreed, never again.”


How I and probably Sunset felt throughout the majority of this story

Sunset wasn't even religious, yet Adagio was the kind of girl she'd feel guilty taking into a church.

That bad, huh? :rainbowlaugh:

I thoroughly enjoyed the story, sweet and a lot of fun to read. Also,

“Adagio you’re the most out-going, over-confident ego-centric person I’ve ever met, no offence.”

While Adagio might not be offended, I bet that somewhere the great and powerful Trixie is feeling very offended and doesn't know why.

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