• Published 30th Apr 2016
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The Dazzlings Watch Monster Movies - CGPH

Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze and Adagio Dazzle watch some old monster movies.

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“So King Kong won?” Adagio asked.

She and Sonata were sat on the living room couch. It was a Friday night, and Adagio’s ever changing work-rota scheduled today as her day off. Which pleased her greatly, as Friday nights were always the worst in her opinion. It was always ridiculously busy, and the only thing that she had to look forward to was that she’d have to do all again tomorrow. But god forbid she used this day off to relax.

Not while she has Sonata as a sister.

“Yep!” Her youngest sister beamed.

“Only because he cheated.” Aria’s sour voice entered the room. She made her way over to the couch and placed two bowls of snacks on the coffee table. She then sat on the recliner beside the sofa and turned her attention back to Adagio.

“He got some stupid lightening power out of nowhere.”

“I was going to say… they don’t seem very evenly matched if it was regular Kong.” Adagio said, unsure. “Isn’t he only like twenty foot tall?”

Aria thought for a minute. She turned to Sonata.

“She’s right, why was Kong so big anyway?”

Sonata shrugged. “Sciencey stuff.”

“Sounds more like an excuse to not have Godzilla kill him immediately.” Aria spat.

“You’re just saying that because you’re Team Godzilla!” Sonata spat back.



“Girls can you not.” Adagio stopped them politely. “Just, please, not tonight. Sonata what are we watching?”

Sonata instantly perked up again. “Rodan!”

Aria and Adagio looked at eachother.

“What’s Rodan?” Adagio asked.

“It’s not Rodan.” Sonata shook her head. “It’s Rodan!”

“That’s what I said.” Adagio said blankly.

“Nooo, you said Rodan.”


“It’s Rodan!, with an exclamation point! You have to say it really cheerfully.”

Adagio rolled her eyes. “What’s Rodan! about?” She said in an over the top voice.

“Flying dinosaur!” She replied giddily.

“Lemme guess,” Aria sighed. “Is it from Japan?”


“Hooray.” Aria mocked. “More rubber suits.”

“Would have thought you’d have liked that, Aria.” Adagio smirked.

The three girls all stopped what they were doing.

“S-shut up.” Aria blushed.

“…ermmm,” Sonata interjected. “So I’m going to play the movie now.”

Sonata fiddled with the remote and the movie began to play. She took a bowl of the snacks Aria had brought in and settled into the sofa eagerly. Adagio took a hand full of the snacks off her and began to eat them herself. Aria simply stared at the TV in boredom.

It was about twenty minutes into the movie before anyone spoke.

“I thought this was about a giant dinosaur?” Aria asked.

“It is.” Sonata nodded.

“So what’s with the giant bugs?”

Sonata shrugged. “I dunno.”

“They did this with Kong and Godzilla.” Aria crossed her arms. “Why does Japan feel the need to include as many monsters in their films as they can?”

“Perhaps it’s to normalize the concept of giant animals to make what’s going on more believable?” Adagio suggested.

Aria was taken back. “Somebody getting into the movie?” She teased.

“Oh Aria lighten up. Nothing wrong with enjoying a stupid movie. I’ve tolerated being around you two for the past thousand years.” Adagio snapped back.

“So you’re enjoying it?” Aria smirked.

“I don’t see why you’re not.” She huffed. “I get the feeling you’re just making it out to be worse than it actually is because Sonata suggested it.”

“That’s not true.” Aria waved her off.

“All you’ve done is complain about watching these movies since Wednesday night.” Adagio retorted.

“That’s because the first one was in black and white and had a turtle with rocket legs. And the second ones plot flat out made no sense, Kong shouldn’t have won.”

“Only somebody who cared about the movie would care who won.” Adagio smiled.

Aria groaned. “No, that’s why I didn’t like the movie, because it didn’t make sense.”

“And it didn’t make sense because Kong won?”


“So you wanted Godzilla to win?”

“I… well no I just… It would have made more… Ugh, yeah, whatever.” Aria mumbled.

Adagio gave her a knowing smiled.

“And besides,” Adagio continued. “You can’t complain about the movie being in black and white. We were around before film even had sound.”

“Shhhh!” Sonata hissed at them both. The three turned their attention back to the movie.

For about five minutes.

“So what’s happening?” Sonata piped up.

“Didn’t you just tell us to shut up?” Aria frowned.

Adagio glared at Aria. “They just found out the bugs from earlier are what Rodan eats.”

“Is Rodan the Pteranodon?”


“So what’s the UFO?”

“The Pteranodon.”

“Wait, what?”

“The Pteranodon is the UFO.”

“I thought the Pteranodon was Rodan?”

“Rodan is the UFO.”

“I thought he was the Pteranodon?”

“SONATA!” Aria and Adagio snapped. The blue haired girl scrunched herself up.

“Oh great, now what’s happening?” Aria’s attention was drawn back to the TV.

“Holy moly.” Sonata said.

“Wait so there’s two of them?” Adagio asked.

Aria nodded. “That’s… actually pretty cool.”

“Oh sure, now I’ve pulled you up on it it’s suddenly a good movie.” Adagio rolled her eyes.

“What? You told me to enjoy it so I am.” Aria pointed at the screen.

“I really like this movie.” Sonata smiled.

Aria and Adagio looked at Sonata. The blue girl didn’t notice as they simultaneously smiled and returned their attention to the film.

“That guy sounds real familiar.” Sonata said.

“I was thinking that.” Adagio mused.

“It’s George Takei.” Aria told them.

Sonata frowned. “Who’s that?”

“He was in Star Trek.”

Sonata simply stared.

“Ugh, you know the old Asian guy from Big Bang Theory?” Aria asked.

“Oooooooh him.”

“I didn’t know you watched Star Trek, Aria.” Adagio stifled a giggled. “How can you like Star Trek and think any of this is stupid?”

Aria opened her mouth to give a snide remark, but was interrupted by an explosion on screen.

“Woah!” Sonata said.

“Is it dead?” Adagio asked.

“It’s fine.” Aria said.

“It’s not fine, look! Its wings broken.” Sonata said sadly. “The poor thing.”

“It’s not real, idiot.” Aria mocked.

“Aria.” Adagio said sternly.

Aria rolled her eyes. “Its fine Sonata, look it’s still flying.”

“It’s not flying very well…” The youngest siren said sadly.

Aria groaned again, knowing perfectly well what would happen if Sonata got too sad.

“It’ll be fine. They never kill off the monsters in these old movies, they always leave the ending ambiguous for sequels.”

Sonata thought for a second and then perked up. “Huh. Guess I didn’t notice that.”

“So don’t worry about it, loser.” Aria smirked.

“Heeey hold up.” Adagio brought their attention back to the screen. “She’s hot.”

Her sisters turned and stared at her.

“What? She is.” Adagio said defensively. “Aria, find out who that is.”

Aria threw her arms up in annoyance. “Adagio she’ll be like seventy now.”

Adagio shrugged. “Just find out.”

“How do you want me to find out?” She asked bitterly.

Adagio started waving her hand in the direction of Aria’s phone. “Use your internet thing, the Google.”

Aria smirked and Sonata let out a giggle.

The Google?

Adagio blushed. “Well fine, don’t find out who it is.”

“I’m kiddinggg, I’ll look now.” Aria teased.

Aria took out her phone and began typing.

“Aw, cool.”

“What?” Adagio raised an eyebrow.

“This was directed by the same guy who did the original Godzilla.” Aria gestured to the TV.

“Told you she was Team Godzilla!” Sonata pointed an excusing finger at Aria.

Aria simply growled at her and returned to her phone.

“The actress is… Yomi... Y-You-mi, Yumi? Yumi. Shi…shia…shiua…”

Adagio snatched the phone off her, already smirking over the thought of outsmarting her sister. Then her face dropped.

“Oh er… Yumi Shiraaaa….wwaaka? Shirwaka? Shwakawa?” Adagio spluttered out.

Aria leaned in to get a better look at her phone.

“Shirawakanda?” She suggested.

“Ugh, forget it.” Adagio handed Aria back her phone. “She’s probably like seventy now anyway, doesn’t matter.”

“You mean Yumi Shirakawa?” Sonata asked, her attention still on the TV.

Aria gave Adagio a confused look, to which Adagio just shrugged and waved her off.

“Adagio, Aria,” Sonata chimed in. “I got a question.”

“Is it a stupid question?” Aria asked before Adagio had the chance.

“Are there giant monster like this still left?”

“What did I literally just say?” Aria groaned and face palmed. “No, Sonata. There are no giant monsters.”

The blue girl turned to her older sister. “How do you know?”

“Because these films aren’t real. None of those things ever existed.”

“How do you know they didn’t exist?” Sonata squinted suspiciously.

“Because someone made them up.” Aria snapped.

“But did they? People say that Dragons are made up, but we’ve seen them.”

“That was in Equestria, this world doesn’t have Dragons.”

“Then how does everyone know about them?” Sonata asked.

“Because… Well because… erm…” Aria started to slow down. She frowned.

The curtains were currently closed so she couldn’t check, but Aria was positive there was a blue moon in the sky out there. Because Sonata had just made a good point.

“Adagio,” Aria turned to her older sister. “Why do people here know about Dragons?”

Adagio was staring off into space. It seemed Sonata’s question had sent her off on a mental tangent. Her sister’s sudden question brought her back to reality.

“I… really don’t know.” Adagio said in a hushed tone. “It never occurred to me before.”

“Because they know about everything that’s back in Equestria.” Sonata continued. “Dragons, Centaurs, Griffons, even Sirens.”

The three girls fell silent. Throughout the hundreds upon hundreds of years they had spent trapped in this world, it had never once occurred to them to question where all this worlds’ mythology came from. From everything that they had seen, the only magic in this world there had ever been belonged to them and the dweebs from CHS. Yet, human folklaw was full of tales of Dragons, Centaurs, Griffons and all types of magic.

Perhaps at some point in the past -long before the sirens ever arrived in this world- ponies had traveled here before them, and had brought with them tales of Equestria? Or perhaps once upon a time this world did have magic? And as it died off so did the other creatures with it, and they went on to inspire the myths? There was no other explanation, really. At least not one any of them could think of right now.

Then a new thought dawned on the three of them. The humans of this world believed that creatures like Dragons, Centaurs and Griffins were nothing more than myths. But the Dazzling’s knew they were real. So, who’s to say the giant monsters in these films, that the human believe to be fictional, aren’t also real?

The three sirens all looked slowly around their living room, it seeming more alien to them than it had ever before. The subconsciously moved in closer together.

“So, erm,” Aria broke the tension. “How longs left of the movie?”

Sonata took the remote and pressed it. “About twenty minutes.”

Aria nodded. “Awesome, I’m exhausted.”

Adagio frowned at her sister. “You didn’t do anything today.”

Aria nodded. “Yes. Because I’m exhausted...?”

Adagio sighed and shook her head. “I’m working tomorrow.”

“You have your times yet?” Aria asked.

Adagio shook her head again. “It’ll probably be the evening, so I want a lay in tomorrow.”

“Girls… shh..” Sonata said softly.

The two older sirens turned back to the TV.

They started becoming engrossed in what was going on.

“W-why’s it done that?” Adagio asked.

“Her wing was broke so she fell, told you she wasn’t okay Aria.” Sonata spat.

Aria didn’t rise to Sonata’s harsh words though, her mind was preoccupied.

“What the hell is the other one doing?” Aria whispered.

“Oh my god.” Adagio put her hand over her mouth.

“He’s killing himself trying to save his mate.” Sonata said.

“That’s so romantic.” Adagio said quietly.

“But his mates dead, why’s he still trying to help her? He’s gonna be set on fire.” Aria mumbled.

“Neither can live without the other, so they die together.” Sonata quoted the film back at them.

“Oh my god.” Adagio repeated.

“The stupid bird… w-why’s he doing that? He needs to fly off.”

“Aria.” Sonata turned to her. Though she hadn’t started to, Aria could see the tears forming in her eyes.

“Sonata no,” Aria told her sternly. “This is a film about men in giant rubber suits. Don’t you dare.”

“B-But it’s so sad... H-He’s k-killing himself… t-trying to save her f-from the lava.” Sonata’s bottom lip began to wobble.

“Sonata. Don’t even think about it.“

But it was too late. Sonata pulled her knees up to her chest and buried her face in them. As her body began to shake, and Aria could hear muffled the girls muffled tears over the TV.

Aria rolled her eyes and got off the recliner chair. She crossed the room and sat between her two sisters on the couch. Sighing she placed her hand on Sonatas back and began to rub it.

“It’s alright Sonata.”

The crying girl merely shook her head in response.

“Look, they’re dead together now. They wanted to be together, and now they are. So they’re gonna be happy, okay?” She whispered to her.

“A-Aria?” A voice croaked from behind her.

Aria turned.

Adagio was staring at her with watery eyes and a trembling lip.

For Celestia’s sake Adagio.” She groaned.

She extended her arm around Adagio and pulled both sisters into a group hug. She rubbed both their backs in comfort as they buried their heads into her neck and continued to cry.

The credits started rolling on the movie. Aria sighed.

“Where’s a toaster when you need one?”

Author's Note:

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