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This story is a sequel to Dazzling Defeat

A few weeks after the events of Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks, the Dazzlings are dealing with being de-powered, but Aria Blaze is hatching a scheme to put the band back on top.

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awesome story

Private, you got my like, but you're a bit off.

(1) They would not stay at that school. That's out of character for at least two of them. Even if people did not remember anything, Adagio and Aria would not want to be around the people that they hate and remind them of their failure.

(2) Your portrayal of Aria is somewhat inconsistent. At one point you describe her as not giving a damn, but at another point she admires Sunset's boots. Again, she wouldn't do that. She wouldn't care enough about other people to actually internalize what she thinks of them.

The best stories about Aria are the ones where she step by step learns to let go of her attitude.

Problem is that we know nothing about Aria. We don't know how would she behave. The few minutes of interacting we saw in the film didn't tell us what is their character and how would they behave.

Opening lines don't come any better than that one. Nice job.

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