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The rainbow laser crashes into the sirens, breaking their power. But rather than changing into normal human girls, they change back into half-fish half-horse sirens. That and they are as small as cats.

The heroes of CHS decide to look after them.

Happy Easter 2017~! :heart:

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I want drawing of these tiny horsefish.

I'm kinda mixed on this one. It's cute and all, but they seem to have been reduced to life as pets. :applejackunsure:

Nice and cute! And Pinkie is now unleashed!?!?:twilightoops:

8100477 spikes alright with it

Okay Blackie, that was a simply unexcusable amount of cuteness. Seriously, the adorbs levels on this thing were way over the legal limit.

Short, cute, lovely :scootangel:

8100477 Pets don't communicate like that. I do see your point, though.

Am I the only one who wants to see more of this?

There could be more songfish chapters, I wouldn't object in the least. Wouldn't have to a regular thing, either; maybe 3-4k words in a mostly self-contained SoL chapter once a month.

This is both confusing and adorable. :pinkiehappy: I love it!

Well, that was absolutely adorable and amusing. I would have loved to have seen more of the transition from begrudgingly thankful to genuinely friendly, but as was, it was great and it warmed my heart!:pinkiehappy:

As small as cats, eh?

Hmm... I wonder how much magical exotic sushi sushi would go for on the Asian black market.


I'm joining the "MORE!" bandwagon.

I want them to hypnotise them all with singing after they think they're nice XD

Oh! There should be a chapter set post Friendship Games where they meet Sci-Twi's Spike!

“Now,” yet another voice said from a lawn chair behind Rainbow Dash. The blue girl moved aside and revealed none other than the trump card the girls had pulled out against the sirens. Sunset Shimmer. She pulled off a pair of sunglasses that reflected the bright glare of the sun where it peaked through the willow’s branches. “We adopt some fishies.”


ROFL! Over 500 views in just a couple days?! :rainbowlaugh: I just wrote this random piece for fun after the idea popped in my head during a morning run in which I was listening to the OST for Rainbow Rocks. Figured I'd double it into my first ever Easter story I've wanted to do since forever. Glad y'all enjoyed it~! :heart:

Pinkie wanted to keep all of the sirens at her house because she has a HUGE tank of water in her basement party headquarters (because she's Pinkie). The others said no for the safety of the songfishies. :trollestia:

I'm glad I suceeded! When it comes to surpassing the legal cute limit, I like to go rogue. Like Snuggle Twi. Prepare for hnnng.
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Prepare for more in whenever-I-do-it. :raritywink:

8105839 :pinkiehappy: Glad you approve! And doubly glad that we'll get more songfish at sporadic intervals.

The rest of you may shower your gratitude upon me for my brilliance in cash. Bills only though, coins sting like a mother when they hit, you know?

Fluttershy replied sweetly and tossed some sort of chip like thing into the water. Sonata rose to the surface, grabbed it in her mouth, and dived again with a happy face.


That’s when Sonata and Fluttershy happened across the teal and dandelion colored egg behind the pool pump. There was a pair of “yays” that had a stereo effect.

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, too cute! :rainbowkiss:

My opinion exactly! Long live the song fish!

I too would file this under mixed feelings. On the one hand, the sirens are making the best of a bad situation, and it's in their interest to find happiness where they can. And the vibe between Rarity and Aria could be very interesting.

On the other, they're essentially disabled now, entirely reliant on others for their care. Do we assume Pri-Twi is researching away on how to turn the sirens back, or give them some semblance of independence?


Adagio is a dick!

Sonata has the right idea. Bring out the crab cakes!

I do not feel pity nor am I sorry for Aria.

Are there any plans for more chapters?? pwease? :fluttercry:

will there be any more stories about the little sirens??

This chapter kind of begs the question of why returning to Equestria isn't an option for the sirens. They've been depowered, yet no one, not even the sirens themselves thought to ask about returning home? Also, I was under the impression this was going to be an actual sequel, not a middle chapter added in.:rainbowhuh: My confusion aside, I still enjoyed this fic.

Dawww, I'd adopt Sonata in a heartbeat! I have plenty of access to crabs :P

Also, yay adoption!

I can't stop laughing at this.

Poor Ari...

Yes, in fact. I was just working on another chapter earlier today. It will take place after "Happy Easter"
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That's what the doctor says!

Awww. Adorafish story is over...

What does the small pink writing in the picture say?

As far as I can see, it's in another language.

Depends on which pink text you're talking about. The stuff at top left combines what looks like a logo with the text "Black Water". The pink text to Sonata's right (cropped out in this version but visible in the story's cover image) is "upsies".

I still might write more sometime in the future if people want. It was a super fun story to write~! :raritystarry:

Exactly! You can see a full scale version of the cover art on deviantArt where I upload all my full-scales. The link/source is provided when you hover over the story's cover thumbnail like most stories. :pinkiehappy:

BTW, about that cover image, Sonata is so adorable it's probably illegal. Great job with the songfish concept, and I for one would welcome further chapters if you've got more story to tell! :rainbowkiss:

Comrade Guppy! *dirs from lack of oxygen from laughter*

Thanks~! :raritystarry:
And yeah, it's quite a fun adventure so I'll keep it on the table. :twilightsheepish:

*checks off item on to do list* :trollestia:

Said it before, and say it again, but I'm quite happy with more songfish stuff whenever it pops up.

:yay: Moar cuteness. Nice work.

actually when twilight said its the first time in about 100 years since they (the sirens) made a decision) she should have said 1000 years as the sirens are at least that old. Since they did KNOW starswirl

my only gripe with this chapter is the lack of parentals around so to speak. on a Holiday like Easter the chance of at least 1 or Rarity's folks being not home is slim. Also I have to ask what does RD's folks think of Adagio? and Rarity's Aria?

I look forward to more! I would like The Human 7's parents and such to meet the sirens. I think it would be cute! I can just imagine Twilight Velvet hugging the stuffing out of Sonata.:heart:

Comrade Guppy, I salute you for your actions in the Great Tag Match of te Lagoon!

Tiny horsefish? Sure, why not? Bring on the cute!

It feels like this story isn't done yet, despite the completion tag.

D'awwww ~ so cute!

Heh. "We adopt some fishies.”

"... Can't you just shoot us or something instead?"

Poor Aria. XD

D'awwww, Sonata is taking it well.

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