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Dear Princess Twilight,
I am afraid we have made a Terrible mistake. We need your help to find a way to fix it.
Your Friend,
Sunset Shimmer.

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I really like that the Sirens seem to care about each other, seeing that in other stories where their seemingly only together to achieve their goal.
*thumbs up*
Please forgive my bad English I'm still learning :twilightsmile:

I like the premise. The poor sirens... :fluttercry: I would not mind necessarily seeing some tragedy and suffering if it served the purposes of the story. As for the title, 'Saving the Sirens,' that can refer to the valiant effort, not necessarily the end result.

Hm. Looks interesting so far. I actually had a headcanon that Rainbow Rocks had the hidden meaning of death in it, and you just displayed that. Also, the chapter looks a bit rushed when it could be played out slowly and awesomely. I'd be happy to help you if you need it. Just private message me, and I'll respond as quickly as possible.

I'm defiantly keeping an eye on this story. It actually reminds me of a oneshot (Fading Melodies by DragonShadow ) that touched on the same issue (the sirens losing the ability to feed). It was a great story and my only complaint was that it was a short story. Because it was a oneshot, the guilt and consequences of the situation had to be glanced over quickly and didn't have time to develop. I hope this story becomes the story I was hoping for. As for how I would like it to go (in regards to a happy ending or a tragic ending), I hope for a well deserved happy ending after a road of guilt, morality, responceability and concequences.

What happens next? What happens next? What happens next???????

There's a difference between 'can eat' and 'get any sustenance from'.

I suspect that the Sirens are emotivores. That means that, like the Changelings with love, they literally consume the energy created by a certain emotional state; in this case, discord and anger. If this is part of their nature then... well, sadly there is nothing that can be done. Give them back their powers and they'll just start doing it again because they need to do so to survive! I doubt any oath or promise would be kept. It is grimly possible that the only option the Equestrian authorities will have to offer is a quick, painless death.

5261276 I believe that the Dazzlings can actually eat, but they can't gain energy or weight from it. they feed off of hate/magic. Sunset said they were feeding off the magic inside of the mane 6 in the movie.

You got my attention now. I await further chapters.

Not bad, way to cute. Keep it up.

Not bad, imho, and I like the plot. Soooooo... keep it going!

time to saving those sirens

Like it! Keep it going! :)

Oh don't you dare kill off Sunset!

Oh dear Celestia... please NOT Sunset

5340402 5340481 I am with both of them. Sunset can't die. She is not supposed to. :applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritydespair:

I'm not a big fan of Sunset but, she is a very good character. Don't let her die please. :raritycry::raritydespair::pinkiesad2::fluttercry:

Saving the Sirenes.

the Sirenes.



5362965 What can I say? The title bar lacks a spell check option.
And fixed.

Please make a sequel to this story , I enchant much

7th key hole

the 7th elements

theres another soo i may suspected there will be sunset shimmer be having elements of harmony one day

just one day she will be the one of the elements

Please make a sequel to this story , I enchant much

Adagio looked doubtful, but Sonata stirred from her lap, propping herself up on her elbows so that she could look at Twilight, a slightly hopeful look in her eyes. “Even tacos?” she asked in a thin, willowy voice.
Adagio’s resistance broke as she heard the tone of hope in her sister’s voice. She too, turned a hopeful gaze on Twilight.
Twilight nodded and gave the girl a gentle smile. “Yes.” She said, “Especially Tacos.”

You heard em Gents, FOR THE TACOS!


not sunset shes my fave human/pony

"You have saved our lives, even if you can’t prevent our deaths.” this is a beautifully crafted sentiment
Twilight said “With all five of us working on it, we should be able to figure it out.” why would the 5 humans come along? that doesn't add up at all... and why would she think Sunset could help (when Sunset might not have even considered herself invited?) ...also, she says 'all five' after she said gathering the princesses, this feels like she means there's a total of 5 princesses... which isn't the case, right?

holy crap, twist! I dig that ending, I expected Twilight to be the one not moving - being the focus of the spell and all! that's absolutely genius. Looking back, I should've seen it coming when you said "And she knew, she was the only one who had more to give." but it was just SO unexpected for me, it just... omg wow good scenery for that closing scene though

“I’ll show you an f-word…” “Forgiveness is fine, Aria.”

I like how Sunset is okay with dying, but vaguely less okay with losing part of herself I mean it makes sense, but still it's nice to see it spelled out.
AHHH TWILIGHT KNEW Sunset Shimmer would end up okay because she found the keyhole that should belong to her!

seriously, this was a fun quick read! there's a few typos ("seen" should be "scene" in this final chapter) and you could do to brush up on quote attribution (this is a good guide), but overall quiet enjoyable.
some parts seemed a little heavy on exposition, but I prefer things on the artsier-vague side of interpretation. the dialogue is good though. definitely worth a thumbs up :twilightsmile:

Oh, do I actually have the fortitude to take this one to its conclusion? I hope so.

Let's find out. Add 1d20 to your fortitude score, please.

Save them man! I know they were bad before, but look at Sonata! That's too innocent to die with such a bad fate!

Beautiful! I wish there were more stories like this!

Sunset was shocked. “You… can’t eat like normal people?” she said, surprised.

Aria frowned at her. “What, you thought we would have just kept making everybody around us miserable if we could have avoided it?”

And then Sunset took them to her home and taught them what is and what isn't food and how to eat it. End of story. :rainbowlaugh:

Where did the Anthro tag come in exactly? From the looks of it they were in their normal equine and siren forms in Equestria.

7440674 I am pretty sure that, at the time, I either did not notice the "Equestria Girls" tag, or it was not available yet. I did write this right after Rainbow Rocks came out, let me see if I can fix it.

8115622 I am afraid there probably won't be. I stopped watching the series (for my own reasons) and probably won't be continuing much in the way of fictions until I can get myeself going on watching it again.

Sometimes you gotta fix your mistakes.

Not bad of a speech.

So the sirens are now ponies? Interesting

Is there going to be a sequel?

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