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Pinkie's Schedule. · 3:10am February 21st

Alright everyone here's the last of the humane six's school schedules.

First Period: History (With Applejack.)
Second Period: Gym (With Rainbow and Applejack.)
Third Period: English
Fourth Period: Nutritional Studies (With Rainbow.)
Lunch (With Everyone.)
Fifth Period: Business
Sixth Period: Cooking (With Applejack.)
Seventh Period: Philosophy
Eighth Period: Study (Free Period With Applejack.)

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2430589 Thank's for the review, even if it wasn't what I was suspecting.

Review here.

Let me know what you think.

2140840 Depending on what it is I might, for free too, as I said though it depends on what your asking for.

1926007 No, Thank you for writing them. I do have to say some of the tactics that you used is a bit awkward but it's mostly from the fact that I know a bit about that kind of thing. It doesn't detract from the stories at all though so they're great none the less.

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