noun, Psychiatry
- fear of flying in an airplane or other aircraft

Sunset Shimmer has heard some horrible things about airplanes. Once upon a time, she might have laughed, but as it turns out, maybe not all extra-dimensional horses are meant to fly...

Featured 7/12/18 (mature content turned off)

Edited and cover art by: Nonchalant

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Comments ( 18 )

A very nice story about a very real fear

If sunset doesn't like airplanes, then she would REALLY hate helicopters, those really are dangerous and don't want to fly. All around nice story though.

To be fair, I doubt she'd even get close to one.

It is, in part, based on events I've experienced so I think it portrays it rather accurately.

Is it supposed to be Roam or Rome?

Roam, as in a horse pun-ified Rome.

Ok I wasn't sure and it tripped me up the first time I read it.

I hope u can do airplane parody version based on 1980 movie

I certainly can attempt it, it gives me an excuse to rewatch the movie.

wait u watch it?

I've seen a bit of it. The classic comedy movies are the best.

sweet i miss leslie nielsen tho :( hes a awesome comedian


I wonder about Celestia's carriage. They look far more unsafe than any airplane. Did Sunset ever fly on one alongside her mentor?

You'd probably have to assume that she either didn't or she felt ok doing it because she was with Celestia.

A good story and a nice insight into anyone being able to fear.

My only objection is the discription of the breaking. While its clearly noticible, it didn't throw you againest your seatbelt, otherwise the waist style belts used in ecconony would be unsafe.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

It's less about how accurate the description is and more how Sunset feels it is. Having never been on a plane, it might feel like its a super sudden and hard break.

I can actually relate to Sunset as I don't like flying, it's just too scary for me and stories about plane crashes don't help either. Still, I love how she has her friends and of course Twilight to help her get through this scary experience. Wonderful writing, and truth be told, I read this story real late in the evening, but staying up to read this story was well worth it. :)

Well it's every writer's dream to hear that people lose sleep over their work, so consider me happy you enjoyed it!

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