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Pinkie's Schedule. · 3:10am Feb 21st, 2017

Alright everyone here's the last of the humane six's school schedules.

First Period: History (With Applejack.)
Second Period: Gym (With Rainbow and Applejack.)
Third Period: English
Fourth Period: Nutritional Studies (With Rainbow.)
Lunch (With Everyone.)
Fifth Period: Business
Sixth Period: Cooking (With Applejack.)
Seventh Period: Philosophy
Eighth Period: Study (Free Period With Applejack.)

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Applejack's Schedule. · 3:43am Feb 19th, 2017

Here's Applejack's school schedule.

First Period: History (With Pinkie.)
Second Period: Gym (With Rainbow and Pinkie.)
Third Period: Business (With Rarity.)
Fourth Period: Math (With Fluttershy.)
Lunch (With Everyone.)
Fifth Period: Botany
Sixth Period: Cooking (With Pinkie.)
Seventh Period: English
Eighth Period: Study (Free Period With Pinkie.)

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Rarity's Schedule. · 4:58am Feb 18th, 2017

Here's Rarity's school schedule.

First Period: Sewing (With Fluttershy.)
Second Period: Math
Third Period: Intro to Business (With Applejack.)
Fourth Period: History
Lunch (With Everyone.)
Fifth Period: Gym (With Fluttershy.)
Sixth Period: Physics (With Rainbow)
Seventh Period: Biology (With Fluttershy.)
Eighth Period: Fashion Design

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Rainbow's Schedule. · 9:20pm Feb 17th, 2017

Here's Rainbow Dash's school schedule.

First Period: Math (With Sunset.)
Second Period: Gym (With Applejack and Pinkie.)
Third Period: Criminal Justice (With Sunset.)
Fourth Period: Nutritional Studies (With Pinkie.)
Lunch (With Everyone.)
Fifth Period: History (With Sunset.)
Sixth Period: Physics (With Rarity.)
Seventh Period: Forensic Science
Eighth Period: English (With Fluttershy.)

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Fluttershy's Schedule. · 5:00am Feb 17th, 2017

So, with the start of a new chapter of Navigating the Darkness, I've needed to work on the schedules of all the humane six. So here is the first one: Fluttershy's. The schedules also show if they have a class with any of the others. Hope you agree on the choices of classes I picked.

First Period: Sewing (With Rarity.)
Second Period: Natural Science
Third Period: Marine Biology
Fourth Period: Math (With Applejack.)
Lunch (With Everyone.)
Fifth Period: Gym (With Rarity.)

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Bronycon! · 6:17am Jun 23rd, 2016

So, incase any of you are wondering if your favorite author is going to Bronycon 2016, I shall answer you.
I don't know your favorite author. But I'm going, so, close second good enough?

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Sunset's Schedule · 7:40pm Apr 24th, 2016

So while writing the new chapter of Navigating the Darkness I discovered that no one really knows Sunset's class schedule, and I only touched upon it slightly. It is indeed an insignificant detail in all stories its brought up in but it is important to know in my opinion even if its just to know it. So that's why I am writing out Sunset's schedule as it is in my Equestria Girls stories.

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