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Spike led Thorax into the throne room of the Crystal Castle confident he could convince the others that the changeling could be trusted. That he meant no harm, and instead wanted to be an ally and live peacefully with them. That he could make them see Thorax for what he really was. That they could befriend the changeling and accept him as one of their own.

They didn't.

And consequences followed.

First featured on 11/12/2016. -- Now with a TV Tropes page. -- Review by Arcanum Phantasy -- Review by PaulAsaran

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Well this is starting... badly for them.

But interesting for us readers!

I gotta say, what happened to them seems at least rather straightforward... the real question in my mind is how they could turn on Spike like this, and what this might have meant for Spike's "place" in Pony society, and his place with Twilight.

Would she be torn up by the hastiness of the decision, and hating that it came to it? Or just angry at Spike for being secretly the bad sort the whole time?

That's more about what might happen if they come back or somehow actually contact Twilight and co again, than the past, though.

But here's to hoping that there's more awaiting them than the freezing north!

Shining Armor has the least amount of authority there and no authority in Equestria proper. Only Celestia and or Luna could banish him from all Equestria

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Well all I can say is that I'm hooked

I hope rarity smash a bottle over shining head and call him out.

I'm interested. Maybe ideal Spike and Thorax can go to the dragon Empire, to talk to Ember

Interesting approach. But I can't really see Twilight abandoning the one who's like a little brother, if not a son, to her.


The whole premise doesn't make sense. It would have been easier for Twilight and the others to assume Spike was brainwashed like Shining back in the wedding.
It's drama for the sake of drama.

I suspected something like that could happen.
Ponies seem to be able to change their opinions over a song, but I doubt that would work every time.

I have two ideas where they might go:
The Dragon Empire (Spike knows their leader) or Zebrica (or whatever is the name for the Zebra-Nation).

Can't wait to see what happens next!
Small question: You had mentioned the Season Finale. Will it have an impact on the story?

I would like to see Twilight decide to buck it and go to join Spike and Thorax. But judging the synopsis and the characters tags, this will not happen.

Everything about what happened is clear to me (never really liked the song he sung anyway), and the ponies, on a very real scale have soon racism and less forgive attitudes towards non-ponies. Even, Zecora, was feared and outcast.

All and all, this is very interesting and would make a good read.:twilightsmile:

A few thoughts I have is, Spike, still has, Ember and the dragon lands, but I was also wondering if you could show some moments with, Twilight and the others in the, Crystal Empire, Ponyville and maybe Canterlot who don't know about this yet or who may have different opinions on this matter. There are still a few non-ponies and some ponies alike who may not like this (Zecora, Gidla, Discord maybe Celestia to name a few).

Just my thoughts, but your story has a lot of promise already. Keep up the good work, will be watching.:moustache:

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Well, I'm pleased to see that a lot of you readers are already asking the right sort of questions, thinking about the right sort of things. :pinkiehappy: For fear of giving too much away, I'm hesitant to talk too much about what will happen ahead, but I will at least say many of you are thinking in the right general direction thus far.

Well, Shining Armor is still a prince and he and Cadance share joint control over the Crystal Empire, and he is the one with the most military experience. As I see it, the ruling was a joint choice between both him and Cadance (and indirectly Twilight as well), Shining was just the one who was opted to be the one to verbally make and enforce that no doubt difficult ruling. But you still raise a fair point, I'm probably overreaching their authority in having them conduct a full banishment from all the rest of Equestria as well a little. With the whole Equestria royalty being so tightly knit and all technically family, though, I would imagine that one wouldn't question the other on such rulings too much, so long as adequate justification is provided...but perhaps I still ought to address this in some manner...I'll look into it for future chapters.

Well, nothing quite as dramatic as that...but I will admit she (and certain others) will get her chance to show her misgivings later...but it's probably going to be a few chapters before that is addressed.

Spike had thought the same thing. I can assure you that he won't take it lightly for largely that very reason.

It is a bit of drama for the sake of drama, I admit, and there's no good way to avoid it entirely in a story like this I've found, but I'd like to think that, as more details surface for you readers, what the ponies' line of thinking that led them to doing this will make a bit more sense...still not justified, but you can at least see their (narrow-minded) thinking behind it.

The season finale did have an influence on how the story will end at least, I'll say that much for now. It also necessitated some changes on how I was planning to portray the changelings and their culture through the course of the story, and it was with that in mind that was the real big reason I waited to start posting until after the finale, to insure there wouldn't be any newly established canon that was going to interfere with my plans.

I will say that Zecora and Gilda are not currently planned to feature in the story in any shape or form, though I suppose they might get mentioned in passing in name only. Discord also won't physically appear in the story for logistical reasons, but he will get mentioned from time to time later on, though I don't know yet if his personal stance on the matter will get clearly conveyed...maybe just implied at best.

Also, the story will be primarily about just Spike and Thorax, and whether or not they can find some semblance of a normal life again now that they've been banished (hence the slice of life tag, there will be plenty of chapters that will be more slice of life than anything) and exploring their friendship during these trying times, but second-hand word about the Mane 6 and where they stand on all of this will still pop up sporadically throughout the story.

7716170 That all sounds good to me. Thanks for replying back.:moustache:

Pretty interesting concept, and I'll definitely be watching this, but I share some confusion and skepticism that Twilight would abandon Spike over this. Essentially everyone else, yes, but I can't see Twilight agreeing to banish Spike over this - if she truly wasn't convinced, I'd expect her to think Spike was brainwashed, like Shining Armor had been during the wedding. They've been inseparable for Spike's entire life, and most of Twilight's; that doesn't go away so quickly, not for an action like befriending an enemy. We're not talking about Spike committing murder, here.

So overall, this seems an odd move, and I hope the story addresses it.

I'm curious to see where Twilight stands in this and what she will do.

I mean, I like the concept a lot. I just have a hard time seeing Twilight banish Spike. I am interested in seeing where this goes later, though.

Well shit, time to see where this goes!!

Loving this so far and hope to see more soon! :pinkiehappy:

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I'm seeing a reoccurring theme in this criticism more than I expected, so even though I was already going to address this some in upcoming chapters, I'm thinking I'm going to make it a point to address it further still as I keep writing so to insure it's properly covered. However, be warned, due to the set up of the story, the answers you seek may not come up all at once, and it may be a few chapters before all of them surface. But I think I can still make that work to my advantage...we'll see.

Do let me know if I'm botching it instead as more of the story gets posted. :rainbowlaugh:

Ok. Don't worry, we readers can't tell you how to write your own story. We just look forward to see the characters act and react credibly. Spike's situation is big, and it sure hits him and the ones closest to him hard.

Well, that's an interesting idea. While I don't see Twilight ever turning her back on her little brother like that no matter what, it is an interesting 'what if'. I want to see where this goes... even though I know it'll probably be dark and depressing.

Finally, a fic that acknowledged that people are fucking garbage. You try to make friends with an outsider, they cling to their hatred like a fucking hillbilly clings to his rifle.

Your story still sucks, by the way.

7716648 That's good to hear. As long as you're aware of the discrepancy and plan on tackling it, I'm content. I'm aware that characters aren't perfect or impartial narrators, and right now we're only getting one side of the story. I just hope Twilight's actions, when they are addressed, are handled realistically.

Ok, so, I literally just watched the episode with thorax. (Didnt know it existed til I read the authors notes here.) And I see you have written more stories with thorax. Can you tell me what order they are in by chance?

There really isn't any--they aren't interconnected, and stand alone from each other. There's isn't any particular order you need to read them in. :twilightsmile:

I feel as if Spike and Thorax will fail in love...

They could always go visit Ember. They might be welcome there. Kind of, Spike would but I think Ember would be willing to at least listen to Spike. Ember is hesitant to accept change while ponies are against it until properly convinced otherwise.

Are we ever going to get a chapter in Twilight's point of view?

I thought somebody was going to jump to that conclusion at some point, so let me quell it now; no romance between these two will be explored. They will remain as just good friends all throughout.

...Yes and no. The story will primarily be about Spike and Thorax, them coping with banishment, etc, and will likely remain being told from their POV. But information about how the rest of the Mane 6, primarily Twilight, will arise over time, giving insight to her own views on all of this.

Great chapter .
This is why I like Spike, because he never abandon a friend in need. I hope Spike go Ember for help. Keep it up:moustache:

I agree with GrimmWolfDragon you could probably have Spike go to his most loyal friends or ones that won't straight up and abandon him mabey like"Big Mac" because of their guys night sessions or his friend from Canterlot "Pony Joe" but yeah Ember is definitely a good choice.

Maybe Spike could appeal to Celestia and Luna.

A great chapter. I also hope that Spike goes to someone he trusts truly, Ember is quite good and seeing them travel across Equestria; dealing with ponies on the way would be pretty cool. But again great chapter!

Nice chapter.
I'm curious where it goes.

They have volcanos in the Dragon Lands. At least they won't freeze there.

Hopefully they can find and converse with the One at hat Tends To Start A Lot Of Forest Fires When There's Already a Forest Fire Going On But Across A Distance Fire Usually Wouldn't Make

7722301 They could just be friends, dude.:ajbemused:

Anyway, good chapter. Their feels are set, and decisions have been made. Team Exile is a go!:moustache:
Their situation still sucks, but they can power thru.

Good point. But can ya give us a little info on the upcoming chapters?

They could alway sneak onto the baggage car? Or the top while(assuming he can do more than disguise himself with that horn) use his magic to make himself and Spike invisible and safely clung to the roof. All other ideas are a readers wishful thinking........

Good chapter.
I hope Thorax come back safe.
Can spike use his dragon fire magic to send Thorax in his room, and Thorax can grab the pass and sneak out

Awesome chapter! Can't wait for the next one.

7733078 If you want him to send Thorax to the princesses.

Good chapter. Forgot about the frozen north thing. On another note, I'm getting salty the more I think about the ponies involved. REAL SALTY!
Especially when I think about Twilight and Starlight.:applejackunsure:

Y'know, the idea of them sneaking onto the luggage car never occurred to me...darn, might have missed some excellent story potential there...but I'm far enough ahead in writing the story that I'm already committed to another approach, so that'll have to do. :applejackunsure:

I was always under the impression that dragon fire didn't work like that. Would be handy if it did though!

Only once said chapters are posted. Sorry, but I'm not big on giving out spoilers, big or small, for unreleased parts of my stories. Next chapter should get posted Monday evening though, so you do have that to look forward to. :twilightsmile:

We all now that Spike dragon fire send messages to the princess, but think more openly with the use of Spike dragon fire. Spike may be able send messages to others not just the princess, and that way Spike have more tool so he can use to help him and Thorax.

Everybody keeps talking about where Thorax and Spike ought to go for shelter now that they're banished, but I find it interesting that none of you seem to have stopped to consider the complexities they have to face just getting out of the Frozen North.

I thought about waiting for the train outside the city and jump on it as blind passenger or something.

But I'm already curious what happens next!

7734067 It didn't? WOW:rainbowlaugh:!! I may be terrible at writing, but if you need ideas, come to me, and I might have some!:twilightsmile:

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