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Cover art by the amazing Emosite CC!
Check out her DeviantArt for more fantastic art!

Spike was filled with doubts, confusion and fear on where he fitted in the world. It scared him to think that he was nothing to his friends, to Twilight. After finding out the hard truth in an argument, he realises that this bond he shared with them was nothing but a mere illusion, a painful lie that shattered him completely. Becoming lost in his own misery, he runs away only to be taken by an offer.

A few months pass and struggling to manage, Twilight comes to terms with her mistakes and the search for Spike dies down. Seeking vengeance, past threats are united through fear by a demented alchemist who wishes to twist and ruin Equestria with the power of terror.

In a desperate attempt to try and find Spike once more, Twilight and her friends must overcome their greatest fears.

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I enjoy this concept, so please keep writing more of it.

7267599 I plan to. I've been working on this story for about a good year now and I've had many flaws. All together I've done 13 chapters but I'm working through them to see if I've made any incoherent mistakes.

It begins...

Also, Holy Shit Twilight, how fucking dumb and oblivous can you be?? I get that you are handicapped socially but damn, even a blind, dumb pony could see how horrible you pretty much don't even mention the one person that was with you as much as your parents. This is gonna bite you in the flank in the most painful and unexpecting way...:ajbemused:

Sucks to be the nail instead of the hammer, eh Twilight?? And we havent' even got started with the actual hammering...:pinkiesad2:

Also, the truth is a bitch, isn't it? I admit that I'm a Spike supporter, so I can't help but be biased, but it doens't feel so good when someone else highlights your thoughts and shortcomings one...by...every...BUCKING...one....:facehoof:

The throne room was an assembly of guilt, a graveyard had more cheer than Twilight's castle. Everypony hung their heads in shame, were they really that cruel to Spike?
Fluttershy walked up to the crying alicorn. "Will find him..."
Twilight wiped her tears. "What?"
Rainbow Dash backed up Fluttershy. "Yeah! Will find the tough, little guy."
"And afterwards, we can throw him a WE'RE SORRY PARTY!" Pinkie cheered.
"You're not alone on this one Twilight," Applejack spoke.

Commendable...but it's too late. As they say, the cat's out of the bag now, and more than likely it's gonna be impossible to put him back in, even if Twilight and crew did do a complete 180 on what they do to Spike. It's out there, and they have to sleep in the bed that they have made.

7267778 I assume you're taking a like to the story?


:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:..I kinda thought the three consecutive comments would show my interest..:rainbowwild:

But in all seriousness, I'm intrigued at how this Fright character proceeds to mold this block of clay that is Spike into what he ideally wants to advance his goals. I just hope that there is some forgiveness for Spike at least, because I have to worry that he's gonna do some irrevocable damage in the future that could make forgiveness next to impossible.

In short, we see that Spike may have began his trip to the dark side, is it possible that it's a one-way trip or is there ultimately a possibility to turn around. In short, is there a point of no-return? And I can understand that you may not want to answer that because of possible spoilers.

7267816 I'm glad that I've intrigued you. I'm sorry to say, but I can't reveal that information just yet, but the story will mainly be focusing on the fears of Twilight and her friends, including Celestia and Spike.

Last week you forgot my birthday and you decided to celebrate the anniversary of when you and your friends got your cutie mark instead!

............Wow. Not even Maleficent is that cruel.

Is that guy supposed to be a nod to Scarecrow? His plan and character seems a lot like the one used in Arkham Knight. If so, this is gonna be good. Why? Because it worked.

7267998 HUZZAH! You, my good (insert your gender here), are the first to understand the reference (I think you're the first), but the plan isn't entirely relatable to Scarecrow's, I mean, that would just be copying. The appearance of Fright, however, is inspired a lot by John Noble's Scarecrow.

Unfortunately, this seems to be fate. For all Twilight's 'lessons' that she and the rest of the mane six had, they repeated the mistakes that caused them. They acknowledge it, then forget it. I wonder if they ever will make a villain that will actually target that weakness, like this 'Fright' guy. The best way to defeat your enemies is to make them fight themselves. Civil War and all that.

Well, it did feel a little hammered in, but maybe Fright had something to do with that.
So many little mistakes, a forgotten birthday there, a celebration that he didn't get to attend. It all adds up to a lot when you actually put it all together. And then... all you need is one bad day.
Even though it's harsh, I actually think Spike leaving would actually be good for him in a way. He'll never learn who he really is as long as he's living under the shadow of everyone else. And maybe the mane six would finally realize how much he really does for them once he's no longer there.

Okay, I guess I could see Spike doing that, especially after Fright saved him. I don't think he's really in any danger from timberwolves, but then again he's still a child so it's understandable he'd be a little scared. Still, you'd think that someone who looks like that would be worthy of a little suspicion.

7268001 Yes, well. It seems like this can already be paralleled to that world in a way (I'm a 20 year old guy btw). A villain who's obsessed with fear yet knows exactly how best to destroy their enemies, a group of villains who hate the heroes because they can't accept any responsibility or fault on their part.

Spoiler alert for Arkham Knight coming.

And it seems like one of their nemesis at this point is going to be a former ally, judging by Fright's actions. Quite honestly, the idea is interesting, but I really hope that whatever happens to Spike, it's still him in the end. Well, whatever you do with him, I just hope he doesn't turn into a whiner who compromises success just for petty revenge like Jason did.

I actually kinda hope that this Fright character does a good job as a villain. After seeing the heroes win all the time by way of a last-second mistake on the villains part, it think it's actually fun to see a villain that actually causes irreparable damage, whether they win or not.

7268104 Well, I'm glad that I've enthralled you into this little story, and thanks for the comments too. They were fun to read.

7268113 You're welcome. Do you want me to point out some of the things that bother me? My brother said it's a good way to help writers improve, but some people I've tried it with just can't accept a little criticism.

7268122 Mate, feel free to point out my errors that bother you, I could do with a little improving.

7268129 Well, one little thing. Where is everyone? I know you said that Glimmer was in the Empire and all that, but considering she seemed close with Spike, you'd think that somewhere in those three months he was gone, she'd probably have a few words to say considering one of her best friends is now essentially gone forever. Discord too, you'd think he'd at least mock the supposed 'Princess of Friendship' for being such a horrible friend. Until Fluttershy told him to knock it off.

So yeah, that's a thing that feels like it should be there, but isn't.

7268143 Completely understandable. In total I've done 13 chapters and Discord is included, I still plan to work Starlight into it as well. Thanks for the criticism, I appreciate it.

damn Twi, is spike if best friend, or just a tool to be used :trixieshiftleft:

good story so far though im curious what species is fright? awsome villain so far dont get me wrong, but is he a dragon or some kind of demon?

7268854 His appearance is that of a humanoid creature, however, demon can suit him as well.

You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.

Jesus F***ing Christ :pinkiegasp:


I. Hate. You. Twilight. :flutterrage:

I always love dark firs inflicting pain upon. It makes people like me mad wanting to save spike joining the Spike army in the process. :derpytongue2::moustache:

7269707 And you have my thanks. You took your time to read my story, I appreciate it and holy crap I love your stories!


you'd think that someone who looks like that would be worthy of a little suspicion.

Yes but the dude is a emotional wreck, he may question his decision later but when his heads straight.
Also just because :moustache:

Ok I know twilight isn't athletic and may not think of things and spike gets a lot of exercise runing and cleaning around the castle/library, but can you explain how a baby dragon who sticks out like a sore thumb can out run a alocorn who can fly fairly decent and teleport as easily as you can blink?:rainbowhuh:

:pinkiegasp: Wow! I love this new OC Villain. I agree with Eonflare, the description does remind me of scarecrow. You set off with a great start and a great cliffhanger.:raritywink:

7270663 Why thank you. Also, I like your stories, they're pretty neat.

7270680 Come to think of it, why wouldn't someone think of Scarecrow with you? At this time, it's actually your picture!
You know, reading over this one more time, I actually noticed something really smart. Most stories where Spike runs away is simply because he feels neglected and such, and that is present here. However, looking closely, the instant Spike hears Twilight admit that she forgot about him is the moment he bolts. And in hindsight, that's clever, because if Fright really was influencing these events as I suspected, then it's proof that he really knows what he's doing.
The most clever way to defeat your enemies is to find out their crucial Fatal Flaw. A careful observer can note the most obvious one in each of the major characters.
Applejack's is her stubborn pride and belief that she doesn't need help.
Fluttershy's is her lack of backbone and the fact that she's sometimes too kind.
Pinkie's is her insensitivity and inability to recognize thoughts other than her own.
Rainbow Dash's is her narcissism and at times, her self-obsession.
Rarity's is her materialistic nature and at times, her obsession with fairy tale-like thinking.
Twilight's is her perfectionist qualities, neurosis and single-minded thinking.
And Spike's is simply identity.

A bit of that is displayed in this chapter, but Spike's is clearly the most evident. He really has no life other that what he does for Twilight and others close to her. And so when Twilight admits forgetting about him, his identity is completely shattered. He literally lived for Twilight, and her not recognizing that means to him that he feels no purpose. That's like his equivalent of losing a cutie mark (minus the actual capabilities), that in turn means he has nothing, and thus is easy prey for Fright's manipulations.

Now the only question is what will happen to Spike? He's lost himself, and could potentially be forged into anything just for a sense of purpose.

Question: is this story still going or..???

7276895 Indeed. There is more detail on this story in my blog post, but to answer your question, yes the story is still going on. Currently, there are 13 chapters all together and I plan to release the next five on July 1st. I'm releasing every 5 chapters monthly, so that way I can carefully analyse the route I'm heading.

7276973 So you're releasing them 5 chapters at a time? Well, if that's how you want to do it, then go ahead. I personally think that it's better to just do it one chapter at a time, but that's just me. 5 chapters at a time just means 5 times as much input from viewers at a time, rather than having it spread out more.
That's what I think, but I'm not a writer. If you feel that releasing them in groups is better, go ahead.

I'm finding this story very interesting and it makes me impatient waiting for the next chapter

7271265 OMG!!!! DUDE SO AWESOME!!!!

Ah, I see you have a new picture for your story. I'm having a little trouble determining what it is though. Are the words supposed to be in a cloud of fear gas or something? Is the harmony symbol supposed to be on fire to signal that it's burning out or something?

7330731 cdn-img.fimfiction.net/story/dfie-1466609888-323138-medium

Within the centre is Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark being engulfed in green flames and above that is the lower part of Fright's face, the stitches in his mouth spell out the title of the story 'Fear Within.' As for the surroundings, it's nothing but a barren wasteland.

dam twilight I have one thing to say to you BITCH :twilightangry2:

I don't think stopping the search is in any way a good Idea at most all it would do is show that they don't care enough to keep searching :unsuresweetie:

I like your story, so I faved it. If they ever get Spike back, Rarity should NEVER take advantage of him ever again, RD and Pinkie should be taken down a peg... or four for being idiots, Applejack should know better. As for Twilight should bring him more often, give him a smaller workload and CLEAN up her own messes. She's an alicorn for crying out loud! She can rearrange the books with no effort. Why the hell would she need Spike to "help" her out?

7342812 Thank you for reading and favouriting the story, I'm glad that you like it as well and thanks for commenting.

"Our pranks were hurting him? That's nonsense!" Easy for you to say, RD. You weren't on the receiving end. Oh, and a quick note: HE'S COLD-BLOODED AND ONLY A CHILD, MEANING HE COULD DIE FROM ICE-WATER. (Pardon my shouting.)

"I hope he's living a satisfying life, the one I didn't give him." Twilight hung her head as she cried an endless stream. And here's the saddest track I could find to fit this:

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GO TO HELL, HASBRO! GO! TO! HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(calms down) Sorry, everyone...erm...let's move on.

"Say hi to Twilight! Say hi to Twilight!" After everything you losers put him through up to now? No, I got a better idea. I was saving this for Apple Bloom, but:

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