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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky


This story is a sequel to Blood Poisoned

Memoirs of Spike the Dragon as he looks back on his relationship as a court consort to the Changeling King, Thorax.

A special thank you to Avid Fiction for volunteering to edit this. And for eye-cfox for going out of his way to finishing it.

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Well, this has my interest! :pinkiehappy:


I very much like where this is going.

Good job, good sir.

Well as for me I can tell from the story's description, premise to this first chapter...omg there hasn't been good spike and thorax romance fic since A thorax in my side(there a sequel but the author took it down for unknown reasons!) can't wait the rest of it!:) p.s: by the story's finished probably will be on par with My dearest dusk & it's sequel story(forgot the title of that one, sorry.)

(Besides, she has a certain fetish of watching two male dragons go at it… (Don’t ask how I know that.))


I just accidentally given you an idea for a clopfic, didn't I?

If I didn't already have a couple ideas planned and partially written, I would've said it was a possibility. But for now, not much.

Hey, I replied "A Thorax In My Side II"🎃

Yesssss, more gay romance!

I need to corral my illness-addled brain into doing some writing. This site needs more sappy gay romance stuff.

Here's an interesting idea you could introduce in the story later down the road, although you would have to see if the creator of this oc is okay with it.

The oc's name is Agate Quartz, the adopted son of Spike and Thorax, created by HazuraSinner, his details are in the image's description.

I'm so glad the music to their cooking was Dean Martin and not Chubby Checker. Otherwise I'd be getting Spiderman 3 flashbacks.

I will say though, I'm happy that this date ended the way it did. Spike and Thorax were both given a lot of depth and chemistry, and I was able to see just how much they mean to each other. I can only imagine the blowout when Twilight finally realizes Thorax is gonna be Spike's...


Bed Bug!

Praise the God of Gay Comedy!

“I don’t mind waiting,” he replied. “The point being is that out of everything you’ve done for not just for Equestria, but for me and my Changelings, you deserve happiness. I’m willing to be your slave to have you obtain joy.”

Before now, Master was used as an exchange for mistress, but gender flipped. Just their partner in an affair.

But here... Thorax drops the word slave. Using the word master in a rather different different context.

Spike seems to gloss over it, but was that understood before, or did Spike miss the additional implication?

>sees drama tag
These first few chapters have gone down way too easy to me and I can't help but feel as if something big's gonna happen soon. Also, since Spike's a dragon and thus prone to greed, I wonder how he handles the thought of his new boyfriend actually going about MAKING changeling babies with his queen. (Depending on how you see changeling reproduction)

I can't wait to see how their relationship grows!
Thorax is getting a bit ahead with some of his suggestions, though.

Another great chapter.

Oh my god i didn't see your response until just now! i'm sorry been in & out of this site from time to time dealing with my own stuff.
please pm me so we can talk. always on, never off:)

Goodness I didn't know you had updated this story! favorite part was in ch.3 of spike & thorax's date! so cute & forward(on thorax about him needing relief.) anyways can't wait for the next one...when you have the time to write it:)

You better be careful with that tickling stuff. People might try to commission you to write tickle smut like I have. :moustache:
Although I gotta say, it's pretty easy money, so take it when you can.

I will say though, this chapter was really nice. The Changeling Ball idea is legitimately interesting, and something I bet the show's animators would LOVE to use for an episode sometime. Spike and Thorax's chemistry is superbly adorable, and I look forward to seeing what you have them do next.

omg ch.5 especially this part on changeling ball reminds me of that race from Alice in wonderland and it's not Disney's version of it! p.s: just a few wording errors but everything else in the latest one is fine.

Well, what do you know? This really is like a fairy tale! Not only did the King get his true love, but he did it while slaying a dragon at the same time~ :rainbowwild:

Okay, loved this chapter. I can so imagine Thorax being as nerdy as the rest of these guys. (Wonder what things would be like if his brother showed up...) Should point out one small error here.

“The greatest, longest and most influential fantasy adventure game ever conceived,” Thorax explained. “That is, until Discord made it better.”

Thorax blinked, “Um… okay? How do you play it?”

Pretty sure those first two lines should probably be said by somebody like Spike as Thorax is then asking himself about a game he just told himself about. ...More confusing when I try to explain it... Nervous laughter

Woops! Another example of having my own brain thinking quicker then my typing. Fixed and thanks.

squee! read the latest two chapter last night while being logout(with most I have accounts to! strange...?) thorax's protective nature is so adorable. i'm sorry to be crude but are you going to let/have spike & thoraxfuck/buck! p.s: think I mentioned in one of your stories or someone else's that squee it is from fullmetal alchemist (2003 anime)

If you’ve read between the lines from the last and this chapter, I think it’s pretty clear on that subject.

8516724 Oh i should've been a bit more clear...are we ever gonna see them in 'the act' of doing it! sorry if that sounds or came off blunt knowing your stories you have done it before(with sombra) and the rape with note in tovarian (sorry i'm butchering the main character's name!) it's been so long since i read those stories:)

"If I were remotely gay, I’ll have him rut me on the spot.”

Hello, interesting clop idea~

Thorax, in response, wrapped a hoof around me and said, “Mine.” 

Goodbye, interesting clop idea. :(

Honestly though, this was a nice chapter. Even though I have my own headcanon regarding Yaks and their perception to homosexuality (which would be closer to the Spartans, in which they respect gays and see them as being better soldiers due to fighting alongside their lovers), I definitely like how you wrote Spike as a nonviolent badass. It kinda reminds me of how I wrote him in one of the later chapters of my Sluttified Spike series.

What perfect way to distract myself from feeling ill by reading latest chapter of your story.

Another great chapter, though I must point out a spelling error here.

“Ooh,” with a raised eyebrow she smirked and a light blush, “kinkie.”

Should be Kinky. Also, that's pretty badass on Spike's part, putting a certain Yak prince in his place.

Adorable, just adorable. Now I have to wonder what Thorax as a Seapony would look like...

So happy there's a new chapter update. when reading the part of spike getting wings this song came to mind...
the artist (lara Fabian) is very good,her 4th album in English & it's called camouflage. she's mostly known as French singer but can sing in other languages. i'm going to use two songs from that new album Choose what you love most(let it kill you) sung by sweetie belle towards the end of Without love - sequel to love between brothers.
p.s: if u wanna know if my allergies problem went away...nope i'm still not feeling well.

Thank you for this beautiful and emotionally charged chapter of your story! it's helped me not focus on something i'm going though at the moment

God... That was beautiful...

Wonderful. Simply wonderful. Both this chapter, and this story.
The next chapter could not come soon enough. But I wouldn't want to rush you.

“Huh, paprika,” another sip, “curry, gold leaf, dragon fruit maybe…?” another sip, “And maybe a hint of honey... It’s like drinking a spicy but sweet ice cream. Still you weren’t kidding,”

Overhearing King Thorax list off all those ingredients near perfectly, an old dragon nearby cursed to the heavens while ripping rocks apart with his bare claws.

Also, Thorax is a bit of a slut, isn't he? He's giving my interpretation of Spike a run for his money~

I can easily imagine that he was forced to in the past by Chrysalis then anything else (the poor guy).

Drinking games... Always wind up having secrets spilled in the end, don't they?:rainbowlaugh:

Goodness how do I keep missing this story/chapter updates! anyways that drinking game thorax and spike with the dragons was fun. gave me an idea for a scene in Without love(sequel to love between brothers) where button mash talks about dusk, spike, rumble, snails, snips & featherweight taking over the cmc clubhouse with the trio, diamond tiara, sliver spoon and dinky spying/overhearing them.

Poor Spike.
If I could thumbs up this story twice, I would.

Wow, Spike really is serious about all of this. Now, how's he going to explain this to Twilight?

another great chapter, i love it! my favorite part is the flying scene with thorax underneath spike. thought they were gonna kiss and instantly this song came into my head https://youtu.be/BiPclGm2G_o
(this from the anime ouran high school host club)
p.s: since I follow you look through xmas songs (the second song interests me) could u link to me because I don't wanna go looking around on yt for it! can't stand same old recycled Christmas music/songs on the radio! for I make my own playlists...that didn't happen this time around.
you may or have not heard this song Coventry carol but this one stand out https://youtu.be/YedZpgy3F-M
if you're curious about second singer's voice is the artist's niece.

This one is called "Als I Lay on Yoolis Night."

The list itself is in reality a abridge version of my Christmas Playlist in which some of it dates back to the 10th century to the modern day.

here's my review of the two latest chapters
ch.13 - twilight you're a bad liar and dare I say "we can read you like an open book!"
I do love the scene with twi and spike unlike mine where twilight is begging spike and dusk shine(her son. they have a child together before you ask it's Kirin - a dragon/pony hybrid & his name is Edmond based the count/pony of Monte cristo. got inspiration from chaotic ink fic series the witching hour!) not to leave her.
with 14th chapter - thorax you're a badass! handling spike's nightmare version of yourself.
p.s: also read your self fic some days ago about you and can't tell which is the truth or not. I could write something about myself like that at all! if u wanna hear about a little more about the story i'm writing i'd happy to tell you:)

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