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In the beginning, The Great Weaver brought together the world, from the mountains to the forests. Stitching it together, the Great Tapestry connects all living and nonliving things.

The Changelings found themselves especially connected to this Tapestry. Legend says that the first Changelings fell through the world as it was woven together, only to be caught on the First Weave beneath it all.

But what happens when something else is caught in the Weave?

Prince Phasmatodea, son of Queen Chrysalis, remembers what it was like before he hatched. He remembers being a human. He remembers dying. And he fully intends on avoiding another death.

But being gifted a new life does not matter when one failure, one false step, will lead to your untimely demise in the Changeling hive, for Prince Phasma must survive his toughest adversary from the start: Mother Dearest.

Cover art as of 1/18/21 by Nixworld

Chapters (151)
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I will be looking foreword for more chapters In the future

Very interesting! gonna track it.

I like so far, and yay give mind

*Reads story description*
Ooh, one of them isekai types, that is riddled with death flags

It's good, now MORE LOVE *coughts* chapters :pinkiecrazy:

i'm kinda interested, i'll be following this. :pinkiesmile:

At first you had my curiosity, now you have my ere... i mean, attention.

“Welcome to the Weave, Prince Phasma.”

With a nickname like that, if he doesn’t have mirror-shiny armor to wear when he grows up, I’ll be disappointed. :raritywink:

Ah, you caught me. I fully intend to just have him show up in a few chapters, and then kill him off before he makes any meaningful contribution to the story.

Shining armor may make an appearance. And Phasma's armor, too.

And the prince shall suppas her mother :pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2:

The chapters are really short i hate that so much

Why is some of the text green?

Mental emphasis, i think


If it isn't clear by now, the Weave is the changeling Hivemind. The green text is information coming from the Weave, and when it's in quotes, someone is speaking in the Weave.

If someone is thinking, 'it will specifically be in apostrophes, rather than quotes.'

Next chapter will contain more information about the Weave, hopefully clearing up what's going on for anyone who's lost.

Then let the chapters build up for a while and binge read them. It's not like the author owes you anything.

So let it be written So let it be done

My attention has been gained i will wait for updates

I came because of Discord (app), I stayed for the story. It has only begun and I find myself liking it already. Good job!

Fun to read, thanks for writing :twilightsmile:

Mark another dedicated reader to the growing list. I'm very interested to see where this is going.

I can't read incomplete stories, but my interest is piqued.

I am intrigued by the description alone. I shall add it to Read Later.

Doesn't help me when all the text is green...

‘Oh god, am I going to chest-burst someone else? Thats….. Slightly better, but still terrifying!’

That made me chuckle.

Getting very interesting

Very interesting story... I'm just gonna pop this in my queue and check back in a few weeks to see if it fizzle outs or not.Maybe I might just jump in later, but hopefully, by then I'll have a good idea if this story's updating is slowing, or not.

Interesting, lets see how this goes!

I went through this fic three times, the image caught my attention, today I did not find anything to read and I thought I could try it, and I am very happy, it leaves me wanting more, that everything is easy for him, make him cunning and that he does not lose the favor of the queen for a long time, that everyone and the queen are surprised by him several times. I'll be waiting for the next chapter!
as a recommendation you should change the name of the fic, something like, "The morphic ascent" or something like that

I have been thinking of changing the name, but I want to leave it as is for now

Title is meh, chapter length is unfortunate, but the actual story is good. Best of luck to ya freindo. Hopefully you wont end up like the six million other stories that started with "reborn but as changeling." and end up getting forgotten after a month or two.

‘Aw hell, school again! I knew there was a catch to being reincarnated as an emotion-eating, half-caterpillar half-bug-horse prince!’

It should have benefits
I mean he should at least have enough knowledge to push changelings into creating machines and weapons that will transform the average trained soldier into a super-soldier (for equestrian standards).

I don't mean firearms ,it needs more knowledge ,industry and time.
But simpler things like magic crossbows ,bombs ,etc

With magic you can cheat on gunpowder to create a railguns.
The big ones as cannon or artillery could be useful to breach Shining's shield faster

Chrysalis should be swayed because he is her son,will see him as very smart,and if he will tell her how much more love they can get by that.

You need love to create changelings ,and you need to invest in them in time and training,lessons.
Lossing them would be a waste.
Creating equipment that doesn't require love would be profitable.

General human logic of Phasma would help changelings too.
He probably saw,read enough movies and books to know what to avoid.

Noooooooooo not school.

Weapons are the least of what he can bring to the table, even within a purely martial context. The modern concepts of mass production, communication, transportation, and so much more. Should he have the desire and competence our intrepid human could lay a foundation which would allow changelings to be better and more consistently equipped, quicker to mobilize, more able to react to a developing situation, ect. That is leaving aside the fact that industrialization and liberalization of changeling society could lead to a plethora of social, political, and economic advantages which would attract immigration and integration (an obvious benefit for changelings) and present itself as a lever on the world stage.

Also the tactics he could bring would be game changing. If the show depicts warfare accurately military understanding in equestria and beyond hasn’t even advanced beyond the development ancient phalanx. There is little to no organization or structure. If formations and the more modern concepts of drill and discipline were implemented the changelings would never lose a head on clash between armed forces.

The signs are clear, the sun shall set on the shall set upon the eternal Sun Princess!

Shall set on shall set upon

Normally I dont correct things, but that one threw me off. Sorry.

Thank you. I do one or two rereads of each chapter to catch mistakes like these-- there's usually two or three-- but this one slipped by

‘Or would it? He seems to be quite intelligent. This is the most interesting phenomenon I’ve ever seen since Lieutenant-Colonel Acrid exploded during the last war games. No, definitely longer than that!’

Uhhh, thats kinda dark.

Queen Cantharidae—Queen Blister Beetle?

‘I wonder if this means it is possible to split atoms using magic...’


Ah yes, Queen Rasputin.

Pray you survive at least half as much as your namesake.


Little Cadence beware, Chrysalis's awake!

Gotta love "In the Dark of the Night" from Anastasia. You've seen the Ink Potts animatic?

I have not. Watching it now and wow, the use of Windigos is pretty awesome.

MLP really underused its villains.

I really like it.

While I too imagine the question is asked in reference to a certain big boom, it could also be in refernce to power plants. After all, the only thing done differently is that they control the reactions.

Fair enough, but then there is the problem of waste products.

You say waste I say currently purposeless biproducts.

In all seriousness, yeah, that can be a problem. But who knows? Maybe magic horse/bug people could mess around with it and come up with some awesome uses on their end?

I'm really interested to see where this goes since the writing and plot has been really good so far.

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