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More Changing Expectations Art! · 10:10pm July 30th

Hey losers,

No news on CE2 yet. Just slowly typing a couple of words while the art is being worked on. Today I just wanted to share with you all some CE art that I love.

Luna and her Hasbro Brand Phasma Plushie™!

Art is from Cheekipone on twitter, commission paid for by AlwaysTired on CE's discord server.

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The Good News: Changing Expectations 2: Approaching Apotheosis · 9:30pm July 17th

Please see the other blog first.

Right. Onto the big 'un. Changing Expectations' sequel, Approaching Apotheosis, will be coming this year. I've gotten enough of the plot line down to be comfortable with writing it. The only thing that's stopping me from publishing the chapters right away is the cover art. I want one.

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The Bad News: Underhive 733 And Griffon Story Cancellation · 9:12pm July 17th

I'm going to be honest: I can't write my planned Griffon story. And for related reasons, I can't write Underhive 733. Basically, it boils down to interest and writer's block. I am not interested in reading stories that are all canon or all OCs. I need a human, or some sort of outsider, for the story to be enjoyable enough to read. There are a few exceptions to this, but not many. As for writing a story: if I am not interested enough in reading it, I most definitely am not interested in writing

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CE: Reflections And CE's Plan of Action · 3:42am June 15th

TChanging Expectations: Reflections
The entire course of history can be changed by a single butterfly flapping its wings. So what if an entire war was won instead of lost? What if a King never existed?
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Hey everyone (and Kyle)!

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Praise the Bug! · 7:56am February 26th

Hey losers,

I'm still writing. I'm still waiting on my artist to finish my comm. Still chugging away....

However, a simple reference sheet for Phasma was finished in the mean time.

Artist: pop!rocks
He's very cute, isn't he?

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The Calm · 12:44am January 27th

Greetings peons,

I've been busy lately. Goods news on that front is that I have been writing. Slower than what I'm used to, but writing.

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Phasma and Luna, sitting in a tree... · 10:54pm Nov 3rd, 2021

Artist is Teaflower300.
This commission is brought to you by the amazing supporters over at my Ko-Fi!

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When it rains, it pours · 6:30pm Oct 7th, 2021

Hey everyone.

Next chapter should be ready to be released soon. The chapter after that might also take along time to write, though. We're covering some topics that I'm not particularly enthusiastic to write about, so it's easy for me to procrastinate. Furthermore, I've got stuff happening IRL.

I've gone deaf in my left ear.

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Officially putting Underhive 733 on Hiatus · 4:27am Sep 25th, 2021

Not really a change in policy, just being upfront. I started writing it thinking that I would alternate chapters between U733 and CE, but that turned out to not be the case. As I stated in its comments, the plan is to finish CE, which should happen before the end of the year, and then continue writing U733 before moving onto other stories.

Speaking of, the next story I'm probably going to write after U733 will be a all-griffon story, set within CE's universe. Then.... probably CE's sequel.

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100 Chapters, 2,000 Likes, Nearly 300,000 Words · 9:12am Jul 9th, 2021

Das a lotta numbers!

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