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Hold It Together - A Year Gone · 8:01am January 11th

Yesterday marks one full year since the author of one of my favorite stories, Hold It Together, was last online. Their story is unfinished. I joined the fandom late, so it's... rare for me to follow stories that get abandoned. Well, not nearly as rare as I'd like, but this one in particular was singularly unique– not just because of its superb quality, but the abruptness of it.

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Cidarfest 2023 · 8:43pm Nov 17th, 2023

Hey guys, gals, and non-binary pals,

New chapter is up I'm honor of the writers' fest! It was not preread, so expect a bunch of errors.

Also I might be talking at the gay bat panel haha

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Some 3rd Hive Fan Art · 4:22am Aug 19th, 2023

Art of the 3rd Hive Proper

Art of the 3rd Hive Door

Both renders done by slab37!

.... Yes I'm working on new chapters, don't worry. Got addicted to vr for a bit. And got lazy. And got stressed over figuring out longterm plot points.

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CE Ending Retcon · 3:26am Feb 16th, 2023

So I've changed the ending to Changing Expectations. You should have expected this haha.

You may want to read chapter 150 again, or at least the last part of the fight.

Here is the summary of what I have retconned / changed:

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Barcast · 12:00am Dec 17th, 2022


Is This A Crossover Episode? · 2:55pm Dec 14th, 2022

TMissing in Action
A month after the Changeling-Pony War, the reincarnated Spartan Noble Six encounters a new changeling monarch in Equestria, named King Phasmatodea. But King Phasma brings more than just the fear of another war; he brings the ghosts of Six's past.
LSTS Connor · 27k words  ·  447  11 · 3.5k views

Why yes, yes it is. Missing In Action, a Crossover with A Noble Death, is out now! Expect frequent updates until its done, as it is prewritten.

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The Barcast · 4:19am Dec 14th, 2022

Greetings, expendable drones.

I will be on the Barcast this Friday, December 16th, at 6pm US Central. Convert that to your own inferior local time.

If for whatever reason you want to see me being cringe, hop on by. If you have a question that you want to be asked on stream, drop in their group's forum page and leave it there.

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Missing In Action · 6:45am Oct 25th, 2022

TA Noble Death
Spartans never die, they go missing in action. Now armed with a new body the 'Hyper-lethal Vector's' journey hasn't ended yet
LSTS Connor · 133k words  ·  1,269  65 · 17k views

Congrats to my friend Connor, who has finished their long fic A Noble Death! If you are into Halo, I highly recommend this great story. It's a pretty damn good HiE, with some art to boot!

But wait, you say. Why is Changing Expectations: Reflections tagged? Well, I'm glad you asked...

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Wish Fulfillment · 8:38pm Oct 14th, 2022

Artist: Frazy

Luna looks good in a maid's outfit. As does Thorax...

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Changing Expectations 2: Approaching Apotheosis · 3:21am Sep 9th, 2022

TApproaching Apotheosis
When the days draw short and the nights grow long, the line between friend and foe becomes harder to see. The formerly-human King Phasma must stand strong with his friends against the encroaching dark.
KKSlider · 129k words  ·  897  30 · 6.4k views

Changing Expectations' sequel is here!

Don't ask me for a consistent upload schedule. I have less free time than last year and less of a solid plan to go off of. So I'll be updating AA when I can.

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