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CE Ending Retcon · 3:26am Feb 16th, 2023

So I've changed the ending to Changing Expectations. You should have expected this haha.

You may want to read chapter 150 again, or at least the last part of the fight.

Here is the summary of what I have retconned / changed:

Before, Chrysalis had shattered Phasma's last shield spell around Thorax and Pharynx, and the two were saved by Panar's divine intervention. Now, I have changed it so that Chrysalis's blade breaks upon Phasma's shield, and Phasma makes a leap to kill her. Only to be stopped by divine intervention. The divine intervention has to stay. BUT, this means that Phasma has properly defeated Chrysalis. There's probably going to be a couple errors now in the epilogue/AA/rest of chapter 150 since Panar now saved Chrysalis instead of Thorax. If you spot those errors, let me know and I'll fix em.

It's a small change that changes big things, I think you'll agree.

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Friend of Panar time~

Hope you're well friend

changes how things are big time for sure and makes it so panar is at least ok with chrysalis.
interesting change that's for sure.

It's a small change that changes big expectations.

Before the changes i see it all this way:

Panar: "Stop killing one another you are all my children, unite my children!"

After retcon:

Panar: "Ha, got you! Thought you could kill my favorite child? Naaahhh...
Chrysalis did nothing wrong...
Celestia had it coming" :raritywink:

Well, consider my expectations changed.

I'm on Bes so you don't have to worry

The important part is that the changeling god is more willing to directly intervene than the pony god. It's what makes the ponies in general and Rainbow Dash in specific tolerable: the changelings can't be too weak without Panar stepping in to assert dominance.

Comment posted by UnamusedWaffle deleted Feb 17th, 2023

At least now we know for sure that Phasma won. And no one can rightly deny that.

9.8/10.0 joke.
-0.2 because the last two words lacked capitals.
“Well, consider my Expectations Changed” would have been the peak version of that joke.
👍 overall good joke.

My version of the joke is “well i didnt Expect that Change.”

Glad decided to read it after the change.

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