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Some 3rd Hive Fan Art · 4:22am Aug 19th, 2023

Art of the 3rd Hive Proper

Art of the 3rd Hive Door

Both renders done by slab37!

.... Yes I'm working on new chapters, don't worry. Got addicted to vr for a bit. And got lazy. And got stressed over figuring out longterm plot points.

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Comments ( 12 )

Take your time to get it done right. The art looks incredible.

Amazing Artwork, I’m sure the new chapters will be well worth the wait.

Glad to hear from you!

Agreed with Jmunoz13, take the time you need. A story of this type is not one that should be rushed.

And got stressed over figuring out longterm plot points.

I know that feeling.

The art's sweet! Post 'em when they're ready, we'll be here.

Whatchu playing in vr? I've just been playing Vtol since Top Gun, and have been looking at that Rainbow 6 vr looking game...

VRChat. Exclusively VRChat.

Ah, that's such a blast to play with friends who can stomach a horror map :rainbowlaugh:

That game totally made me put off research papers until the last week they're due...

wow awesome art work.

First hive/Nisir: Dwarven
Second Hive “fallback point”: ??? Possibly(hopefully) Roman/Greek
Third Hive: Egyptian
Fourth Hive: Bug
Fifth: Phasma.

My VR addiction is Vader immortal and Thrill of the Fight. Excellent for exercise and fun at the same time. :D

Art is missing now!

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