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This story is a sequel to A Noble Death

For the former Spartan Noble Six, life after death no longer holds any mysteries. Finding herself in the aftermath of a war against the changelings that she had brutally finished, Six has to contend with one of the greatest challenges a soldier can face: walking away from war.

Only a month after the Changeling-Pony War ended, another changeling monarch appears in Canterlot. King Phasmatodea of the Fifth Hive, a complete unknown to pony and changeling alike. Battleworn and rich with mysteries, knowledge, and artifacts, King Phasma catches the eye of both the Princesses of Equestria and Six. To the Princesses, he is the ticket to preventing a future war with the changelings. To Six, this King Phasma seems to be more important than any native she has met, for he claims to be something that Six swore she would never see again: another human.

Cover art by Frazy#1225
Written in collaboration with K.K. Slider
Warning this story contains spoilers for the two stories A Noble Death and Changing Expectations
Edited by AlwaysTired and UnamusedWaffle

Chapters (4)
Comments ( 137 )

By any change did Starlight Glimmer jumps trough time and space connect your two storys?

What is the state of the Impaled Empress? She is still alive...

Great Picture ♡

Is this cannon to both stories?

Did you guys just mix two of my favorite stories together? Oh my god, I’m going to love this.

Darn, I was asleep when you finally published it! And oh boy, what a crossover. Two great stories slapped together!

If I were phasma, I would be wondering why my weave was hurting a changeling.

I'm going to say no, but until CE3 ends or either authors say something just think of this as a AU for both fics

So that you all dont go crazy know that this will update every other day

Well plus side he can tell.six that og nobles savrafoce was worth it.

Experiencing extreme amounts of hype!

We both know Phasma isn’t the brightest ;);););););)

And thus we wait for phas to quote halo reach, six is gonna be hella pissed when phas quotes one of her old team


I finished reading both books over a week ago, and now a crossover of the two has pleasantly come along.



Oh the revelation that noble six is a video game character in phasmodeas human world will be fun to see

"This really is the Halo: Reach."

Having read both stories…I honestly can’t wait for more of this. This is a cross over I didn’t even know I wanted, but now I just want even more

Yup. Debating whether to read it now or wait for the chapters to post and read it in one go, myself.

Don't know much about Phasma, but I'm interested regardless.

I take it this store is entirely not canon at all to the changeling series?

a crossover to end all crossovers

Can’t beat my mother’s, though. She was the world champion when it came to making you uncomfortable.”

was? Oh…

This is awesome!! Set in the future of the changeling's side, nice way to do it. And this is canon to the Spartan's side of the story? Not just a crackfic?
I love it!

So is this "What if Phasma and Six was in one universe"? At least seems like it. Strange implementation considering "A Noble Death" but i like it. Still.. can't shake off feeling of couple of story holes as "How this come to be?". But maybe this will be explained later.

is it weird that i ship phasma and six

Don't two survive? June the Sniper (Escorted Halsey)
And Kat the Tech expert with braindamage after getting sniped trough the head?

Kat is very very much dead my guy

To bad. Guess only June the Sniper made it than thanks to escort duty towards getting Halsey out of Reach.

Hmm ok I gotta say I have a few peeves when it comes to fics, and this new one bullseye'd one of them, so let me get on my soap box for a minute.

So, the specific trope that bugs me in this case is where you have two dimensions/worlds/whatever, and a work of fiction in one is reality in another... and there's no reasonable explanation given for this phenomenon. Our new villain (?) knows of Halo as a video game series and specifically identifies Noble Six, yet this fic series establishes the Halo universe as real in the series.

The odds are that King Phasma would be from a universe where Halo Reach is a work of fiction, and specifically the fictional Noble Six experienced ALL of the events the real one did on Reach... oh, except she happens to be female in both cases (King Phasma doesn't seem to note that this is unexpected) work out to pretty much zero, unless there is a plausible, believable reason, usually someone from the real universe went to another and created the fiction, or someone from a universe with a fiction creates a universe from scratch where the fiction is real. King Phasma clearly does not fit into either of these buckets; he's just stumbled across this huge, impossible coincidence.

Just wanna say that bugs me when I see something like that.

Juno yes but kat was dead last I knew.

‘Infinite cosmic power, itty-bitty living space…’

If I remember correctly, that's "phenomenal" cosmic power. Just saying. :twilightsheepish:

In case that wasn't clear by this chapter, that particular concern is being addressed.

Nah, it's fantastic. Besides, we both know a genie's bottle is smaller on the outside. Usually people say it's bigger on the inside, but eh.

I hope plasma finds out that spirit calls Candace the Goddess of food. A lot like how he calls her princess of food

Of all the things I expected..... this crossover was not one of them, yet I am extremely excited to see how this goes!

And tensions rise as Phasma continues to toss out references like nobody's business

This is too perfect... Two of my favorite stories here getting a x-over. I only hope that it does not get abandoned

No worries, the authors confirmed the whole thing is pre-written.

hmm, interesting
finished reading Changing Expectations a while ago
and now reading A Noble Death

Phasma: "You would think making references nobody else gets would get boring after a while... Nope, still funny!"

Good chapter.

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