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Its cover is torn
Pages are ripped out
And its contents are almost all lost.

But what does remain tells the story of one Crimson Wire and his life during the Changeling-Pony war.

Written in collaboration with my boi Darthball
This is also Darthballs and LSTS Connor's submission for the 4th EAW Write Off

Inspired by This war of mine really good game go play it if you haven't.
Coverart taken and edited from the Contests announcement/forum post and the Logo of This war of mine

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awesome story mate keep it up cant wait for the next story:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

If you like or dislike this story, please leave a comment or dm me if you think there is anything I can improve on! Connor is a vet but I'm still new to this writing thing!

(I wrote Crimson's perspective from the December 12 date onward)


Not that bad of a story, but one thing does bug me. Wouldn't the changelings want to keep ponies alive for food? Other then that, pretty good.

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